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United Will Not Honor Low Fares Caused by Glitch

United Airlines will not be honoring the mistake in shockingly low trans-Atlantic flight prices many were able to purchase Wednesday due to a third-party software mistake with currency conversion.

On its Web Site United said the several thousand wrongly priced bookings would be voided.

United Says the mistake came about after the software wrongly converted the British pound and Danish kroner.

The low flight prices were for flights leaving the United Kingdom when one would book on United’s Denmark page, meaning U.S. fliers were able to book the cheap flights if they set their home country to Denmark.

Flight prices ranged anywhere from $193 for a first-class fare from London to Honolulu, connecting in the U.S., or as low as $51 to fly from Newcastle in Northeast England to Newark, New Jersey.


  • 1. Not smart United. wrote:

    When delta had a glitch last year, they were very smart to honor all the flights. Even if it costs them a couple million dollars, it’s better then upsetting 100’s if not 1000’s of costumer.
    United id being ver short sighted by trying to save money by not honoring the glitch.

    • 2. wrong wrote:

      when delta did honor those flights it was not as big as this one

      these flights are for first class international tickets thats huge

      there is no way any airline would ever give away free first class tickets

      also today even if you do not like a airline most people will book the cheapest ticket

      and most people understand this was a mistake and will not be very upset its not really fair to take advantage of someone else mistake

  • 3. Hashem please listen to your children's cries. wrote:

    Perhaps they have Devine assistance because they stand united.

  • 4. united will loose out on this wrote:

    Many thousands have filed complaints to the DOT after united has violated a US law which prohibits the airline to cancel any flight landing or departing from the US after the passenger was confirmed though it was a mistake (last time united did not honor the glitch as well and after 16 days they re-honord it there still is hope for those who got a ticket)

  • 6. Chillul Hashem wrote:

    As usual a bunch of frum yidden trying to exploit the system to pounce on companies the moment they make one false move. The stereotype of money-grubbig Jews holds strong. Just sayin.

    • 7. For Real? wrote:

      I’m glad you think it’s the Frum Jews. You must be one of those self haters. This was posted all over the internet by a majority of non-jews.
      You should be ashamed of how you talk about your fellow Jew brothers.


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