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Shomrim Apprehend Career Shoplifter

At around 2:00pm today [Thursday] Shomrim had received complaints of an alleged shoplifter going up and down Kingston Ave. at that time an alert member spotted a man carrying a large garbage bag down Crown St. towards Troy Ave. and when the Shomrim member approached he threw the bag at the member and began to run. The member put in the call for a chase on foot and immediately there were over 10 members responding and had stopped him a mere block away on Troy between Carroll & Crown!

The police were then called in, and arrived instantly, and began a search of his person and the bag that the man tried to get rid of was brought to the scene, and found 6 brand new coats in the bag and in a makeshift hidden compartment of the coat he was wearing police found a bunch of air fresheners and other assorted items!

Police then held him until witnesses that had seen him in the store where he allegedly lifted the coats from, were brought by another Shomrim member to the scene and identified him as the shoplifter. Down in the police station they locked him up and ran his name which came back with more then 20 prior arrests ranging from shoplifting to burglary!

If you see such an incident or anything else don’t hesitate to call Shomrim anytime at (718) 774-3333

More extensive pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 4. mendel wrote:

    what do they do with such people
    so this will be his 21 arrest
    i mean he will be in jail for a night and then be let out
    we have to give these people a beating like the old times so they never return to our homes

  • 6. Mayor M. Bloomberg wrote:

    Great Job! CH Shomrim and New York’s Finest — The NYPD!!
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    May G-d Bless you all!

  • 9. ליפא ש wrote:

    Great Job! Nice Pics!

    i am sure the suspect claimed he got the coats from the "drop off box"

  • 11. Mayor M. Bloomberg wrote:

    The police officers are of high intelligence. All our police officers hold at least an associate degree from an accredited college.

    May G-D bless you all!

  • 12. babuchka wrote:

    I think this stuff is kind of cool man ! You know , those handcuffs are pretty cool too. I love hearing this kind of stuff
    Thanks for sharing.
    Weloveu Shomrim and the beautiful police .
    You are the best

    Sincerely ,Truly yours
    Chyevencha Admatai


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