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When You Push Too Much You’re Bound To Meet Resistance

A Sergeant and A Detective letting out some aggression on one bystander

In what can only be described as the worst resistance to the police abuse we have been suffering of these ticket blitzes. 75 year old Arthur Schick who is reported to be deaf in one ear was ‘pulled over’ by police officers at around 6:30pm in front of the Schick’s Bakery on 16th Ave. between 47th St. and 48th St. for speaking on his cell phone. Many eye witnesses said that he was double parked while on the phone and was not driving. However as most of us know, when these ‘cops’ are out there just to give tickets, they will give them to anyone, regardless whether they deserve it or not.

When Mr. Schick attempted to exit his vehicle, one of the cops shoved him back into his car, this is when the whole altercation started. After this he tried to exit again at which point the cops pulled him out, cuffed him, and shoved him into their van. A crowd gathered in protest to the way Mr. Schick was treated and the fact that he got a ticket the way he did.

Garbage was dumped onto the street and set ablaze, a level one mobilization was then called by police for a crowd starting fires and rioting. This was the beginning of a standoff lasting more then 5 hours, in which cops persecuted and instigated the large crowds of Bochurim and men. Cries of “Don’t Back Down, Don’t Be Pushed Around” followed by “6 Million Jews Died For Not Standing Up” were heard throughout the crowd, including slurs directed at the cops calling them ‘Nazis’ and the likes. All this in front of the eyes of the entire local media, Print, Radio and TV.

More pictures of in the Extended Article.

[rant]Many of you will say that this is a great Chilul Hashem, and you would be right, but given the circumstances it was really only a matter of time for such a thing to happen. T he police have been relentlessly pushing tickets for any and every violation possible, there are special ‘units’ assigned to just this type of duty. Pesach is upon us and for many it is hard enough already as it is, but then when the police come and stick us with another $115 fine it hurts, and it actually is about time that someone stands up to them for this![/rant]


  • 2. DAVID wrote:







  • 3. kirstal-nacht wrote:

    holy cow! it looks scary… what i find interesting though is that this 75 year old man knew how to use a cell phone lol.

  • 5. Anon wrote:

    You want cops to never be in CH? Then we’ll be safe? You guys sound like small children. A cop who’s strict about enforcing the law is called a ‘nazi’…..And, oh no, it’s not a chilul Hashem at all because they had it comin..!


  • 6. Kudos to BP wrote:

    Let Crown Heights take an example from Boro Park regarding tickets and from Williamsburg with regard to their reaction to violence (i.e. self-defense).

    With a reaction like that, a cop ought to think twice before issuing a simple ticket, wondering if it is worth the potential consequences and outcry.

    In Ch there are no consequences or outcry so they press on. Oh well, it seems we ask for it.

    May we watch and learn.

  • 7. kol hakovod boro park wrote:

    kol hakovod boro park.

    its about time the police learn that we will not tolerate their crap.

    our "esteemed crown heights leaders" should learn from you, that instead of singing the police praises whenever something bad happens, we should stand up together and let them know that we won’t tolerate it.

    by the way, what happened in the end?

  • 8. mendee wrote:

    kol hakavode to yidenn of boro park ,,this is what we should do in times that we get pushed by the police.they do not look at jews diffrently this will have a affect on all
    ortodoxe comunitys. we must do the same .because thay will get back at all of us .. we do not unite with boro park jews ,, we should .but the cops do so lets get down on it…..

  • 9. blunt wrote:

    The cops were wrong. The violent protestors were more wrong. Kudos to those who know how to raise their voices in a way that increases kvod shamayim, as opposed to those who protest like other morons around the world. Those who think that this is frumkeit, in the spirit of v’ahavta l’rayacha komocha, are only in violation of ehye k’chol hagoyim asher s’vivosay. There are subtle and not-so-subtle reprecussions that will be paid to the idiots who violated the Torah they claim to hold so dear.

  • 10. Selective Enforcement is NOT The Law wrote:

    To all those who say "The Law" is "The Law" – this is a VERY Naive, Myth.

    The Law is, that the Meyer of NY, is to use the Police to reduce Violent Crime FIRST (before using Police for Minor incidentals such as Cell Phone Talk or Seat Belts).

    Violent Crime is on the Rise in CH and B.P.!

    Murderers have NOT been caught because Police are too busy writing Tickets (we have the Meter Maids (Brownie’s) for THAT).

    When we ask for more Police Protection, we need them to fight REAL CRIME and not to arrest a 75 year old 1/2 deaf person.

    The Meyer of NY is REDUCING our Police force by Taking Advantage of the Police, using them for FINANCIAL GAIN to write tickets instead of using them to arrest Murderers and Rapists and Thief’s.

    "The Law" is not "The Law" when it used SELECTIVELY, only for financial gain. When Police Arrest a Rapist or Murderer, they DO NOT write him a Ticket to pay a FINE of $150!

    Murderers and Rapist don’t pay Fines of $150, only 75 year olds talking on a Cell phone need to pay $150

    Any wonder then, why the Meyer of NY, doesn’t go after Murders and uses the scarce resources of the UNDERSTAFFED Police Dept. for Financial Gain only?

    When you call the Cops, when YOU really NEED THEM, they come a 1/2 hour later and the reason is because they were "BUSY".

    "BUSY" doing WHAT I ask?

    Police are too busy making MONEY for the City and deliberately IGNORING "THE LAW" and ALL LAWS, which doesn’t bring the city Financial Gain.

    Anyone who says "It’s a Chilul Hashem" what happened or who says "The Law is the Law" and "You wouldn’t get any ticket if you didn’t break the Law" – they are all theoretically "right" but they are all also, far, too NAIVE, to realize that they city of NY has THOUSANDS of Laws which are DELIBERATELY ignored by all Police.

    Out of THOUSANDS of Violent Crimes ignored by Police, the ONLY ones they "Show Off" with is going after "MOTORIST" crimes? Why only Motorists? Because that’s the ONLY place Police can make MONEY for the City.

    Stop being so NAIVE! This isn’t about "The Law" AT ALL!

    This is only about making MONEY, at the EXPENSE of the Law!

    Since this happened in BP, (in CH our Vaad Hakohol are WIMP’S) maybe NOW Dov Haeikind and other Knockers in BP will DO something to stop the "CRIME BY POLICE" of their "Selective Enforcement" (meaning enforcing the law only for Financial Gain).

  • 11. DAVID wrote:



  • 13. CH Resident wrote:

    true that it may be a chilul hashem, but it was well earned by the NYPD. at least sombody is doing something about it, even if CH is not. (and at the same time, BH its not us!)

  • 14. dovid wrote:

    chilluel h-shem???
    whats 6 million to do with this?
    no talking on a cell phones means no
    talking on the cell phone while driving!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 15. re: jewish respect wrote:

    too bad the community in crown heights doesnt have enough guts to stand up for the respect of another yid like in wiliiamsberg and now as we see on borough park
    what a shame, what a shame
    over there they know dont touch a jew or else, but here in crown heights you can kill a jew and the community kisses up to the police department for what kind of great job they are doing
    what a pity what a shame
    i am imbarassed to live in c.h.
    what a spit in the face for the rebbe how he went on mesiras nefesh for another yid, the rebbe, the fridiker rebbe etc.
    and here we let them them kill us, mugg us, stab us in the back and nobody says boo
    let them do it again and again and have more people like yankel and ephraim lo aleinu velo aleinu
    what a shame

  • 16. 1o wrote:

    Now this is what makes me sick, they pull over a senior who is deaf, (for talking on his cell phone), but they where not there when a young bocher got his head smashed into the pavement!!!! Not only that, they are hardly even looking for that animal that did that! Plus they arested many young Jewish men for standing up to this nazi police man? oy, this really has to stop! and webby, do you know how long they held this old man for? is he out yet?

  • 17. crownorion wrote:

    crownheights should be the same like willumsburg and borough park.let the shvartzes be scared of us. why do the crownheights community suck up to its police rather than stand up and fight and protest. why sit back when every 5 minutes a jew is pulled over for ticket. 6 million dead in the holocaust , for what???not another one never again. we should take matters into our own hands and stop muggings in crown heights and restore it to what it ‘s like in borough park . stand up and do something. those nazi cops do nothing except show racism and racial discrimination. the 71st does absolutely jack all , its about time we take matters into our own hands.

  • 18. a girl wrote:

    wow these pic. are realy cool.maybe somthing like this should happen here in CH.

  • 19. this is disgusting! wrote:

    what a chillul hashem! how embarrassing!
    if he was really deaf in what ear than what is he doing still driving? and if he didn’t hear, why didn’t he just say "i am sorry, please repeat that"
    everyone knows you don’t get out of the car.

    even if the cops are 100% wrong, what is with the rioting? what are we?
    i am ashamed today to look at the pictures/video clips of what Chassidishe people could do.

  • 20. EMT-B wrote:

    The NYPD takes over an hour to respond to our class for help, then beat the crap out of us for a minor incident. Time to speak out & rise up against these Nazis

  • 21. NYPDJew wrote:

    He violated the law and got cought. Then he refused to give the police his papers. Is anyone really suprised that he got arrested?

    There is no connection with how many tickets Officers write and whether or not a murderer gets cought. Hommicide detectives do not write trafic tickets and Police Officers assigned to sector patrol do not investigate murders.

    Sometimes you call 911 and the police arrive a half hour latter because they are busy. All calls going into 911 are prioritised. A call of shots fired or robery in progress will get quicker attention than a past event such as a broken into car or vandalism. Sometimes a traffic accident without injuries goes on the bottom of the list. With the millions of people who live in the city the police are busier than you think, and not just giving out tickets.

  • 22. MOSHE wrote:


  • 23. melech wrote:

    i read somewhere that last week somone called simcha felder to ask them to stop the ticket blitz in boro park, and they informed the caller that simcha felder was teh one who requested teh extra ticketing, cuz anyone who breaks teh law needs to be punished… maybe he messed us over in ch too? or chanina asked the mto give extra tickets here?

  • 24. blunt wrote:

    CORRECTION: The reprecussions will be paid as a result of what the idiots did, not necesarily to them.
    How’s that for courageous people? Fight and have someone else pay the bill. And for you jerks who invoke the name of the Rebbe who you claim to have much respect for. Balogna, I, who am not a chassid have more respect for him. You think that he would approve of this? Not unless he was an absolute jerk, which I believe not to be the case. I apologize to all those offended by my stab at the truth versus your stab at meaninglessness. I experience difficulty at beating around the bush.
    All that said, I believe with all my heart that the appropriate individuals should push for justice and ensure that unnecessarily violent cops are taken care of.

  • 25. crown heightser ready to rumble wrote:

    how caome they have the guts in boro park to do what we are only thinking of doing??? And dont give me this chilil hashem mumbo jumbo the freidike rebbe at 10 years old stood up against a russian policeman who was abusing his authority and trust me that wasnt a chilul hashem

  • 26. Not Protesting? THAT-S a Chilul Hashem! wrote:

    Every Yid is an Ambassador of G-d. When the Goim Step all Over You, they are Stepping all over G-d and That’s a Chilul Hashem.

    Therefore, if you DON’T protest then THAT would be a Chilul Hashem, because by being passive, you are now becoming a Co_Conspirator, in allowing Jews and G-d whom they represent, to be Stepped On.

    No one in BP did ANYTHING to Violate Halacha. BP had THOUSANDS of Jews Protesting and no one slashed anyone tires nor burned or overturned anyones car nor looted any stores as "some others" do when they protest against the Police.

    They WAY they protested in CONTRAST to how "the others" protest is a real KIDUSH Hashem (which by the way, by definition, is the exact OPPOSITE of a Chilul Hashem).

    This comes from our inferiority complex, that a Jew should always allow themselves to be ABUSED by the Goyim and if he does "NOTHING", then "that" is a Kidush Hashem, Chas Vesholom (How Outrageously Naive!)

    In NY, we live in a JUNGLE, where the Animals Run Free and the People are in Cages (behind gates and alarm systems and 2 or 3 locks on the doors, in their own home). The Violent Criminals, ignored, (because of being Busy Giving Tickets,) creates a situation of Sofek Pikuach Nefesh for all Yidden in NY.

    Shulchan Aruch Siman Shin Chaf Tes, says that when Goyim come to you, even only for few DOLLARS and even less for just a few Pennies (Straw=Kash V’Teven, costs PENNIES and not dollars), then you should FIGHT Them even ON SHABBOS (Even if it involves Chilul Shabbos) because by Yidden NOT standing up for themselves, it can lead to, eventually to Safek Pikuach Nefesh.

    A Yid Getting arrested, is Sofek Pikuach Nefesh!

    A Yid in Jail is siting together with the worst Murderers who all hate Jews, who have no issue killing him even for a Cigarette or less.

    Killings and Yes, Sodomy/Rapes, by Aids_Homo’s, happens in all Jails, all the time – There is nothing the Gard’s can do to stop it.

    Remaining silent? Not Protesting? Makes you a Direct Partner and Co-Conspirator, to all the above!

    Loy Saamod Al Dam Reacho!

  • 27. yossi wrote:

    We should be more like Borough Parkers and not stand up for this anymore!

    Can someone confirm this story I heard yesterday; that a cop pulled over a girl, here in Crown Heights, and when demanding her license and registration said "give me your dirty Jew license, you dirty Jew!" when she went to the precinct to report it they wouldn’t even listen to her.
    Who remembers in 1991, as the blacks rioted they said: "let them vent their anger!"

  • 30. anonymous wrote:

    i would never think jews would do such a thing. but to stand up was a gr8 thing to do!!!! btw did Mr. Schik go to jail or something like that?

  • 31. wish i was there wrote:

    This is why their communities don’t jut survive but actually do well. While we sit back get mugged at gun point and beaten for cell phones they get respect and recent with, while some of our officials think that we have a good working relationship and that’s what counts. However we forget that it’s us who pay them to help us we the pepole have power if we use it. so all this good relationship stuff hurts us in the long run LIKE NOW!!!

  • 32. happy wrote:

    omy! yay for all the jewish people, we showed them we have some koach!
    I wasn’t there, but I wish I was able to join!


  • 34. abc wrote:

    to david
    if you read what the wittneses said they said he was double parked not even driving.

  • 35. YOSY wrote:

    I Think that the killing of Ephraim Klein HY"D, was done by an off-duty cop!

    This would explain why, in all these weeks, they still have no leads on the case, and they are dragging their feet with trying to "find" the killer.

    It makes sense, because why, if they can find a stupid sh’vartzer who killed a shiksa, in less than two weeks after it happened why can’t they locate a white van that they think was involved?

    Why didn’t they set up road blocks in the days that followed, and stop every white van in NYC, (as they did after 9/11, when they were looking for terrorists,) and search and search and search until they would find the white van that they are looking for?

    Why, because the one who did this was/is a COP!!!!and they don’t want to find him!

    The incident that happened in Boro Park is a diversion to draw attention away from people finding the real killer.

    Remember, AH GOY IS AH GOY IS AH GOY!

    It does not matter if he/she has a badge and a gun! HALACHA HI B’YODUA, Sh’AISOV SONEI L’YAAKOV!!!

    Chag Kosher V’Someach!

  • 36. TO: NYPDJew wrote:

    oh well a kid gets beatin and it takes a half hour to get there?! are the police too busy with more inportent things?!

  • 37. Avrumy wrote:

    I only wish i was there to be a kanoy limaan Hashem. If we see an old man getting beaten by these Nazis we all have a mitzvas asey of lo saamod al dam rayecha. Anyone who would have walked by without standing up to these rashaim would have been oveir that issur. Kol Hakavod to anyone who got arrested protesting this Chillul Hashem of a zakein getting manhandled on the streets of Borough park. We should not stop until these cops are brought to justice.

  • 38. Craziness wrote:

    Seems to me that if any other crimes (ch"v- but they will) happen in Crown heights, the neccessary thing to do is to get the police out of the area. A yid was killed, noone found out who did it, and since then there have been numerous muggings, while the police were nowhere in sight. However, as soon as you are double parked, you’ll get blasted. NYPD’s message: Kill. Steal. But make sure your vehicle is legally parked at all times???!!!

  • 39. Law Sanctioned Extortion - Get Motorists wrote:

    NYPD Jew wrote:
    -> There is no connection with how many
    -> tickets Officers write and whether or
    -> not a murderer gets caught. Homicide
    -> detectives do not write traffic tickets
    -> and Police Officers assigned to sector
    -> patrol do not investigate murders.

    NYPD, you are ignoring the whole point:

    Of course, you are right that those cops who write Tickets are not "the same ones" who investigate Murders, but this IS exactly, THE problem.

    If these Cops would not be used as a "Vending Machine" to Generate Cash for the Meyer of N.Y., then they WOULD be doing SOMETHING else (Anything Else) to look out for REAL Criminals.

    Any of the Lowest Level Cops who has no special training at all, but is Just walking down the Dark Alley searching for Robbers, is far more useful, then going after an 80 year old lady on a Cell Phone or Seat belt.

    You conveniently ignored the fact, that there are thousands of laws, yes, THOUSANDS of Laws and these Cops are doing NOTHING all day, except being on a STAKE OUT to catch "only Motorists" for one reason only because from Motorists you can EXTORT Cash (via Tickets).

    You’re focusing on an EASY TARGET. Murderers are not such an easy Target, Not so easy or "Safe" to search for and catch, besides you can get shot in the process.

    No Cop ever got shot by a 80 year old Jew on a Cell Phone. I wonder why?

    Every Motorists is a Sitting Duck that
    Cop-SNIPERS can "shoot" at, (=ticket) to extort Cash from them, via Tickets and do it all, in The Name of: "The Law"!

    Do we need to Live in TERROR, from Cops, every time we get behind the wheel of our car because the Cop has to fill his ticket quota. Why does every Jew need to "tense up" every time he sees cop while he is driving, worrying about, what stupid, minor infraction, (Just or Unjust) this cop can "get him" for?

    When I was Kid we felt happy and SAFE when we had seen Cops on the street, now we only worry about: "What are they up to now?" "Whom are they going to "HIT" next?"

    Sorry NYPD, This is LEGAL EXTORTION!
    (Not "Law" enforcement!)

  • 40. zalman wrote:

    why dont we get the mayer and the police Commissioner to give some answers as to how such a thing can happen?!

  • 41. awacs wrote:

    "He violated the law and got cought. Then he refused to give the police his papers. Is anyone really suprised that he got arrested?"

    Oh? Since when is it against the law to sit in a parked car and talk on a cellphone? Did I miss that law?

  • 42. to: Yossi wrote:

    I also heard about the "dirty jew" story. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • 43. smart mom wrote:

    Any time you ch"v need police and they don’t come ,just double park your car and they’ll be there in a second.

  • 44. voilence isnt the answer, its the q. wrote:

    some of u people have totaly lost it!
    Traffic cops dont investicate such crimes, besides there’s really no connection, it;s just about some angry people venting, they finaly have a chance to let it out! sadly it’s over something so pathetic…u never go out of your car!
    so here we have it:
    1- he shouldnt of gone out of his car
    2- we are getting too many tickets
    3- crime has gone up
    4-cops come late to calls
    5-rioting is an immature act, we’re suppose to be better, u dont use brute force to make a point..i mean how can u make such a big deal over such a little thing (especialy when most the things ur going on about, are basincaly in no way connected to the incident)…ur angry at the cops…cops?? u know how many divisions there are?
    6- i think we’re using the term nazi’s to much, too often, it’s getting overused, let’s save it for when we need it!

  • 45. YOSY wrote:

    This incident should teach us all a lesson; That it DOES matter who and what your are in the eyes of the police.

    Would they even think of doing this to a SHVARTZER or a PUERTO RICAN?


    (Why? Because they would have every SHVARTZER AND/OR PUERTO RICAN in the whole city of new york sticking up for the "Poor defenseless"…!?

    Better pick on some easy prey, like a 75 year old yid instead!

    This was nothing more than your average garden variety ANTI SEMITISIM in the raw!

    It’s time someone woke up and smelled the coffee.

  • 47. bp should honor them like ch wrote:

    NY1 News
    Apr 5, 2006
    Weather: Chilly, High 48
    Top News • NY1 Living
    Quiet Returns To Borough Park After Wild Protest
    April 05, 2006

    Quiet has returned but tensions remain high following a massive protest in Borough Park Tuesday night where the actions of the police, and the words of a high ranking NYPD official are being called into question.

    Hundreds of Borough Park residents rushed the 66th precinct station house chanting "No justice, no peace" to protest what witnesses say was the rough treatment of a 75-year-old Hasidic business-owner by police.

    Chief of Department Joseph Esposito now admits he made inappropriate comments during the chaos. He does not however admit to singling out Jews in his words as some city council members say he did.

    Brooklyn City Councilor Simcha Felder accused the chief of saying, "get the F Jews out of here. Get the F Jews out of here. That is something that is inexcusable, intolerable," Felder says.

    "This is not the Intifadah in Ramallah, in the Middle East, my God," says Assemblyman Dov Hikind. "There is no excuse for the behavior that took place in terms of the police department, where people were clubbed, where people were treated in a way that is inexcusable."

    Two garbage fires were set during the melee, which stretched for several blocks and closed numerous streets. Police, however, were able to contain the crowd by 9:30 p.m. and no injuries were reported.

    Police sources say the protest was sparked after officers approached 75-year-old Arthur Schick, who was talking on his cell phone while double-parked in front of his family-owned bakery on 16th Avenue at around 6:30 p.m.

    When police attempted to handcuff Schick, two other Hasidic men tried to step in. A crowd then formed, and the scene quickly grew unruly.

    Protesters threw garbage and hundreds of residents blocked the street around Shick’s Bakery.

    Community witnesses say the melee started because police dragged Schick from his car, roughly put him into a police van, and twice slammed the door on his leg.

    Witnesses say Schick is a respected businessman who may not have immediately complied with police because he is hard of hearing.

    "We saw him being pushed by the police against the car, then they grabbed his hand and put him into an arm-lock and violently manhandled him," said Sariel Widawski. "This is a very busy day in Borough Park – we’re all preparing for the Passover holiday – and everybody was a witness to it. They started screaming at the police to leave the old man alone, but they kept on manhandling him and refused to stop."

    One resident says those in the crowd felt like they had to do something.

    "I don’t know if this is what should have been done, but the community has to respond in some way,” said area resident Israel Fleischer. “It might be better if we respond with people talking to the Police Department, but you can’t – especially with an old guy, 75 years old, you can’t have that."

    Two other men were arrested for scuffling with police.

    Two officers were injured, one during the initial arrest and the other during the melee that followed.

    Schick and his family tell NY1 they do not support the violence that broke out following his arrest. Schick must now appear before a judge.

    The heavily-Hasidic neighborhood has been the scene of tension between residents and authorities in the past. In 1978, more than 60 police officers were injured when a group of Hasidim stormed the 66th precinct house after an Hasidic man was fatally stabbed by a street robber.

    Top News • NY1 Living

    Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited.
    Copyright © 2006 NY1 News. All rights reserved.

  • 49. well educated wrote:

    and kristalnacht was done by the nazis targetting the jewish shop owners. as i scroll down the pictures i cant help but notice that the boro parkers are the ones burning things and making ruckess. no comparison to kristalnacht.

  • 51. A LUCKY RESIDENT OF CH wrote:

    ROCK ON BORO PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we all can learn a lesson from you guys to stand up for ourselves. WATCH OUT POLICEMEN HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 52. lost respect for NYPD a long time ago wrote:

    to violence isnt the answer… your right, but just curious, at what point do we rise up and protest and stop sucking up, cuz one of our nieghbours were murdered and our ‘leaders’ dont give a damn, should we wait till our children are harmed G-d forbid, rape or kill more of us before we stop siding with police and demand proper protection and as for the ticket blitzing, there is no question the jewish nieghbourhoods are targeted cuz they know we are not violent and wont pull a gun on them as other nieghbourhoods will, its easy money!! can u imagine such a protest in any other nieghbourhood – half the police force would be in hospital with injuries. bottom line is they dont care about our safety or protection but are quick to want our money….but then again its nothing new, it maybe America – 2006 – but somethings dont change and history repeats itself…..

  • 53. Hershy says wrote:

    i think that we jews are great were a great big nation and all care for one another :

  • 54. Yossi wrote:

    JACK LEVITZ wrote:

    Jack, pleae tell us the whole story.

  • 55. agree with blunt wrote:

    no offense but whoever was at the riots is a COMPLETE BORED- SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    not too many ppl there did it for that Shicks’s sake
    they just did it because they wanted some action.

  • 56. do somthing!!!!!! wrote:

    Instead of everyone just talking why dont we actually do somthing?

  • 57. chaim cohen wrote:

    all this causes a chilul hashem & should not be
    we live in america and must follow the law this is what the torah sais & the torah is emes-truth etc. there is other legal ways to take care of things (such as court)

  • 58. blaaaa wrote:

    you think cops in crown heights are quick to give you a ticket? go to manhattan or parkslope where ticketing is far worse. why do we jewish pple always feel like the target? why do we have to feel that the cops are being anti-semetic when they are just doing their jobs- ok they could be nasty sometimes, but thats why their called pigs.

  • 59. Be a mentch wrote:

    first of all, way to go, "blunt"- at least someone has their head on straight.

    i don’t understand how anyone can Chas veshalom compare this to terrorists or Nazis yimach shimom!!! it would be an insult to our ancestors.
    yes, the police have been negligent lately, and they’re anti semites, but honestly, the man went against the law by getting out of his car. you aren’t allowed to get out EVEN IF THE POLICE TELL YOU TO!!! i’m sure it was heart-breaking to watch him be shoved around by those goyim, and a protest was definitely called for, but fire was too much, in my opinion.

    to act violently doesn’t help us Jews at all. it only makes the world, and especially the police, look at us as very annoying strange people whose needs and wants perhaps shouldn’t be taken into consideration. i can’t beleive how many crown heightser on this blog actually think we should do the same thing. honestly, where would it get us? this is just a theory, but i think if we show the people in charge that it’ll be worth their while to help us, they will. after all, you can’t expect a goy to care about anyone but himself.

    and by the way, no matter how messed up the law may be, we still have a halacha to follow the law of the land. let’s all daven that Moshiach should be revealed right now and all this fighting will stop!!!!

  • 60. Seichel wrote:

    I am shocked and dismayed at the number of militant comments expressed here.
    There are ways and means of combating police brutality – they are called courts of law. Yes it’s true – the City of New York can be taken to court and is on a regular basis.
    To ‘rise up’ against the NYPD to show we can’t be ‘pushed around’ is a shallow and superficial attitude, that would ensure the police are not there when we actually need them.
    Law Enforcement is not perfect – police are human and hence fallable. They may harbor any number of faults.
    But rioting is left for the base of society. We are better than that. We are meant to be an example, a light unto the nations. So let’s be that.

  • 61. Moshe says BLUNT is on the Mark wrote:

    Blunt is spot on when he writes, <b>"The cops were wrong. The violent protestors were more wrong."</b>

    Two wrongs do NOT make a right. Calling all cops "Nazis" and other disgusting names, as so many foolish and ignorant posters on this site have, is a perversion of the <b>truth</b>!

    Most cops are beautiful, excellent human beings. There is a percentage of rotten apples, but that’s true for ALL segments of society.

    Are you a chasid of the REBBE? Well, if so, then before you decide to protest in a CIVIL manner, it may just be a good idea to ask a Mashpia or a Rav if it’s wise to do so. After all, the REBBE demanded that everyone consult his/her Maspia.

    HaShem speaks via the REBBE — and the REBBE speaks via the Mashpia. Therefore, ask your Mashpia and you will know what HaShem’s will is.

  • 63. jack oleary wrote:

    to yossi

    the dirt jew story is that the most highest ranking officer in the nypd used languge that is not right for some one in that position to use and if i was ther i would of put my foot up his ………………………………………………..

  • 64. Battalion 38 wrote:

    wow, so many comments… no time to read them all… keep ’em coming!

  • 65. c.m. wrote:

    now i can see that all you people know how to talk! now maybe step #1 is over, start doing step#2, ACTION!!!!!

  • 66. do something wrote:

    the police are already not there when they are needed so we have pretty much nothing to lose for fighting back our way. since a lot of people agree that the police dont protect us y dont a bunch of boys get some one to train them in self defense and thy can stat their own patrol so we dont have to count of the police or shmira or shomrim. i dotn know hwo can organize this but it would be the best idea. i would try to get it organized my self except im a girl .

  • 67. Shmiras Haguf Wisdom wrote:

    The fact that a Jew was being "harrassed" is of concern and warranted people to stand around with their camcorders, and to report the incident…. "let’s go to the video tape"!….

    The aftermath was an incorrect response, damaged the community’s relationship with the PD, (which has been excellent for the past few years)… and therefore a Chilul Hashem

  • 68. NOT AGAIN!! wrote:

    tonight at 9pm police car no#1474 with 2 white police men giving out tickets again to crown hights jewish members! this happend on kingston ave/union street.
    are they starting this all over again? do they have the green light again?

  • 69. a brit wrote:

    im just shocked at the pictures ive just seen. ive never seen anything like it. i don’t understand how they can call themselves jews when they can do such a huge chiluel hashem. i dont know anything about the police or the jews in america or who was right or wrong but i can say that nobody, no community should ever do such a thing like this. it just make every jew look bad. i pray that it wont happen again, u can to.

  • 70. to NOT AGAIN!! wrote:

    no thay don’t ithink that we shuld fight tham back

    (like b.p.’s)

  • 71. Hearing impaired wrote:

    Funny how someone can talk and on a cell phone, but when the police catch him, he can’t hear well.???? I guess the phone must be real loud.

  • 73. hashfanatic wrote:

    Since when do the cops need your "green light" in order to go about doing their jobs?

  • 74. Chaim wrote:

    If people would obay the laws the cops would not be able to give tickets. Why does the frum olem think its OK to go thru a red light in CH. Why are there triple parked cars in Boro Park. I know its hard to find parking , but there is also a lack of Menschlichkeit, both in the way people park and even in how they drive. . People hate to drive in BB.

  • 75. NYCH wrote:

    Its simple do not talk on the phone while driving your vehicle. When an officer asks you to get off the phone, get off the phone. What is so hard about that. This whole situation could have been avoided if he had any respect for authority and laws that are in place for a reason.


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