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Tefilin Bank Opens New Website

Since its establishment, The Kushner International Tefillin Bank has been met by exponential growth. Numbers speak for themselves, and in just a few short months The Tefillin Bank has distributed almost 3,600 pairs of tefillin, to newfound daily users around the world! Remarkably, the far reaching affects of this campaign, have extended even to volatile places like Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as to peaceful towns in the Midwestern United States.

“The Tefillin Bank has directly impacted the lives of almost 3,600 people” said Motti Seligson, Coordinator of The Tefillin Bank, “The large influx of correspondence, expressing gratitude for not only the tefillin themselves, but the ripple effect it generates, has been incredible.”

Rabbi Shalom Ber Galperin of The Kushner International Tefillin Bank added, “The feedback from recipients has indeed been terrific. People are extremely thankful for this opportunity; some have clearly expressed how the tefillin have actually touched a deep cord in their soul.”

The Kushner International Tefillin Bank is a recent initiative of the wider Tefillin Campaign that the Lubavitcher Rebbe launched in 1967, in the days leading up to the Six Day War in Israel. The Tefillin Bank is a project of The Shul of Bal Harbor, Fl. in conjunction with The Shluchim Office.

And now, after affecting the lives of individuals in almost 30 countries, the time is ripe for expansion. The Tefillin Bank is now launching their website This new site will be the designated focal point for all aspects of information relating to tefillin and The Tefillin Bank.

The new site assists recipients of tefillin from The Bank to learn more about their new tefillin and its timeless tradition. A brief overview of the significance of the mitzvah can be found on the new site along with links to intriguing articles, essays and inspirational stories about tefillin.

Be sure to click onto the color coded map of the world, vividly indicating the countries that have received tefillin from The Bank. The map illustrates the global scope of The Tefillin Bank. The site also boasts the success of this initiative, illustrated by a monthly tally of recipients. Additionally, a photo album displays pictures of tefillin initiatives around the world as well as wonderful images of recipients receiving and donning their new tefillin.

A brief history of The Rebbe’s Tefillin Campaign and The Kushner International Tefillin Bank can be found on the site.


  • 1. nachmen wrote:

    It’s a great service what the tefillin bank does!!!

    I myself know of some people who received tefillin from the tefillin bank…

    Keep it up!

  • 3. yossi wrote:

    keep u p the great work shluchim office. kol akavod to rabbi sholom ber galperin.


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