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NCFJE 66th Annual Awards Dinner

This Sunday, November 12, 2006 NCFJE celebrated its 66th Annual Awards Dinner at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

The Sofer Family, Beny & Mira, Oren, Lior, Amit & Randi, were honored for continuing their family Legacy of Charity on behalf of Jewish Education & Continuity.

A beautiful gallery of pictures and Video Clips in the Extended Article!

Mrs. Sandra Weiss was given the well deserved honor of Woman of the Year Award.

Hon. Frank LaBuda and Mr. Kurt Labuda were given the Distinguished Service Award in honor of their service to this country.

The program included a scrumptious smorgasbord, a heartfelt musical interlude by Chazzan Azi Schwartz and an adorable violin presentation by the children of the JCC Thurnaeur School of Music with Carrie White.

There was also an enlightening video presentation about the Released Time program.

The Wartski family, later matched by the Katz, Rennert and Wasserman families, donated 80 thousand dollars to the NCFJE in honor of its 66th Annual Awards Dinner.

It is written in Psalms 90:10 that 80 represents strength. The 80 thousand dollars that these families gave the NCFJE represents the strength and growth of NCFJE and its social service and educational programs.

In total, NCFJE raised 1/2 million dollars towards their close-to five million dollar budget for educational and social service programs.

The beautiful and successful evening was topped off with entertainment by Comedian Gerry Bednob.

Chazzan Azi Schawrtz’s Performance:

Children of the JCC Thurnaeur School of Music’s performance:


  • 7. All for Red wrote:

    Rabbi, and Rochie…Kol Hakovod!!! Keep up the wonderful work.Everyone should just know how much people like this REALLY help those in need!!!
    Much continued success.
    And… Rabbi…the red yarmulka really suits you!!

  • 10. chana wrote:

    Rochi, you did it again! You always manage to make the NCFJE dinner a smashing event!!Keep up the great work and all the many mitzvos that you do day to day helping so many people!

  • 12. ncfje fan wrote:

    Rochie, keep up the great work…
    In answer to chwzky- the question should’ve been phrased what doesnt NCFJE do?
    Kol Hakovod to all the supporters

  • 14. Bill Wagner wrote:

    What do these people do besides Released Time?
    Maybe they should put some $ into Hadar Hatorah – so the gashmiyus can catch up to the amazing ruchniyus!!!!!

  • 15. Yossi wrote:

    Bill, a number of shuls nusury schools and camps in NY state and New England are under the auspices of National Committee.

    NCFJE does pump a ton of $$$ into hadar hatorah, and usually doesn’t even get back the nominal tuition in return.

    Ditto for camp emunah, Ivy League, Machane Yisroel and most of their other programs.

    They happen to spend big $$$ on families in CH who are in need of everything from groceries to wedding gowns.

    Many of their success stories are unable to be publicazed because they are one of the few mosdos that directs major attention to broken marriages, drug addiction, custody battles, domestic abuse, etc.

    They are very successful advocates in dealing with the gov. and a “friend of the court” in legal cases. Particularly with immigration issues.

    As a shliach, when I and my family were crumbling under sickening poverty, National Committee gave me a very large sum of money on the spot. No questions asked. They also shtupped a case of wine on me.

    NCFJE does not have the “glamour” of many the 21st century “power mosdos”, but they are probably the most effective on the block when it comes to helping a Jew bepoel.

    Best wishes

  • 16. Chani :) wrote:

    You never fail, this was a beautiful event from begining to end.
    P.S. you looked amazing :)


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