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Supreme Court Rules: 770 Belongs To Aguc”h & Merkos

In a summery judgment in the Supreme Court by Judge Ira B. Harkavy, he decisively says that 770 belongs to Aguch and Merkos, and that ‘the Congregation’ has no rights to these Properties. The judge went into surprising detail about the Rebbe and Lubavitch and how the ‘Gaboyim’ have no claim whatsoever.

The judge signed of with saying “As result, that part of plaintiffs’ motion seeking a permanent injunction is granted and those branches of the Congregation’s motion to dismiss the TRO, remove any plaques, and reimburse the Congregation and police department are denied. The injunction shall be effective against all named defendants and any other person or entity with notice of the injunction.” And “This court has considered all other arguments of the Congregation and finds them to be without merit

Granting summery judgment declaring that plaintiffs Agudas and Merkos have all right, title and interest in and to 770 Eastern Parkway (“770”) and 784-788, respectively, and that the Congregation has no rights in these properties, and granting a permanent injunction enjoining defendants from any further acts of vandalism, theft, harassment, trespass and/or nuisance with respect to the premises in general and the new plaque in particular, together with a mandatory injunction directing the Congregation to cease and desist from interfering in any manner with plaintiffs’ effort to maintain a commemorative plaque or otherwise interfering with plaintiffs’ interest in and enjoyment of the premises.

The verdict can be viewed in its entirety in the Extended Article!


  • 2. bh wrote:

    truly amazing!! the question remains though what merkos will do inorder to clean the place up..

  • 3. I hate anti-s but this I agree with wrote:

    Didan Natzach!!! Finally the Rebbe we will be able to be comfortable with His 770.
    Yad Hachasidim al halyoina!

  • 4. funcused wrote:

    wat is this all about, where did this pop up from? who said 770 belonged to someone else??? im so lost lol

  • 7. THE TRUTH wrote:


  • 8. nothing doing wrote:

    the gabboim will still remain as gabboim, 770 is going to stay the same as it was, there is no practicle difference except that anybody who gets caught damaging the plaque can be arrested and charged, but the tsfatim don’t care about that as we have seen clearly in the past

  • 9. Yudel is Now responsible for Yechi! wrote:

    Until now, Krinsky could say that all the Yechi stuff in the big shul is done by a handful of some minority where he has no control and so it is not his fault.

    Now the entire world will say that all the signs in 770 that say that the Rebbe is Moshiach, is now OFFICIALLY the KRINKSKY voice – because it is now his personal responsibility!

    No one can now stop Krinsky from removing all the Yechi stuff from inside 770, so whatever is left of that, today, is now Officially "Krinsky doing it" – Under his personal Jurisdiction and approval, every second of every day!

  • 10. Chillul HaShem wrote:

    How can anyone be happy? How can you say "The Rebbe won"? What Didan Netzach? Have you all lost your mind. This is the saddest thing that can happen. Chassidim who need to be Ein Mishpocha couldn’t even agree on a Beis Din. The US Supreme Court had to judge the case? Where is the yiras shomayim? Can’t you see the Chillul Shem Lubavitch? Can’t you see the enormity of the Chillul HaShem in general? Who cares about the plaque. Is putting up a plaque with Ztz"l or with Yechi more important than Chillul Shem Shomayim.
    Oy! Are you people that blind and insensitive that you forgot that HaShem’s will comes first. HaShem yerachem, what have we come to…

  • 11. Besham Hachasidim wrote:

    Every one must agree that the fact alone, that the judge acknowledged and issued a verdict that 770 belongs to the Chassidim Aguch, Merkoz. is a reason for Chassidim to celebrate and farbiriang around the world!

    Every one is invited tonight, Thursday, Tes Zayin Ader
    March 16, 2006. @ 9:30 to a Farbriangen.
    Downstairs! 770 .

  • 12. lost on president st. wrote:

    Thank G-d civility/normality has returned to the Rebbe’s Shul. At one time a shliach could bring supporters/ba’alei teshuvah without being verbally/visually accosted by meshchist propoganda. 770 Eastern Parkway is ChaBaD/Lubavitch shul for inclusiveness not exclusiveness

  • 13. yankel wrote:

    You areall quite right , the Rebbe will win in the end and this means that anyone who goes to the Goyishe court and creates a chillul hashem and Chailul Lubavitch instead of the CH Bais Din will receive the result that befits such actions.

    Any Lubavitcher who thinks that going to a goyishe court is a win has lost total sight of what it means to be Jewish

    Furthermore to put up a plaque that upsets more than half of the Lubavitcher chassdim is a wilful provocation and has nothing to do with ahavas yisroel or Chabad

  • 14. G-d has a great sense of Humor! wrote:


    What are you celebrating?

    Every one of the Rabeim were arrested and prosecuted by their respective governments.

    Did anyone celebrate when the Alter Rebbe was ARRESTED?

    Did anyone celebrate when Barry took the Sforim?

    Did anyone celebrate when "Akum Merakdim Behecholoy, Vehu Shosek"?


    While everyone else cried, Rabbi Akiva Laughed. Rabbi Akiva was the ultimate Optimist and no matter how bleek, he saw only the Positive!

    All those on the level of Rabbi Akiva, are invited to come and dance in 770 tonight, to celebrate our "wonderful" Golus.

    Singing Yechi, and Dancing with Yechi Flags, under the Now, "Yudels Jurisdiction" with Music by Kuti Rap’s crew, begins tonight (and every night of Chodesh Adar) at 10:15pm to 11:15pm

    G-d has a great sense of Humor! Enjoy it!

    Come one Come all – Come and Celebrateate!

  • 15. Moishe wrote:

    Duh, Yankel…what Beis Din of Crown Heights? There ain’r one! And if there was one…read all the other court cases..worldwide Lubavitch matters go to theBeis DIn of the Big Boys, Agudas Chassedi Chabad Chabad, not the "Toonerville Trolley Town off the track" nonfunctioning community beis din.

    How can anybody think the gabboim will stay? Maybe they will have to rent a new place, let them have their shul, but not at 770. That shul belongs to everybody!

  • 17. Respect of Law? = Elections for Aguch wrote:

    We have to decide if we respect the LAW or if we just Respect our own wishes.

    If the court order is to be celebrated because it is the LAW of the Land, that same LAW requires us to make elections for corporate officers of Aguch.

  • 18. pest wrote:

    Yad Hachasidim al halyoina?????

    Read the summery judgment it explicitly concludes that 770 dose NOT belong to the Chasidim

  • 19. chillul hashem????????????? wrote:

    to chillul hashem:
    you make no sense! the tzfatim were the ones who took down the plaque and got all the media coverage therefore creating a tremendous chilul hashem. besides the fact who called who to court?? this is an isssue of who owns the building why should it go to a din torah? did the seforim with the rebbe go to a beis din?

    may peace return to the rebbes shul….

  • 20. jas wrote:

    aguch had permmison to go to court. they consulted vaar rabbonei chabad, and they let them go. the decison was based on 2 thing.

    1. the halacha aspect (something along the lines that when a thief is in your house you can go straight to police and court)

    2. based on a sicha of the rebbe. (i don’t recall which one, but once the rebbe spoke about such a issue..)
    so all those people writing comments about the "holy" badatz, don’t forget that vaad rabbonei chabad are greater rabbonim….

    the rebbe lives on. ma zaro bichayim af hoo bechayim.

  • 21. Chaver wrote:

    they should make a "pesach cleaning" and close 770 for a few days and reopen to a normal shul!
    hashem has shown once again that the rebbe still runs lubavitch, and even though some of his own chassidim go against him by making their own gaboyim against the rebbe’s wishes, the rebbe still prevailed.

    may this bring to the ultimate redemption when we will see the rebbe bigashmiyus.

  • 22. moe wrote:

    i would just like to remind everybody that the rebbe never wanted the "kvutzeh" to learn in 770.

    it is a fact. nothing to deny. even the kvutzah knows it.

  • 23. Bochur wrote:

    Nothing has practically changed, there is a big fuss being made over nothing. The restraing orders that were in place before this court case could be applied to the removal of the signs in 770 as well as removal of any flags or flag wavers!
    So in short, today is not even a blip on the radar screen!
    In the words of Dr Laz, INCREASE THE PEACE!
    The Rebbe is deffinately not smiling no matter who wins. The fights between us will end by a court case and if only we the ppl could tell our "leaders" we are not interested in fights

  • 24. Echod Meana sh wrote:


    Who took whom to court?

    Agu"ch asked for a summary judgment only after the gaboim filed against agu"ch. But as usual, people of your ilk are misguided, illiterate or intentionally misleading.

    Yes, the gaboim who took agu"ch to court will pay at the end.

    Is Crown Heights half of Lubavitch? Most people out pf town do would rather have the original plaque. Even in CH many people want the original plaque. V’od vehu haikar the vast majority of shluchim do not agree with what is currently happening in 770.

    Sorry to confuse you with the facts.

  • 26. The EAR wrote:

    got in himmel it was taken to court?? insane! i just want to know when these self proclaimed rightious tzvaties actually learn. oish

  • 27. calrification wrote:

    If you read the verdict from the judge he says that 770 and the buildings belong to Merkos and Aguch. there was never any question about that. But the court does recognize the "congregation" and he did not give the shule back to Krinsky!!. Krinsky can have his "blessed memory" back on the outside and thats about it.
    If that plaque is all he can show for himelf he doesn’t have too much to show

  • 29. Wants action wrote:

    jihad! A war of g-d, the lesson of purim is, venahafuch hu, and mordechai lo yichra veloy ishtachva, may it be fast, the rebbe said (says?) that they shell be gaboym elected, by the crowd, is this not the same as what the rebbe did for aguch? And the plaques most off whore put 1992 is this the same as putting one in 2006?

  • 31. eli wrote:

    for some reason and didnt post anything about this. i wonder why?

  • 32. LIZMAN wrote:





  • 33. to Yudel is Now responsible for Yechi! w wrote:

    hey yudel still wont be able to do anythiong if he can he will take off the yechi signs its not easy u cant blame him

  • 34. why do we bother with mishichisten wrote:

    calrification, love the spelling.

    Not only did the court rule that the shul belongs to Merkos but even the money that the shul has made whether it be from selling mitzvas kol nidrei, neilia, vechulu all belongs to merkos.

    "Krinsky can have his "blessed memory""
    Now all chasidim can have thier blessed memory back the same one that the Rebbe used for all previous rebbeim.

  • 35. Herzie wrote:

    To Calrification: you may be mistaken. The shul is part of the building complex. Read pages 8 amd 9 of the decision.The gabboim have no constructive trust of the shul space. On page 9, 2nd pp.: "thus the fee owner may exclude others from its property and do to the buildings or structures on the property whatever it sees fit.:

    Let me explain: Congregation Lubavitch has as much right to exist as the Frankel Shul, Beis Shmuel, Reb Getzels, and every other synagogue chartered under law. BUT Congregation Lubavitch may be removed from the premises of the 770 complex by Merkos at will. Their gabboyim and adherents can organize and daven anywhere else a building owner might let them–they can daven in the Shuk, Shalom Center, or your house (if you let them).

    Merkos will have the right to determine the gabboyim for the downstairs shul space, and the walls, and the seder or davening. All Lubavitchers–all Jews–would be welcome to daven their. Merkos could limit the ability of any Jew to shreik "Yechi." and ask them to leave if they persist. Sfatim yungerleit can be evicted, without cause.

    Am I being too legal here? Bottom line, Merkos now has the ability to call the shorts. Will the gabboim appeal? They could, if their lawyers think they have a shot. But Justice Harkavy wrote a very tight decision; he knew somebody might appeal. He knew that the only arguments that can be made on appeal are those that were already made in his own court–meaning, any argument the gabboim or their goyish attorneys left out in his court CANNOT be added to an appeal.

    Plain meaning: expect the banners to go, the gabboyim to find a new home, a saner davening, no more yechi, and bless us all, maybe even a new detergent cleaner to get rid of that horrible odor reeking out into the street.

  • 36. jas wrote:

    attn: "Respect of Law? = Elections for Aguch"

    i am sure you want democratic stuff and all, but the REBBE set up aguch in this way that there should be no elections! the rebbe advised yudel on how to precced, and the judge in that time gave a special psak that aguch can run in a way that has no elections, but rather they choose the new board memmbers themselves.

    (now i understand why the rebbe did it in such a way, cuz imagine if c"v there would be elections for aguch, you would have the same yukelach on aguch like you have running for chjcc. lubavitch would be in der erd. the rebbe knew it all and prevneted chabad from falling into the worng hands).

    so don’t try to be a man deomar! the rebbe is still in charge and will be forever.

  • 37. jas wrote:

    attn: "calrification"

    it seems that you cannot read english!

    i would like to point out to you what the judge writes about "congregation"

    look on page 7. the judge writes that no one argues that agudas own the building, just that congregation says it is a community trust.. to which at the end the judge writes (pages 8 – 9) that this trust thing is a bubeh mayseh, and aguch can do what it wants and has the right to decide who goes into the property and who cannot…

    i guess this just makes u a mishechist, u just deny facts!

  • 38. leo wrote:

    to why do we bother …

    "Now all chasidim can have thier blessed memory back the same one that the Rebbe used for all previous rebbeim."

    ONLY AFTER HE TOOK THE NESIUS. prior to that he did not. as than he took the neshomo of Rebbe………..

  • 39. Kidush lubavitch wrote:

    If it continues as it did until now, tonight there was a farbrengen in 770, and the tzfatim, who of course are the ones with the access to the speaker system throughout 770 (???!!!) were blaring mordechai ben david songs on the loudspeaker followed by what sounds like an israeli rock song to the words "HaRabi chai v’kayam," to those who have any safeik or sfek sfeika, there is absolutely no reason why 770 should look the way it does when there is a beautiful roller rink just down Empire! The true chilul right now lies in 770, where it is a real haven for any homeless nutcases, let’s make it somewhat presentable!!!

  • 40. Dedicated Chossid of the Rebbe wrote:

    I firmly believe, even know, that the Rebbe’s intent
    is that 770 and everything else from the Rebbe
    belongs to ALL Chassidim. And even though
    the term Aguch, Agudas Chassidei Chabad, is the
    name of Rabbi Krinksky’s particular organization,
    I don’t think that gives him the right to speak for
    all Lubavitcher Chassidim in the world. The truth is
    that ALL Chassidim are the Rebbe’s Chassidim,
    whether Moshiachist or non-Moshiachist. What should
    have been done is that some kind of a comprimise
    about the plaque should have been made to make
    peace between Chassidim. Which peace between
    us Chassidim would give the Rebbe the greatest nachas.

  • 41. chabad fan in georgetown wrote:

    To an outsider like me who really likes Chabad I can only say the mescisistim makes no sense however you look at it, and how hard the gentleman next to Chase on avenue U trys to explain it …..still makes no sense. thank goodness you guys have some stable people like krinski….whatever this stone story is about good luck and keep up the great work.

  • 42. nice to see how everyone is down playing wrote:

    yes its nice to see how keeps quiet and everyone is saying he didnt really win its just this or that if it was the other way around and the chas veshalom the so called gabaim won or even if you both wone oir just got something you guys would be dancing and drinking like crazy now that you lost LIKE EVERY OTHER CASE WITH OTZAR AND THE IGROS AND ALL you guys play it down

    well its about time for things to get back to normal andmaybe this will bring moshiach

  • 43. Dovid wrote:

    Here’s what I wrote on my blog before removing it because I don’t want to politicize my blog. Once everyone’s discussing it here, I may as well post it.
    It disgusts me beyond words that bachurim canceled seder upstairs to celebrate today’s “didan notzach.<i>[sic]</i>”

    If Merkos has a political agenda and pursues it in court, nu, I understand their invested interest.

    I can also understand a shliach who uses certain terminology in reference to the Rebbe.

    But try as I might, I can’t understand why a bachur would be happy to say Ziya about the Rebbe in unzer krayzen. I can’t understand the excitement associated with ziya’s and zatzal’s etc. If these things were shoilel shlita, I’d understand. But when they’re used as objective and self-standing titles for the Rebbe, I get confused.

    Or shall I say I <i>got</i> confused. I think I’m on to something…

    As I was walking down Kingston Avenue yesterday, three bachurim approached me. One, a good friend, told me I was playing with fire. How am I playing with fire? By writing about Jakey. Okay, I hear you. I deleted the comments and edited the post for any traced of negativity, but still, I am playing with fire. Another bachur, obviously picking up on the conversation asked his friend if I was rockingmelbourne. When he replied in the affirmative, this stranger looked at me as he said, “y’mach shmo!” and grabbed his buddy by the arm and walked away. I was left standing with the third bachur who explained that I shouldn’t take this guy seriously because he’s drunk. “Drunk at 7 pm on a Thursday night?!” “Yes, didn’t you hear about didan notzach??”

    As I walked away I realized that yes, I did hear about didan notzach. On the bus to Lubavitch. From Sempem. When he called gimmel tammuz independence day. For this guy, “ziya” or, ”of righteous memory,” <i>is</i> didan notzach. For this guy who says ymach shmo about another bachur, who takes achrayus for cancling seder hayeshivah, and who is over the Rebbe’s gezeirah, ziya is didan notzach.
    -end of original post-

    Now, about the politics, anyone who thinks this will ed the anarchy of the tzfattim is sadly mistaken. There is no one who benifits from the mishugasim of the tzfatim more than Yudel. He could have stopped it years ago, but he knows that the growing numbers in his camp are a reaction to the tzfattim in the other. Now that Yuddel won, we can be sure that the tzfattim are here to stay. Yesterday was a sad day indeed.

  • 46. Kiddush lubavitch continued wrote:

    Just to follow up, i’m sure most of you have seen, after the music refused to dispurse the farbrengenin crowd, these hooligans from tzfas, wilschanski’s boys, decided that now would be an excusable time to use hands in order to get it done. I think it’s safe to assume that Kuti Krapp who was there with them the whole time, condones this!!?? I think it’s time to establish Vaad L’hatzolas Ha’am Ha’aretz in your own daled amos! Oh and the yechi, that you hear on the video is considerably louder during the physical session, perhaps this is the "Rebbe shlita melech hamoshiach" (not my Rebbe) giving special Koiach to fight!?

  • 47. JAS:Go to Lakewood wrote:

    Raboisay, the facts are, that nothing could change, nobody can stop anybody from singing Yechi in a shul, especially 770, nobody can stop anybody from making a Shvil, unless they have guards inside the shul 24/7 which is practicaly speaking -imposible, The only thing that changed is that now JTA’s Sue Fishkoff (AKA Y.Krinsky’s puppet) will have something to write about and make a beautifull Chilul Lubavitch, so point being everybody, stop wasting your time and do something to bring Moshiach now!
    P.S. Hey JAS, #1-Since when is Vaad Rabbanei Chabad holier then BaDaTZ? sorry to inform you, but the Rebbe gave alot more support to BDTZ then to VRCH (Pictures say a thousand words V’dal).
    #2- The Rebbe lives on (also) because he is the Nassi Hador.
    #3-You make yourself sound like you know-it-all Re. Aguch elctions (like a typical Detroiter’), the facts are as follows: The Rebbe set up Aguch, that the appointments of officers to Aguch are reappointed by "proxy" to Aguch, and that this way, the same people are re-elected by proxy, but now, since R’ krinsky/R’ Shemtov have declared the Rebbe "DEAD" (since Gimmel Tammuz) Rachmana L’tzlan, there should be a re-election for officers to Aguch since the proxy dosen’t work when the person who authorized it is "dead" R’l, and on the other hand, if acc. to them the rebbe is alive then who are they to kick people off the board (talk about Taliban-Heh?) also people who, yes, the REBBE appointed.
    Anyways JAS, I think you should extend your Purim drunkness a little longer, and maybe buy that Detroit Mashke Cooler –It’ll keep you outt’a politicks.
    Also BTW, the REBBE writes in LIKUTEI Sichos, that Moshiach will be Revealed, no NOT it Detroit or Oak Park Michigan, but guess where? yes-TZFAS.
    May it happen NOW!

  • 48. Anti mishichicst, Anti Crise... wrote:

    Dedicated Chossid of the Rebbe wrote:
    "The truth is
    that ALL Chassidim are the Rebbe’s Chassidim,
    whether Moshiachist or non-Moshiachis".

    The mishichist could be who he wants to be, it’s a free country. But to call them chabad (chassidim of the rebbe) I don’t think so.
    A chossid goes in the rebbes way, not get in the way!

    They could me 100% of mishichist but there not even 1% Chabad.

  • 49. Mikeeee wrote:

    To echad Meanash

    Since when do shluchim make decisions for lubavitch. The rebbe gave every shliach the right to make decisions in his own city or state. thats it. nothing more. period.

    Dont tell me that a shliach out in yehupitz has more of a say in what should happen in 770 any more than someone who davens there every day. If anything, the person who davens there and pays for the expenses of the shul should have the say just the way its done in every other shul in the world.

    Why should someone out in idaho tell a person living in Crown heights if he should have air conditioning during davening or how much should he pay for an Aliya. Let the one in Idaho make decisions for Idaho and the ones in Crown Heights make decisions in Crown Heights.

  • 50. Were in the Justice? wrote:

    Very well said, Anti mishichicst, Anti Crise and trying to be a chossid:

    One thing I can’t understand as a privet person,
    Is that every court case or battle the mishichstem had they lost. Now, I know that in my life if thing are not going well, I make a Chesbon Nefesh and see what I can do better (or g-d forbid maybe I’m not doing something right) And fix it. And here again and again one loses after another (people losing every thing they have -who I most say are being used- even people dyeing) and they ignore it, causing more people to suffer.
    How hate keeps these people going…
    But like history, people forget (or they want to forget).
    From what I see, is that the Bocherim or the fighters that are here now don’t know the history that was before them [and those that do know and encourage them to go on, simply lie to them about the past like every thing else.]
    If you don’t know were you come from, how do you know were your going?
    Until the instigators are thrown out of Chabad/770 , It will be like trying to kill a snake by it’s tale, you have to go for the head!

  • 51. A Chaver wrote:

    First of all, what I meant when I said, “you are playing with fire”(an expression used by Chassidim about Bais Harav) was a joke, making fun, that you kind of compare Jakey to Bias Harav. And about my drunken Friend, he said Kach Shemo, translated, that’s his name? Not Yemach Shemo!
    About the Farbi, we received an unmistakable response from the I-Ching, Sorry I mean the Igeris kodesh.

  • 52. trying to be a chossid wrote:

    They don’t belong in chabad, they don’t belong in 770,
    they sould go start there own thing somewere else.

    One mistake that we as ChabadLubavithce make,
    is puting them in our precent (they are only 2% or even 50%)
    NO They are Zero Precent Of Chabad, they could be 1.00000 going strong, but they are not chabad.

  • 53. witness to thursday night!!!! wrote:

    i witnessed thursday nights fireworks. and its obvious that the tsfatim obviously dont want peacre for a few reasons. first, at one point the loudspeaker was playing a regular lubavitch nigun and suprisingly both parties were singing together in achdus!!!! up until the dj(one who chooses the music) for the tsfatim decided that the regular nigun wasnt good enough so immediately he swithed it to a yechi nigun. this shows that they just want to give their propoganda and not sholom!!! secondly, usually they dance in the front why all of sudden this thursday night do they have to dance right next to the farbi!!!! also the same way everyone lets them do their mishigasen in 770 who gives them authority to say that the antis cant have a peaceful farbrengen!!! i just hope that normality will return to 770!!!

  • 56. Disgusted with Aguch wrote:

    There are people who have made a religion of placing "ziah" after the Rebbe’s name. It is as if the "ziah" word has become their new "mivtza". Do you know that IN THE WEEK following Gimmel Tammuz there were already publications given out with "ziah" written after the Rebbe’s name? These people are definitely not doing this for the Rebbe’s kovod: The Rebbe did not show this example when writing the Frierdiker Rebbe name! They know very well that most Lubavitchers do not put "ziah" after the Rebbe’s name, why did they have to put it on the stone-right in front of 770?!?!!!They always say how the "meshichistim" cause the machlokes. Their actions definitely do not smell of trying to keep the peace. If "ziah" is so important then how come it isn’t written on every sefer of all the other Rebbeim. Every person needs to be smart enough to choose their battles. Aguch has chosen to win a battle that they know very well will have them calling the police on fellow Yidden. All in the name of the Rebbe’s so called kovod. It’s disgusting! The term "Didan Notzach" was used in Lubavitch concerning holy seforim, I don’t think that you should use this term for a court ruling that will cause people to ‘moser’ on Yidden-which it inevitably will-unless Moshiach comes this second. Moshiach NOW!!!!!! Ad Mosai!

  • 57. we want mochiach now wrote:

    Even most of moshichisten don’t like these yechi signs in the shul.Mochichisten do not bring their kids to 770, because the enviroment.Tzfatim, are tinokim she nishbau, they r brainwashed , they don’t know the chilul H and Lubavitch that they r doing. They r only few people responsable for the destruction of 770. ChV.
    BH now ,naapuch hu, and signs have to be taken off inmediately, not more Dollars , No more corruption and violence in the REBBE’s place. It is going to take while, we need to have many policement inside 770 for 1 year, until everything returns to what the Rebbe wants, we have to hire 15 policement making 3 turns of 8 hours.It is a Mitzvah no to let 770 as it is now.Now we have the tools, it has o be done

  • 58. Mendy wrote:

    I feel like Im in a peanut gallery here. A bunch if idiots you are talking as if 770 was captured and hijacked by antagonists and misnagdim. Wake up! 770 is and always was the Rebbe’s. Whoever chose volunterily to ABANDON it is at fault. They were never asked to leave by any official authority. They stopped coming and thus surrendered their control to others. By not daavening there and by calling it by the many horrible names that certain individual selected to call the Rebbes holy Shul, for which he has spoken many lengthly sichos, it is a shame and just goes to show how much affection they truly had for 770 and the Rebbes concerns. Yet, when it comes now to promote their political agenda, they are all of a sudden trying to reclaim ownership…. There is absolutely no reason to celebrate today. 770 will continue just as it has until now until people are driven by true unity rather than their ugly ulterior motives for power and fame.

    Proof further, is the events that followed on Thursday night in 770. Some of the Luabvitch media outlets love to write history accrding to the political spin that they chose to persuade thier readers to beleive. Alwaya take waht they write with a grain of salt… I was personally in 770 and can inform you as a first hand wittess.

    Noone there was innocent. Some folks came to celebrate their "didan notzach" in 770 where ALL chassidim belong. However, if they were truly farbrenging rather than hetzing and instigating then they would have a valid claim. They came with the intentions of "capturing back" te shul (tha they themselves have abandended nad called it a talkiban mosque, r"l). Now, instead of just sitting and truly bonding as pe expect of a farbrengen they had individual run around picking figts. Of course the daily dancers who usually dance in the front moved to the back near where the farbrengen was held, which makes them no better. From there, you could just imagine how freilich this nigt in Adar was at 770…..

    May we celebrate true geenuine simcha freilicherheit withe advent of the "true" moshiach (whomever he may be, I know that according to the ‘real’ lubavitchers, it certainly is not teir Rebbe….)

  • 59. spectator wrote:

    Lets set the record very straight here!

    The “plaque” – the most controversial slab of stone or marble, or whatever it is – didn’t bother anyone for the longest time, it had been erected with “Zia”h” etched in next to the Rebbe’s name, which didn’t sit well with some people who went and carved out the words that bothered them and left it at that. And it stayed this way for quite a few years.

    Then one bright morning (at 4:30 in the morning) like thief’s in the dead of the night! A group of these “Tzfatim” went and tore down the existing plaque and replaced it with one that said “Shlit”a” on it. Now before we go into anything, these “hooligans” went and provoked everything that followed, meaning none of this would have happened had they left the stone alone!

    In theory I should stop here since everything that followed to this (“hooligans getting arrested” or “hooligans going to court” or “Court reaffirms what all of us Lubavitchers know”) is really all these “Erev Rav’s” fault, but lets press on anyways.

    It is true that the Bais Din D’Crown Heights received a lot of support from the Rebbe and respect will be given where it is do (by me at least) BUT one thing is very clear and was made so by the Rebbe, and that is that this Bais Din HAS NO JURISTRICTION OVER AGUCH AND MERKOS! Meaning that they have no right to call any one member or the organization in a whole to a din!

    Back to the stone. When the new “plaque” was being installed the workers were attacked which is why police were involved in the first place. These 3 were then prosecuted, and for some strange and unknown reason the “Gaboyim” decided that they had to get involved and attempted to sue “Aguch” and/or “Mekos” and they just counterd with a lawsuit of their own, and we all see the reasults.

    These “Tzfatim” are so double tongued it is sick, they started with the court cases and look what they do when they loose, the try to “Bashmutz” and tell lies the they were taken to court, when it isn’t true. Furthermore I heard myself how Kuti Krap said that Merkos and Aguch are worse then Hamas L’A!!!! And that what the Bais Din Will declare is what will stand! Do you understand? These “Erev Rav” first go to court, then loose, then scream “Chai Vekayam”.

    Let’s hope that now that we have the judgment we will see some positive changes come about.

  • 60. to Were in the Justice? wrote:

    your spelling tells it all! you are a big fool! yitami chatoim velo chotim!

  • 62. Chaim wrote:

    Certainly, by each of us continuing with the name calling game and ‘bashmutzing" and making up more concucted stories… Kutti NEVER EVER said such words. I asked him and he was so upset taht people, who call themselves "chassidim" can be moitze shem rah on him that he would speak in sucha dirty way. He said he never did nor would speak like that regarding fellow chasidim. That is surely not what our Rebbe wants of us….

    Let us all THINK for a moment and REALIZE where we’re heading… STOP the slander. Where is the AHAVAS ACHIM?! No more blame shift… it won’t get us very far….

  • 63. Re. Spectator wrote:

    Spectator, you write that
    "I heard myself how Kuti Krap said that Merkos and Aguch are worse then Hamas L’A!!!!",
    well, your cohorts (and probably you too) call the meshichistim (never mind Tzfatim) alot worse names then that, so dont cry over what Kuti Rapp said.

  • 64. here is justice! wrote:

    About the Mishichistem, Dovid Hamelech wrote a very long time ago:

    àøáòéí ùðä à÷åè áãåã åàîø òí úòé ìáá äí åäí ìà éãòå ãøëé : àùø
    : ðùáòúé áàôé, àí éáàåï àì îðåçúé :
    úäéìéí ö"ä

    (10) "For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, "They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know My ways." (11) So I vowed in My anger that they would not enter My resting place.

    Tihilhim 95.

  • 65. to spectator wrote:

    whats your point? you said a few unrelated things and didnt connrct them. stick to ur hatred dont post it!!!

  • 66. RE: Re. Spectator wrote:

    That dose not justify it!!! "He did it first" -lol, Just listen to yourself!!

    Oh, and do you all know in what context I heard R. Kuti Krap say that Merkos and Aguch are worse then "Hamas" l’a? When he was supposedly being interviewed by the JTA (like they would interview him, but yeh). So what is this a 2 year old fight now?

    And to the other reasons to me, first learn how to spell or take some time to make sure you didn’t mistype anything, and then re-read what I wrote and please do tell me how it isn’t related to this article!

  • 67. RE: Re. Spectator wrote:

    Not to get involved in the argument going on but…

    You have to differenciate between somone who calls a few individuals inappropriate names and when somone call the Rebbe’s mosdos inappropriate names.

  • 68. Re.Re.Re. Spectator wrote:

    You probably heard him wrong, he meant (and probably said) that the people running Agu’ch are…
    The above is pretty obvious-V’kal L’hovin.
    Also, these name-callings are part of every fight, there’s no point in picking on these nitty gritty silly things.

    P.S. R’Kutti Rapp is also a Chasid of the Rebbe-you can even see him a couple of times on the holy "Living Torah" series-ye you know, the ones that dont play/show any Sichos from Nun-NunBeis…

  • 69. Dovid wrote:

    I find it quite telling that a certain side of the debate must always resort to saying such childish things like "Kutti Krap" and "taliban" etc. Even the writing in all these comments reflects on the intelligence of the contributing commentators. Not that you don’t have a right to an opinion just because you’re nearly brain dead. Rather, understand that your opinions don’t reflect on a thing. Who here remembers the politics of nun gimmel to comment about Krinsky? Kinderlach, gay tzurik shluffen.

  • 70. To:Dovid wrote:

    How ’bout yudel is an am haaretz bush is stupid crowd? How ’bout calling everyone who disagrees with you brain dead, crowd. Nun gimmel was 13 years ago you don’t have to be 85 to remember it.
    Anyone who eats their heart out becase of this ruling DESERVES THE AGMAS NEFESH unless they poshet are dimwitted.
    L’chaim Didan Notzach!

  • 71. A Shliach in Florida wrote:

    To:To Dovid wrote:
    You are a simple tipish and dont answer the acusation leveld against you. Why the negative and degrading comments? how does it help you by putting someone else down. Granted that yudel is no brain surgeon or talmid chochom rather an am ha’aretz, but he never the less was close to the Rebbe and spent many hours alone driving the Rebbe.

    I am not saying that this is reason to worship someone, but why is it necesary to laugh and ridicule every person you dont agree with. Why not some achdus. It will help us so much more.

  • 72. Mikeee wrote:

    I agree with shliach in Florida. Well said. We need some achdus. And he is right on the money when it comes to Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky. He may not be a big scholar, nevertheless you dont NEED to put him down. Give credit where its due. No one is claiming that Rabbi K. is a Talmid Chochom, that you NEED to refute it. The Rebbe put him in the organization to manage. The Rebbe didnt apoint him a Mashpia or Rosh Yeshiva. Not everyone is a learner. Nevertheles everyone has their Tafkid to accomplish.

    And just to point out. When R’ Yehuda Krinsky started to drive the Rebbe, most people in Lubavitch didnt even have a license. He was ahead of the game. He is a good man.

  • 74. anonymous wrote:

    Raboisai, we are all on th evry same boat plaese don’t rock it…

  • 75. Shliach from Moscow wrote:

    Kuti rap and yudel krinsky are both good people. I think it is very sad when a bunch of fighters try to mix these 2 people in to their fights. They are both good simple chasidim trying to do the best they could.

    Mikeee is corect in his assesment of krinsky, but who cares how smart the guy is, its no ones bussines. He was the rebbes driver, so recognize him for his talent of driving.

  • 76. To: Shliach in Florida wrote:

    Mr. Shliach in Florida; I was NOT putting down Yudel. I was saying that the terms "Kuti Crap" and "Taliban" are not the only insults being used and it’s not just anti’s using insults. People were saying "Yudel is an Am Ha’aretz" much like liberals say "Bush is stupid" way before people used the term "Kuti Crap" & "Taliban".
    I was also pointing out that while accusing everyone of using insults he called everyone who thought that the outcome of the court case is good "brain dead".
    So my dear Shliach in Florida please read what I wrote carefully and apologize for calling me a tipish.
    Just kidding I don’t need an apology, just read more carefully next time.

  • 78. BARUCH wrote:

    its about time to send this people to look for job and
    start working.the problem in our comunitty is the people
    are not doing any thing and we have a klal .habatolo mevia liydei shimum and liydei chet rch"l .


  • 79. Shliach from Moscow wrote:

    If you think yudel is an am ha’aretz then dont go to him and ask him shailos. It dosent give you the right to put him down. As I said in an earlier post, not everyone has a head for learning. It does not make you a good or bad person.

    If you disagree with what he is doing, that is a whole other issue and you should chalenge him on those issues. But just saying that he is an Am Ha’retz is in no way putting him down, being that not everyone has the zitz fleish or the head to learn.

    So in other words if you disagree with yudel then just say why you disagree but you dont need to face off with name calling. It dosen’t do anything for the issue being discussed.

    The reason I feel this way is because I think we need to address the real issues concerning Lubavitch and not get sidetracked by petty name calling.

    One of the issues I would like seeing addressed is, why is R’ Avremel Shemtov being kept in the dark in regards to the financing of Merkos and Aguch.

    Secondly, why was R’ Simpson removed from his post. If you say the rebbe appointed Yudel and Avremel, yes, I agree, but didnt the rebbe also apoint simpson.

    I just think that people from both sides are avoiding the real issues and just defending their own heroes, without giving proper thought to the issues at hand.

    In other words, if you truly are a chosid of the rebbe and you truly want to do whats right, then dont just take a side and avoid the real issues facing us today. Rather make it a point to be honest with yourself.

    With much blessing.

  • 80. From:To Shliach. To: shliach from moscow wrote:

    You talk like a snake!
    You sound like a self righteous mishichist who LOVES everyone, but you just spewed a bunch of hate for Yudel between the lines.
    I suspect you probably can’t hold a candle to him learning-wise, your probably a boor d’oireisa.
    And Kutti Rapp is not a good person, he an Alef loch that supports terrorism.

  • 81. the real chabad lubavitch wrote:

    this is all going agianst the rebbe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whether it be z’l or mh"m

  • 83. Asher wrote:

    Your arguing and calling each other names does nothing for the Rebbe or his work. Shame! If anything, it pushes people away from Chabad. We are all confused. Who took what, who says Yehi and who does not…

    I did not see a suggestion to elect a new Rebbe. So if this is a concensus, then stop arguing and find a way to bring Sholom back to the Lubavitch movement WORLDWIDE!
    I am, as someone puts it "Am Haaretz", but isn’t the Rebbest whole philosophy was to bring all Yidden back to Torah and Mizvos?

    Both of you – Moshiachists and anti Moshiachists took a moral highground and the right to judge, forgetting about us – Am Haaretz Yidden along the way.

    I saw it in Moscow in 1995 and in Sydney in 2002. WAKE UP! THERE IS NO LONGER CHABAD LUBAVITCH WORLDWIDE ORGINISATION. There are franchises using the name only, and goyshe courts deciding on what the religious groups can and can not do.

    Are you saying that that is what the Rebbe wanted?


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