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Not Home? Amazon Wants to Come In and Drop Off

Would you let a stranger in your house to drop off a package? Amazon hopes so. The online retailer said Wednesday that it will launch a service next month called Amazon Key that would allow delivery people to walk into your home and drop off a box when you’re not there.

From ABC News:

Amazon announced today that it is launching a new service that allows a driver to not only drop a package off at your doorstep, but to go inside your home — even when you are not there — to make a delivery.

The tech giant’s new in-home delivery feature, Amazon Key, lets customers opt to employ an app, a camera and a smart lock to oversee when parcels are delivered inside their homes.

“A lot of customers would love having their packages delivered in their home even when they’re not there,” Peter Larsen, Amazon’s vice president of delivery technology, told ABC News, saying the new service comes as a response to what customers have asked for.

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    They will only get access if camera can see you with code. That means they will be filmed and they will now it. And film will be immediately available


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