Yet Another Fight Outside 770

At about 12:15am Monday night, Crown Heights Shomrim were called to respond to a violent situation at the entrance of the world Chabad Lubavitch headquarters, at 770 Eastern Parkway.

Upon arrival at the scene, Shomrim found two men arguing with a weapon found to be a pocket knife.

The two men were separated from each other as the members of Shomrim investigated as to what had happened.

Apparently, one of the men, who is black, had come to 770 to sell merchandise when a French Jewish man lost his “cool” because he did not want the man selling the merchandise inside the Shul. And so a fight broke out. That’s when Shomrim were called.

Shomrim then made peace between the two men, and explained to both men how there should be an effort for there to be a unity for both the black and white Hassidic community. The two men agreed, and they both carried on with their business.

We can’t stress it enough, if you see something, say something.

Shomrim is a 24/7 volunteer service for the community. If you have an emergency, call Shomrim. And if u see something suspicious, call Shomrim.

Note: This isn’t the first incident this “French Jew” has been involved in a Raicialy motivated violent situation, during this incident alone he threatened physical harm to a photographer for taking pictures of the event, saying how its “unlawful” to take pictures and if he weren’t to stop taking pictures he “would smash his head in” all the while blurting obscenities in French.


  • shmuly

    way to go 4 shomrim! 2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate lol seriously, shomrim saved the day again. thanks guys

  • hirsheltzig

    hey, you forgot to call Batya Breindel of the CHJCC! you’re supposed to call her too!

  • yitz

    the black man came to sell a carriege cart. like those things that u always see old ladies walking with to put their shopping bags in. it’s all he had, and he wanted to sell it to make a few bucks.
    (sorry for him, he came to the wrong place lol)

  • krumholtz

    forget about the black guy,the they shouldve locked up the frech dude! he seems to be inciting things…..