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Massive Chilul Hashem, or Kidush Hashem?

The following article appeared yesterday in the Village Voice, a widespread NYC newspaper. The article takes focus on ‘Lubavitch’s Mainstream Missanics’ with Mrs. Sara Kanevsky and her wacky antics as the center stage for this article, detailing her and her groups fast day celebration meals, belly dance classes and nightly dancing to ‘traditional Yiddish hymns set to techno music‘. Our pride and glory or embarrassment and shame? You be the judge.

The Crown Heights Lubavitchers
Ecstatic Jews, a messiah proclaimed, and the consequential divisions

Sara Kanevsky, a woman in ecstasy

Like many other young men in Crown Heights, Itzik Balulu studies the Talmud and other Jewish texts from early in the morning to well into the night.

But you should see his ride. When he’s not ensconced in 770 Eastern Parkway, the center of the Chabad-Lubavitch universe, the 26-year-old Israeli and his crew drive around in a blinged-out Cadillac, a regular kandy-kolored streamline baby. Oy vey.

The Caddy, which they bought a few years ago, is bright yellow and covered with enormous decals featuring a “King Messiah” crown and a picture of the messiah himself: Rebbe Menachem M. Schneerson. A dollar bill is attached to the upper right corner of the windshield—a symbol of the rebbe’s practice of handing out dollar bills to his visitors to give to charity.

Among Lubavitchers, the rebbe is more than revered. Officially, he died 14 years ago. But to many Lubavitchers, dead he’s not, and the messiah—not just for Jews, but the entire planet—he most certainly is.

When they aren’t studying, the yeshiva boys doggedly tool around the city and install yellow flags in homes and businesses. The flags look a lot like the images on the car: a crown and the words “Long Live the King Messiah Forever and Ever.” Balulu installed seven last week and just ordered a thousand more from a factory in China. He plans to go to India next year: The rebbe, he says, has advised him to be a Chabad emissary.

For now, Balulu goes to Union Square every Friday afternoon to hand out Chabad materials and to “bar-mitzvah” non-observant Jews. He and the boys usually set up shop beside an Amish cheese vendor at the weekly farmers’ market. They tend to get into friendly discussions with passersby, like a recent confab they had with a teenage Korean Christian missionary and the Pennsylvania Amish vendor over the meaning of Orthodox Judaism. Their target, however, is secular Jews. From behind their table festooned with (what else?) yellow flags, the boys ask Jews to pray with them—specifically to repeat, word for word, a prayer referred to as the Yechi chant, which identifies the rebbe as the messiah. Yes, the Messiah.

Schneerson’s the reason you see dark-suited young men like Balulu in Union Square every Friday calling to passersby and asking: “Are you Jewish?”—and also the reason there are Chabad houses in Laos and Bangkok and South Africa.

The nerve center, however, remains 770 Eastern Parkway, which has such cachet because it was the home and synagogue of Schneerson, the Chabad-Lubavitch’s head rabbi from 1950 until his death in 1994. He is credited with turning a demoralized group of Lubavitch Jews that had moved to Brooklyn in the wake of World War II into a multimillion-dollar global empire that spans more than 70 countries, boasts hundreds of thousands of devotees, and has established beachheads on more than 100 American college campuses.

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in Crown Heights who could point to a single character flaw that the rebbe possessed—or still possesses, because people like Sara Kanevsky insist that he never died.

Kanevsky’s is a world of constant miracles. Pictures of the rebbe plaster the walls of her third-floor apartment. Every night, she and her friends put on a trance CD of traditional Yiddish hymns set to techno music, and they dance for hours. They take belly-dancing classes that can start at midnight. Her cell-phone ringtone plays the Hebrew messianic slogan Yechi ha Melech, which roughly translates as “Long Live the King Messiah Forever and Ever.” She answers the phone with these same words.

Not all Lubavitchers have gotten the message. Even as Chabad has grown into a billion-dollar empire in the wake of the rebbe’s death, the battle lines between those who accept Schneerson’s demise and those who don’t have hardened.

Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin, a spokesman for Chabad, describes the behavior of people like Kanevsky as “more painful than words”—an abuse of the rebbe’s message. For some Jews within and outside Chabad, messianism, with its prophecy of a sort of second coming, smacks too much of Christianity. Others say it violates the monotheistic religion’s prohibitions against idolatry. And some think it cultish or just too simplistic—a caricature of Jewish teachings.

“At the end of the day, running around saying, ‘My guy is the messiah’ over and over—it’s an echo chamber,” says Shmotkin, a 39-year-old rabbi. “And what the rebbe was creating was the opposite of an echo chamber.”

Meanwhile, the conflict continues to reverberate. In Crown Heights, messianists and non-messianists pray in separate synagogues, listen to different radio programs, and study in separate houses of learning. Many messianists wear yellow lapel pins adorned with crowns and erect matching yellow flags on the façades of their homes. The two groups do not intermarry.

In a way, Kanevsky herself is a cornerstone of the controversy. A court battle between the two camps is connected to Kanevsky’s arrest for doggedly hanging onto the cornerstone of 770 Eastern Parkway during a contretemps outside the building in 2004: The Chabad leadership had obtained a restraining order against the messianists after they defaced the stone. That case is still on appeal.

Meanwhile, the fight continues to play out right inside the building. Chabad, the empire, has its headquarters on the third floor, and it’s at war with many of the people who pray and study in the synagogue below.

Last December, as a part of the same court battle, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the owners of the building had the right to remove a banner that the messianists had placed over the Torah ark in the downstairs synagogue. The banner, proclaiming the rebbe “King Messiah Forever and Ever,” had been put up by four messianist trustees who were elected to run the synagogue. Naturally enough, they’re appealing the judge’s ruling.

There are two things that most Lubavitchers agree on: Crown Heights is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and for the messianists, 770 is the holy nerve center. Some consider the building to be the resurrection of the Great Temple, destroyed in Jerusalem in 70 CE. Young people incorporate 770 into their e-mail addresses; older folks try to buy houses with that auspicious number and have built exact replicas of the Neo-Gothic building, which once housed a medical clinic, in places as far-flung as Argentina and Brazil.

Portraits of the rebbe and his wife are fixtures in just about every home. Schneerson was a powerful figure who received heads of state and advised multimillionaire financiers, and his followers cherish their memories of him, even at a house next to his (ostensible) Long Island grave, where the video Encounters With the Rebbe plays on a continuous loop.

Now about that grave: Unlike the thousands of other Lubavitchers, Sara Kanevsky has never paid a visit. She doesn’t know who or what is in the grave, but she’s certain it’s not the rebbe. On the anniversary of his death this past July, while more than 50,000 people waited on a four-hour line outside the cemetery, midnight buses rolled in from Canada, and Israelis camped out for the weekend in the Chabad house next-door, Kanevsky went to 770 to celebrate.

Kanevsky does a lot of celebrating when others are mourning. She says that in the time of redemption, all rules are reversed. Two years ago, she walked around eating ice cream in 770 on a fast day, which led to her being kicked out. And on the most recent fast day this summer, she talked with some Chabad members in Florida who were enjoying a spaghetti dinner. Kanevsky has even written a book in four languages on the new rules.

She acknowledges that to some people in Crown Heights, she appears to be a nut. But even that, she says, is part of the program. “The rebbe says you have to be crazy about moshiach,” she says, using the Hebrew word for “messiah.” “Miracles are crazy.”

Those lubavitchers who believe that Schneerson is the messiah became more vocal about it after the rebbe suffered a debilitating stroke in 1992.

In the preceding year, Schneerson himself had begun to tell his followers that the redemption was imminent. He urged them to do everything in their power to bring it about.

Though he never referred to himself directly as the messiah (the rebbe rarely spoke about himself), some people began to see it that way. At religious gatherings, hundreds of people shouted the Yechi chant. It’s unclear what the rebbe thought of these outcries. Messianists say he shook his fist in support; confidantes claim that he was pained by the sight of it; and still others aren’t sure whether, after the stroke, the rebbe was able to understand the implications of what was happening before his eyes.

No one really knows how many Lubavitchers believe that Schneerson is the messiah. It’s been a mostly futile effort trying to quantify them, though some have tried methods like counting yellow flags. This is partly due to the gradations of belief among the messianists: While many believe that the rebbe’s death was an illusion, there are some who accept it but are convinced that he will one day be resurrected; others who believe deeply that he is the messiah but don’t publicize it, preferring to keep the whole thing a matter of the heart; and still others who aren’t 100 percent sure either way but are afraid to really talk about it, since it has become such a contentious matter. And then there are those, like Kanevsky and Balulu, who proclaim their faith to everyone they meet.

A youthful, 40-year-old mother of seven, Kanevsky and her friends live their lives in a state of near-ecstasy. And while fervor and joyousness are central to all forms of Hasidic Judaism, the messianists’ exuberance is unusual.

The crown lies easy upon their heads. In fact, as Kanevsky stands before a cluster of five women sitting on benches in 770, she’s wearing not only a form-fitting black skirt and a long-haired wig, but also a necklace with a golden crown attached to it—the symbol of the King Messiah. The jewel-studded crown is larger than her palm. She has two cell phones pressed to her ears. Another cell phone and an iPod rest on the bench in front of her. The devices are recording her daily three-hour radio address and workshop, the topic of which is the redemption. The address is being broadcast live over the Internet. A blown-up portrait of the rebbe has been placed on a bench behind them.

The women pass around grapefruits, figs, and homemade baked tilapia in a large aluminum catering tray. “We call this the fish of the redemption,” says regular attendee Devorah Leah Blau as she fills her plate (a friend is rocking Blau’s baby).

Kanevsky is largely self-taught, but when she has a question of any significance, she says she consults the rebbe. Like Balulu and others, she does this by either placing a note or asking a question aloud in front of a stack of books containing his collected letters. Then she turns to a page at random and finds that the rebbe has left an answer there. Last week, for example, she wondered in a dream whether her friend Ruth would become a millionaire. When she opened the book, she says, the date of her friend’s birthday was on the page—a sign that the rebbe was listening.

After Kanevsky’s class ends, she stashes the rebbe’s photo behind a bookcase in the women’s section. “Did I tell you about the time I got arrested?” she asks. Then she bolts out the door and onto the promenade, which is elevated about 10 feet above the sidewalk. She looks over a stairwell and points down below, to a cornerstone in the façade of the building. In 2002, the Chabad leadership placed a plaque engraved with the words “of blessed memory” beside the cornerstone in honor of Schneerson. The messianists, resenting the implication that Schneerson was no longer alive, vandalized the plaque and put their own in its place. Multiple riots erupted in front of 770, and the police put up barriers and surrounded the plaque.

During one pf the uprisings, Kanevsky saw the commotion and decided to leap from the promenade. But wearing high heels, she fell, and people thought she had broken her ankle. Then she got up and ran to the cornerstone. Her friend Ruth jumped in after her. The women held onto the stone until the police pulled them away.

Zalman Shmotkin acknowledges that Jewish law allows for a great wise figure in every generation, but he’s not convinced that Schneerson should be considered the king messiah of them all. Shmotkin, who has an office on the third floor of 770, says he never prays in the building’s synagogue. One of his deepest fears is that people will see messianism as the face of Chabad, and that this will alienate them from the rebbe’s teachings. “It’s so not what we’re about,” he says.

“It violates common sense and makes the movement seem insane,” says David Berger, a historian and the author of The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference. “They think it turns people off to Hasidic teaching, and it’s a sincere concern.”

Berger, himself an observant Jew, says that while researching the book, he watched videos that were filmed at 770 after the rebbe’s death. In one, people cleared a path across the synagogue to allow the invisible rebbe to walk to his chair. “When people tell me that the kind of scene I just described is crazy,” he says, “I react by saying that there are millions of people in the world who are perfectly normal and intelligent people, who believe that the priest is holding a piece of bread and that this bread is the real presence of Jesus of Nazareth.”

With the Lubavitchers as with Christians, messianic beliefs are nuanced, Berger says. He thinks that most Luba- vitchers, either secretly or openly, do believe that the rebbe is the messiah, but that only a small fraction believe he is still alive.

That contention has made Berger the target of severe attacks in the Lubavitch world. And though he staunchly opposes the movement, he says that there are strong theological underpinnings both to the messianism and even to the “seemingly crazy assertion” that the rebbe really didn’t die.

“Judaism says that in every generation, there is a righteous person that connects the world to the divine energy,” he explains. “If there is no leader, the world would actually cease to exist. So the fact that the rebbe has died and that the world continues to exist is a conundrum to them, and it leads them to believe that the rebbe must not have died. But even people who believe he did die find this to be a challenging question.” They resolve it, he adds, by opining that we’re living in strange times, or that the rebbe is still providing the divine connection from his grave.

Kanevsky finishes her class in the late afternoon. By that time, Crown Heights is a rush of preparations for Sabbath. She passes hat shops with old-world lettering on their façades, ancient gumball machines, and elderly women begging for some Sabbath charity on the sidewalk. Kanevsky gives each of the women a few dollars and walks into a glatt-kosher meat store. The store sells things like goulash and schnitzel, but Kanevsky is looking for a special kosher chicken.

The store appears to be out of stock. The clerk—who doesn’t wear a yellow pin—says to Kanevsky, in Hebrew: “With your luck, Yechi ha Melech, you’ll find the meat.” She reaches into a pile and finds the last package for sale. Yet another miracle.

Kanevsky continues walking, buying flowers from an Israeli child. She stops in a Caribbean-owned dry cleaners to pick up a jacket and laments that she is out of the moshiach business cards that she normally carries around. Then she remembers that she gave them all out on the subway earlier in the day. As she passes a group of men, one of them calls out: “Moshiach!”

Kanevsky looks over her shoulder. “See? They believe it, too, but don’t show it,” she says, almost surprised that someone would keep the greatest thing in the world a secret. Then she smiles. “They know what I represent.”


  • 1. Pained in Crown Heights wrote:

    This is exactly why the Rebbe didn’t want ‘Zehuso Shel Moshiach’ [the identity of moshiach] to be a mivtza, just mivtzoim. This article takes ‘mishechisim’ and rolls up all the problems with it in this article. Craziness, mass Chilul Hashem, committing Aviros Befarhesiya all coming directly from this, then comes a reporter and folds the entire Lubavitch into this one crazy group.

    Mrs. Kanevsky I hope you opened an Igros before you spoke to the reporter and asked the Rebbe if this is a positive thing or Cas Vesholom the opposite, and from what I’ve heard about you, you may have gotten an answer to the negative and opened the poor book a few times till you got the answer you wanted, right?

    It’s high time we expunge this craziness from our midst. But unfortunately there is no leadership, no rabonim who can take the necessary steps.

    Oy tateh, di golus iz shver, mir dafen moshiach, AD MOSAI?

  • 2. confused wrote:

    Ad Mosai.. when will we lose these loonies???? Eating ice-cream on tisha-b’av in 770??? Now I’ve heard it all..

  • 4. appalled wrote:

    Kanevsky stands before a cluster of five women sitting on benches in 770, she’s wearing not only a form-fitting black skirt and a long-haired wig, but also a necklace with a golden crown attached to it—

    this sentence says it all.
    This is not considered being the frummest and the one who’s following the Rebbe’s lead at best. If a reporter feels it necessary to comment on the woman’s tznius something that is a basic HALACHA not even a chassidish issue….! just shows how frum this lady is altogether.

  • 5. resident wrote:

    I was in Chicago this summer and Chabad of Skokie brought Manis Friedman to speak about this topic. He concluded by saying thaat you can believe whatever you want .But if you pubicize your belief in a way that turns people of from chabad then you have a problem. Every one should listen to this talk .
    Contact chabad of Skokie, IL to recieve a free copy of the well given over speech.

  • 6. chssid wrote:

    the fact that there are meshugoyim who are irresponsible is sad.
    my question is, how are these lunatics able to get away with it, why are they allowed to behave this way especially in 770??
    where are the leaders and rabonim. ‘va’asimaim berosheichem’.

  • 7. Mrs. Kanevsky HaMeshiach, uh, Hameshuga! wrote:

    meshugene! Mrs. Kanevsky – you are a mockery to all Jews and you are responsible for all those you lead. Your poor children, they must be so embarassed.

  • 8. embarresed of her wrote:

    She needs major attention, she is rebellious in a way, she was when she was single and still is. She doesnt care how this affects her children. And for someone who seems so learned in halacha, she sure lacks in tznius. While she may look good when she walks down the street, this is not the way a bas chabad should dress.

  • 11. Abraham Tenenbaum wrote:

    I think they should re-write the whole article, They got it all wrong!!!
    This article contradicts real facts and does not make sense to whoever was around from (approx.) 5748 to 5754 and/or knows the basic stuff.

  • 12. 1234........ wrote:

    No matter how many people are againts her this is no way of getting back at her. I can’t belive someone actually took there time to write this article about another fellow jew. It’s not your bussiness and u have no right to do this, if the rabbanim really wanted us to know they would have told us so there selves .the only thing thats coming out of this article is more loshan hara . I really hope everyone here understand and even though you have something not nice to say just keep it to yourself for your sake and hers. HAVE A GREAT SHABBAS!!!!!!

  • 13. Mishichichist=anti Moshiach wrote:

    Now we are going to have some mishichistim commenting…

    “We are not AS crazy as they are”
    “it’s only a small group in the small mishichist movement”.

    “They don’t represent ALL mishichstin just the crazy ones” ;)

    “They are people too”

  • 14. PAINED!!! wrote:

    ad mosai! ad mosai!

  • 16. cher wrote:

    this is pure lashon hara. If you agree or disagree, it’s still lashon hara. let the rabanim deal with such cases. And, this is definitely the minority shebiminiority, This is no way represents even hard core meshichistim.

  • 17. totally nuts wrote:

    Wow crazy, crazy lady..eating ice cream on a fast day, jumping off the promenade onto the sidewalk in heels, She could have broken her neck… totally insane and major chillul lubavitch.

  • 18. MADDinsanecrazy wrote:

    christianity started out from a jew, most christians were jews, christain churches were run by jews untill the bais hamikdash was destroyed and the churches were run by non-jews being that all the jews were either killed or expelled from jerusalem, destroy 770 anyone? expell the mishichist christains anyone?

  • 19. AWAKE wrote:

    To all you ‘beautiful souls’ saying this is lashon hara and the rabbonim should deal with it, I say WAKE UP! WAKE UP!



    If you think this is the worst of it, don’t worry, the slope is only getting steeper and the hole deeper.

  • 20. me wrote:

    I don’t think its for us to comment on or atleast not to post it here. This isn’t our job. Our job is to go out and do as much outreach as possible and correct this with acts of goodness and not to spend time saying lashon hara.

  • 21. crown heights mom wrote:

    Those who do not protest are considered as being participants to these messianics. – although their antics are really not about moshiach, they are about psychologically disturbed people looking for attention. Whenever I see a yellow pin I am so tempted to say something but lack the guts. What can we do to improve Crown heights and the perception we portray?

  • 22. A Fan of Mrs. Kanevsky wrote:

    Mrs Kanevsky, keep up the great work!!!!

    You are an inspiration to all. Your detractors don’t know what a sweet, intelligent, caring and wonderful person you are.

    Do what you know is right and ignore everyone.

    P.S. I am not a “meshichist” but I know that Mrs Kanevsky is more intelligent, with it, and virtuous than many of the people here commenting against her.

  • 23. mendy wrote:

    Mishichichist=anti Moshiach wrote:
    Now we are going to have some mishichistim commenting…

    “We are not AS crazy as they are”
    “it’s only a small group in the small mishichist movement”.

    “They don’t represent ALL mishichstin just the crazy ones” ;)

    “They are people too”

    not really
    nowadays there are two groups;1- the antis and the meshichistim, 2-the tzfaty people (anybody that has anything to do with yellow- no matter the color of theyr beard.


  • 25. union and kingston wrote:

    wow i didnt know the maschisitm are that crazy? I used to think live and let live, not anymore these people are insane. need to get rid of these types. they are a walking chilul hashem.

  • 26. eli wrote:

    lets see now….aymasai kasi mar lichsheyafutzu etc….the Rebbe explained many times that chassidus is not just the catalyst for geula but it is itself m’ain the gilui of geula, toroso shel moshiach…and the whole point of its revelation from the Bal shem and onward is the Geula….so my friends if anyone thinks chabad’s purpose is anything but geula and gilui moshiach…and if anyone thinks that shluchim are anything but shluchim of the only individual in Jewish History who undertook to yacuf kol yisroel after the churban..then you are in serious denial about reality…its easy to put the blame on “crazy meshichists” and the “chilul lubavitch” they do…easy to be in denial but that fact is most (not all) that dont believe have not learned the sichos in depth and just want to stay safe and comfortable and not go out on a limb…the fact is its when there is machlokos and sinah from both sides that creates the chilul not the etzem emuna…you think it really makes a difference to the assimilated jew what you believe or communicate about moshiach?? Tefillin is crazy! Lulav is crazy! everything to them is bizarre, it only matters whether you do it with devarim hayotzei min halev. The whole attack on mishichistim is INSECURITY, DENIAL , and a failure to study the Rebbe;s works objectively. But its ok my friends whether you know it or not were all fulfilling the kavvana. And when the world really starts to shake every I gaurantee that all the anti meshicistim will change their tune. good luck and lets hope we all make it to the promised land!

  • 27. Zalmy wrote:

    The Village Voice should have explained that there is no comparison between the Mishichistim and Mrs. Sara Kanevsky.
    Mrs. Sara Kanevsky is doing something against the Torah by eating on fast days and telling other people to eat on fast days. Even the Mishichistim say Sara Kanevsky is wrong.
    The Mishichistim fast and tell other people to fast on fast days.
    Telling people about Moshiach is not a sin.
    In Gemorah (Sanhedrin 98b) the Gemorah relates the opinions of four schools, each of whose disciples thought that their Rebbe is Moshiach.

  • 28. TakeNoteBoysAndGirls(Cough) wrote:

    All the holy-than-thou commentators of “this is totally lashon harah…” let me ask you a question: Did you stop reading the above article when those saintly warnings of “this is totally lashon harah” blared loundly?
    NO, obviously not. You kept on reading and then chastise everyone else for reading and commenting and the chillul hashem fiasco talk.
    Listen closely– exposing the truth can be painful. Especially if it’s embarrassing and frantic “lets cover this up cuz its lashon harah” cries have to be made- that’s the first sign that there’s something wrong with the situation at hand.
    Upton Sinclair in “The Jungle” exposed the repulsive meat factory habits, popularizing the line of journalism called “muckraking.” Muck in our midst must be raked. It may be shameful to air out, but there’s only one way to do. And that way isN’T the plug-your-ears-and-blindfold-your-eyes method. It takes collective activism in the interest of public sanity and the common good. Forget the political culture of Lubavitch- the Rebbe couldn’t care for that. Let’s purify our hearts and minds and stop pretending to be indignantly self-righteous followers of the I-declare-Moshiach. Let’s not make the Rebbe’s toil go to waste. Stand up and face reality friends. And start working on YOURSELF first. Not your neighbor.

  • 29. not proud of her wrote:

    by the way all these negative comments about her only strengthens her misguided beliefs and makes her feel stronger in what she is doing. So ignoring her is the best thing to do.

  • 30. nieghbor wrote:

    I am a nieghbor of them and I have to say that she is a very vary nice woman she may be a little misled but she would not hurt a fly, and her kids are great kids they come over a lot and i love them dearly who ever wrote this article is a low life

  • 31. Zalmans wrote:

    Mishichisim hasn’t done anything positive.
    Mishichisim has not increased limud hatorah, kiyum hamitzvon, ahavas hashem or yiras hashem. (There’s been no increase in the fore mentioned items since Mishichisim)
    Mishichisim divided Lubavitch. Many, many Mishugasen came from Mishichisim.
    We never got a clear directive from the Rebbe to proclaim him moshiach.
    Why are we hanging on to this foolishness? What would we lose if we let it go?
    If you disagree, please articulate in quantifiable terms what positive affect Mishichisim had.

  • 32. sara kanevsky is a shame 4 lubavitch! wrote:

    someone wrote how they feel bad 4 her children – they are unfortunately, due to her mental status, growing up in a broken home. she worked for a while in bais chaya mushka (and was not highered again) – she really lost her mind!

  • 33. Question wrote:

    Does the majority of Chabad believe the Rebbe is Moshiach or is it a small group? I know in Crown Heights and Tzfat it seems everyone is a Meshichist, but how many people actually are?

  • 34. Sad for the Rebbe wrote:

    Hashem when will you end this golus? Such mishigas is to the world representing the apple of your eye, the Rebbe and Chassidus Chabad. When will I wake up from this cholom?

    There are simply no words.

    You can believe whatever narishkeit you want about the Rebbe being moshiach but why are you doing this to him? I saw an interesting comment about what the tzfatim and worse (above) are doing. A child finds his father’s $5 Million Picasso and writes across the center in red marker “I Love You!” Sure they love the Rebbe but..Rachmana Litzlan.

  • 36. Kanevsky may be a Meshugena wrote:

    but Shame on Zalman Shmotkin – which man out there do you really think is Moshiach then?!?

  • 38. when will it end wrote:

    totally agree with first comment. was there really a need to post this. ur great at making machlokasim and spreading loshon hora

  • 40. me wrote:

    mishichist or anti…
    this article is bad mouthing the entire chabad not only a few ppl.

  • 41. yosef wrote:

    The article is not really biased, being that it comes from an outsider, and someone from the outside sees things at face value.
    It is a crazy situation, but every barrel has its rotten apples…
    The Rebbe clearly said, that it has to be in an oifen hamiskabel. That is something that one cannot argue about, and that is something the tzefatim don’t give a hoot about.
    It’s really sad, but we have to look at the good side of life. There are thousands of shluchim, there are many frum boys and girls etc..
    Are there problems in Lubavitch? There definitely are, just like every other sect, and we have to deal with them. We cannot ignore facts.
    Just everyone hang in there and try your best, OK?

  • 42. BECAUSE I CARE wrote:

    “I can’t belive someone actually took there time to write this article about another fellow jew”

    It’s good you know how to count (proud of you, your getting somewhere). It’s time you learn to read.
    On top of the article it clearly says…
    “The following article appeared yesterday in the Village Voice, a widespread NYC newspaper.”…

    Let’s not loss focus and start blaming (and claiming chillol hashem on) the person that wrote the article or this web site for putting it up, the Chillol Hashem is on the people the article is talking about. The Chillol Hashem may be on all of us that have let this type of behaver go on in front of our eyes (in the last 14 years) and not doing any thing about it.
    Those crazies in the article are only and outcome of all the other crazy things we’ve seen in the last 14 years. VDAL!


  • 43. Anti-mishichist wrote:

    Global warming people= anti-human
    Mishichistim= anti-moshiach
    Anti-mishichist= pro-moshiach (and anti the people who are anti-moshiach).

    Just because the mishichist SAYS he’s for moshiach does not make it so,
    It’s ACTION that counts and all I see from the mishichist ACTION is anti-moshiach (they are doing all they can to make sure he does not come).

  • 44. old fashion mishichist wrote:

    This will be Merachek [push away/force away] misichistim from being mishichist.
    What a Cillul mishichist!


  • 45. saddened wrote:

    While I do not personally know this women I find several things very disturbing, one of them bieng the fact that the reporter found it necessary to comment on her clothes- what does that mean?
    I never got a straight answer from any meshichist regarding the rambam’s criteria for moshiach vadai bieng established on the fact that he build the bet hamikdash- which I still did not notice on my last visit to Israel.
    So assuming we consider the Rebbe at the cheskat moshiach stage which can be open to your own personal interpertation I don’t understand how she can eat on tisha be’av- without explicit permission from moshiach?
    If none (or hardly) any Rabbonim anywhere agree with her, does she not notice anything might be wrong in what she is doing? And even if she is kind and sweet as her one fan suggested- is halacha not halacha- bottom line?
    Chilul Hashem is a very severe, Yidden have been dying for thousands of years al kiddush hashem so let us be spared from all this grief, let Moshiach just come and show us the truth.

  • 46. doing a sin drags [you to] another sin wrote:

    I wonder how this came to be, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.
    Were did we go wrong?
    Were did we cross the line?
    How did this all get started?
    I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.

    perhaps the answer lyes here…Pirkei Avot – Chapter 4: Mishna 2
    בן עזאי אומר, הוי רץ למצוה קלה, וברח מן העבירה: שמצוה גוררת מצוה, ועבירה גוררת עבירה; ששכר מצוה מצוה, ושכר עבירה עבירה.
    Ben Azzai says: “One should run to do a light mitzvah and flee from sin. Because doing a mitzvah drags [you to] another mitzvah, and doing a sin drags [you to] another sin. The reward for a mitzvah is the mitzvah, and the ”reward“ for the sin is the sin.”

    I wonder no more.

  • 47. mind the spelling wrote:

    signs of the deepest galus, which is a sign of the immenent redemption!
    What a chilul lubavitch, im embarresed!

  • 48. California Girl wrote:

    I was raised in a Lubavitch home but went to a non-Lubavitch school and seminary. I had to deal with taunts and a lot of verbal abuse in general with misnagdim calling me psuedo-Christian and the like. This woman and people like her are the reason that people call Chabad “the closest thing to Judaism” and lehavdil, compare our Rebbe to J.C. Basically, this really hurts Chabad’s already not-to-good image in the eyes of many of our fellow Jews, and the world in general.

    As Jews, we claim to be above Chiristians because we say we have answers and proof, and we don’t need to have blind faith. This woman and the life she leads contridict the very essence of what the Chabad Lubavitch movement is supposed to be – a light unto our fellow Jews.

    Those of you who care, who live in Crown Heights and perhaps know this obviously insane woman and people like her, please take a stand.

  • 49. liberal/mishichist ideology wrote:

    TO: A Fan of Mrs. Kanevsky,
    Who wrote:
    “You are an inspiration to all. Your detractors don’t know what a sweet, intelligent, caring and wonderful person you are.”

    To you (and those evil people like you) I say…
    RIGHT or WRONG, you’re passionate. You care.” If that doesn’t sum up current liberal attitudes in the face of FACTS, I don’t know what does. Caring means more to them than actually knowing the difference between something that’s FALSE and something that’s TRUE.
    Liberals allow personality and emotions and feelings to take precedence.



  • 50. ex 770 bochur wrote:

    I don’t think we should get caught up in the politics of the anti/yechi camps.

    This activity by Kanevsky is 100% chilul Hashem, all the hard work Chabad does it ripped down by this studity.

    iy”h Moshiach will come speedily to save us more trouble.


    I don’t think the Yetzer hara’s goal in this whole issue is to mislead people to either believe that the Rebbe is more alive than He truly is or to mislead people to believe that the Rebbe is less alive than He truly is – or anything of the sort… because that is not as important!
    The Yetzer hara’s goal is to make Machlokes in Lubavitch, because he knows that Achdus is what is needed for Moshiach to be revealed! And unfortunately, many of us have been falling into it’s trap!
    Let’s stop bashing and bad-mouthing everyone else (no matter what our personal beliefs)and focus instead on how we can create more Achdus in our sorroundings! Rabbi Akiva’s students also thought they were doing a big Mitzvah by not allowing their fellow students think differently, but we all know their sad ending!
    Let’s give everyone the benefit of the doubt because the truth is that EVERYONE MEANS WELL!!! Just as all people look different, all people think different too! Yes it is possible that some people’s opinions and actions are not really what Hashem wants – but in that case, shouldn’t they be treated the same way we treat thousands of other Yidden who don’t think, speak or act the way Hashem wants?! Why is this different?!
    If we really care about our Rebbe and if we really care about bringing Moshiach – then we would work on creating more Sholom in Lubavitch, because we all know very well that THE MOST PAINFUL THING FOR A PARENT IS WHEN THEIR CHILDREN DON’T GET ALONG!!! the thing that would give Hashem and the Rebbe the most Nachas is Ahavas Yisroel and respect FOR ALL of His dear children!!!

  • 52. Moishie wrote:

    The Missanics’ and Sara Kanevsky are a psychologist dream!!

    They must help fund the movemet!

    I wonder if any psychologists are Missanics??

  • 53. Grandma in the hood wrote:

    She should be in Cherem. People have been put in for less. So where are the Bais Din? Where do her poor kids go to school? I hope none of my grandchildren are in their class, their parents will pull them out if they are.

    I don’t care that it’s not fair on the kids, but our schools shouldn’t let them in. Again, they’ve thrown out kids for less dangerous behaviors. Don’t tell me they’re not responsible for their insane mother…I do know that, but I’m sure they bring this disgusting stuff with them, it’s all they know, & then they pollute the atmosphere of the class & cause disruption & stress when they argue over say, Gimmel Tammuz. Yes, it’s a huge rachmones on these kids, but let them be home schooled or find one of the crazy little schools somewhere. Maybe she’s running her own!

    She probably has a huge party on Gimmel Tammuz & does her nasty dances for her loony-tune friends. Where’s her husband in all this?

    I’m so glad I don’t have to face my Misnagdishe colleagues till next week. Maybe the fuss will have died down by then. People like her are the reason the rest of us are treated so disrespectfully by everyone else & when I read this garbage I can’t blame them.

  • 54. Aghast! wrote:

    Whether one likes it or not, there is the gradual, insidious development of a “new” religion.

    (1) The initial break from mainstay Judaism occurred almost certainly before the Rebbe zy”o passed away. Even when the Rebbe zy”o was in full health, there were a number of individuals (leaders in their own right) who propergated the idea that the Rebbe zy”o was mashiach. This was quashed reasonably early on – but the seeds of this belief were planted.
    (2) The next stage I witnessed was following the Rebbe zy”o having a stroke. This belief was further cultivated with various p’suks issued during this period that the Rebbe zy”o could not die and would be restored to full health.
    (3) Further during this period was the introduction of a half day’s fast on Yom Kippur Kotton with various other takonos. I challenged on Roshe Yeshiva that once the Rebbe zy”o passed away (and made it clear that this is what would happen – like it or not) this practice would be dropped like a stone – and this was not such a simple matter as it requires hatoras nedorim. He did not justify or explain how this would be dealt with.
    (4) Additional “takonas” have been created (they have not been issued by a beis din of any standing or at all as far as I can tell) to create greater adherence to a Rebbe who is no longer with us in this physical world.
    (5) Worse still, children, who have never met nor seen their “leader” are being brought up as devout followers of this non-living “leader”, repeating the call “yechi . . .”.
    (6) Even more concerning is the extreme right wing of this new Chabad coming out with their misguided beliefs and “mitzvos” who are particularly vociferous. A particular danger of such a group is their ability to influence with coercion and (mass) peer pressure – say at a farbrengen or on other occasions.

    Unfortunately, the (normal) Rabbonim have a major problem on their hands – they cannot weaken their position by trying to control this situation and not being listened to – and there is the problem of the “abnormal” rabbonim (with a small “r”).

    However, uncomfortable it is, I suspect that there will have to be a major split in the movement (even taking on a new name) to separate ourselves from these mishigoyim and align ourselves with the main body of sincere frum Yidden. The alternative (and it could already be happening) is that families and individuals will leave Chabad little by little and either adhere to their Yiddishkeit with other communities or just simply drop Torah and Mitzvos altogether.

  • 55. Moshiach is here wrote:

    Dancing all night to trance music??? Midnight belly dancing???

    How did these Goyishe activities become part of Yemos HaMoshiach??

  • 56. :O wrote:

    why care who moshiach is…just stop talking loshon hora and fighting about it which doesnt bring moshiach!!!!
    btw this artical is disgusting

  • 57. max wrote:

    why would you post the comment of someone asking you to take it down , yet dont…dont you get what they are asking…

  • 59. perplexed wrote:

    IT is true everyone means well but if you were truly connected to the Rebbe and you see how chabad became a joke to the velt, after so much hard work and effort- to see our name mucked in mud IT REALLY HURTS!
    Are there any shluchim out there that the Rebbe personally sent that are eating on tisha be’av? Doesn’t that mean anything?
    The Rebbe kept referring to the Frierdider Rebbe as moshiach yet he still fasted!

  • 60. Igros wrote:

    I asked the “Igros” about this situation and the answer on the page was “Tov” (good). So the Rebbe’s opinion is that what Mrs Kanevsky is doing is – good!

    No need for any further comments.

  • 61. Thank You wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Shmotkin.
    The work you do may often be criticized, but any Chossid who cares about the Rebbe, knows that what you are doing is crucial to our mission. If there is yet to remain any positive view on Chabad in the media it is largely thanks to you and the shluchim who toil daily for the Rebbe and his cause. Thank You for actually doing something to bring Moshiach.

  • 62. Dovid wrote:

    We most explain with Ahavas Yisroel that as a Jew we most follow Halacha, that includes: The Moshiach issue,and Tznius. We most educate all women why it is important to keep Tznius, and dress our children with Tznius. a lot of women do not understand that they are making men do an Aveirah every time men look at them.

  • 64. nwo wrote:

    there is a huge diffrence between mishachist and belivng the rebbe is alive bgashmius du lmata. or atleast there should be
    from the looks of it there should be more labeling i dont know what to call each one but this article is talking about elokistim pepole thatthink the rebbe is g-d then there are those that say the rebbe is moshiach but did passaway 3 tammuz then there is shmotkin

    this article wasnt about lubavitch it was about elokistim and was a proper representation except for the fact that it kept saying all of lubavitch

    mishichistim and anti mishichistim do mary eachother and it is discusting to call that intermariage although i was turned down from a shidach bec i wasnt mishichist or elokist enough

    before gimmel tammuz everyone fasted on the fast days we r in the same days now the days just before we have pushed it back 15yrs already lets bring him now

  • 65. Shlucha wrote:

    I didn’t read this article, I don’t want to. I saw the name, and I know the rest of the story.

    What you are doing now is hurting a family, not just a husband and children, but her extended family as well. My heart goes out to them, the certainly don’t deserve this pain.

    But I want you ALL – readers, writers and obnoxious commentators – to know something very important:

    There are Mikaravim, baale battim and people who are not yet observant reading this website.

    How do I know?

    Because when an article was written about us – thankfully, a positive one –
    we recieved calls and emails from people you would not dream of every hearing about this website.

    So knowing that… can people stop writing things that put us Lubavitchers in such a terrible light?

    And that’s not just for the commentators. The editors of this website itself has crossed the boundries of decency this time.

    If such “news” exists, why do you need to collect this and display it?

    Why, Mr. Webby, do you feel the need to collect garbage and then dump it, stinking and abhorant, in our faces?

    Isn’t it bad enough that it exists, that there are people who need HELP for their problems, which unfortunately manifest itself in weird mutations of religiosity? Why in heavens name do you need to print junk like this?

    I am so appalled. The damage you have done by printing this article is irreparable.

    I strongly suggest advertisers to reconsider advertising in this site, and readers to stay away. There is another Chabad news service that is far less vindictive.

    And if the owners of this site have made a grevious error of judgement, and actually feel bad about putting this in, than take it out, and put in a public letter of apology to the family.


  • 66. Whatever wrote:

    Look, in every population there are some funny people, she barely has 5 ppl in her class, in a community that has over 2,000. I bet if she did not serve lunch she would have 2 ppl in her class. You know what they say “nothing like a free lunch!

    Hashem should have Rachmonus on them. Instead of being upset and angry we should try to be mekarev them.

  • 67. One may not create new Mitzvahs wrote:

    Kanevsky may be a Meshugena wrote:

    but Shame on Zalman Shmotkin – which man out there do you really think is Moshiach then?!?

    Where does it say that you need to know who Moshiach is before he comes? The Rebbe Zatzal said that there is no Mitzvah to find out who is Moshiach!

  • 68. Zalmans wrote:

    To “Kanevsky may be a Meshugena”

    Maybe the Rebbe isn’t Moshiach? Does it matter who Moshiach is? Since when is Moshiach’s identity a part of Judaisim?

  • 69. Tzvi wrote:

    The Rebbe never said the words I am Moshiach
    He said it in a an indirect way.
    The Rebbe also never said the words I am the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

  • 70. To Shluch wrote:

    I agree with Shlucha
    There is no benefit by publicizing this even more (corrrect it is in the village voice)
    Kol Halavod for speaking up!

  • 71. Ani hakoton wrote:

    Zalman Shmotkin deserves a world of credit for protecting the Rebbe in the media from the people that never heeded the Rebbe and his call for 40 years, then came out of their holes after the bitter day of Gimmel Tamuz.

    One more thing: There is no such thing as a normal meshichist. Kanevsky is a direct outcome from the so called normal meshichistin.

    Once you deviate one bit from the Rebbe’s clear directives, thats where you end up.

  • 72. Open your eyes!! wrote:

    And people shake their heads and wonder why our kids are going off the derech!! Hello????? Is anybody paying attention????????

  • 73. SHEESH!! wrote:

    The fact that you put the word “Igros” in quotes says it all. You’re also mentally ill?? It would seem so.

  • 74. Pentax wrote:

    “The article is not really biased, being that it comes from an outsider, and someone from the outside sees things at face value.”
    True True.

    Well this story like the quote above said is like anyone outside sees it.

    I think there is definitely a problem in Crown Heights with this stupid Believer/Anti business.

    I don’t live in Crown Heights and I’m not a Lubavitcher but I do recommend the community appoints someone to LEAD them and make decisions on controversial things.

  • 75. Crown Heights Girl wrote:

    To California Girl:
    My Mother was in Neve (A non-Lubavitch seminary) 25 years ago. Back then, way before the whole Meshichist issue came about, her Rabbi’s were telling her that Lubavitch is the closest religion to Judaism. So we can’t blame the Moshiach issue on why Misnagdim don’t like us. This rift between Chassidim and Misnagdim started during the times of the Alter Rebbe and has unfortunately been carried on to our generation.

  • 76. chanie wrote:

    I personally know Sara Kanevsky very well. She is warm and kind-hearted and she always seeks the good in others. Perhaps all of us readers can learn this very valuable lesson from her!

  • 77. elik wrote:

    What a sad, poorly written article. Besides that it portrays our holy Rebba as running ch’v a ‘business’. This lady needs help.

  • 78. baffled wrote:

    To Igros….do you really think this is good??? do you really think the Rebbe would agree with this?? I DONT and maybe our one of those who also writes into the igros until you get the answr you like……maybe thats why many of us dont right into the igros at all

  • 79. bocher wrote:

    To shlucha:
    Very well written and excellent points.
    A refreshing comment among so many rude and insensitive ones.

  • 80. Just yuck wrote:

    Her children are beautiful and they don’t pollute anything or anybody. How dare you?

    The blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of a journalist who decided to pick out one person to interview and then wrote an article about a whole movement. Why didn’t he interview several of the heads of major Lubavitch organizations? Clearly, he was writing with a malicious purpose in mind.

    As for Mrs Kanevsky, I certainly hope that I never find myself on the wrong side of all of the independant judges and juries in this community.

  • 81. MUSHKY wrote:


  • 82. perposterous!!! wrote:

    people like the kanevsky and kaslasi family are totally pathetic!

  • 83. Not a fan of sara kannevsky wrote:

    to all that are saying they know Sara kannevsky and shes very sweet, woulldn hurt a fly…. we all know shes not a murder, but what we do know is tat shes causing the Rebbe pain by going against halochos and embarasing lubavutch in the Rebbes name, how do you think he would feel if he say this????

  • 85. Ad Mosai!! wrote:

    Tzvi, that’s because the Rebbe was totally, completely bittul to the Rebbe Rayatz who was, to the Rebbe, THE REBBE. Always & forever. If you know anything at all, which I highly doubt, you will find many references where the Rebbe referred to the Rebbe Rayatz as The Rebbe. If you are capable, look them up.

    Now SHOW ME just when & where (SPECIFICS, dates, times, which Sicho, Maamer, etc, not your interpretation) the Rebbe even hinted he was Moshiach.

    So your arguments are as stupid as this woman’s behavior.

  • 86. to igros wrote:

    you idiot some things you don’t ask the rebbe, they are obviously wrong, such as going against the shulchan aruch and the rabonim.

  • 87. A Sara Myself wrote:

    I also know Sara well and have learned with her many times. She is very smart and knowledgeable and should not be denigrated like this.

    P.S. She dresses fine!

  • 88. Yitzchak wrote:

    By Hashgocho Protis this article was published in the week when we read about the false prophet. The tell tale of a false prophet is whether he is encouraging people to follow Torah and Mitzvos or or Chv’sh the opposite. Not to compare Mrs. Kanevsky to a prophet, Chv’sh, the fact that she publicly went against Halacha is the proof that what she is doing is wrong. Being that we obviously have these evil elements in our community it is incumbent upon us all to denounce this new ideology.

    May we soon come to the time when ‘v’es ruach hatuma avir min haaretz.’

  • 89. ..... wrote:

    Mrs. Kenevski is not frum, period.

    Her representing Lubavitch is as true as the Village Voice article some 10 years ago where teens with belly rings and boxers hanging out of their pants represented Satmer.

  • 91. CHT wrote:

    Village Voice is the most shmutzeke and kliposdike paper in the world – I know it because I myself picked a copy by mistake. We should not care what it says. and should not quote it.

  • 92. AWESOME! wrote:

    I think I may be the only one who see’s the positive in this. The article is pointing out the energy of the Lubavitchers and 770, especially that of an average mom (of 7). I don’t think an outsider would be turned off, they don’t even know what half of these things mean, or care for that matter. If this Lady is nice and cares about people and moshiach, let her eat ice cream – it’s her problem. Don’t worry too much, Lubavitch = love, and most people I meet weather they read this article or don’t will always love Lubavitch because of who we are and people like Mrs. Konevsky who are full of energy.

  • 93. member of older generation wrote:

    While I sympathize with shluchim that will now be possibly barraged with questions by those who read this article either here, on, or in the Village Voice, most intelligent Jews know and understand that Chabad promotes normative Judaism. I think that it has been very clearly stated that this woman’s tactics are not endorsed by Chabad.

  • 94. its time for moshiach wrote:

    for the person who wrote to the igros
    when the rebbe said “tov”, what context was it in? were there possbly other words on the page as well or did the page only have one word on it?

  • 95. TO shlucha wrote:

    While you mean well by you’re comment I could not disagree more, you obviously do not live in CH…I do, and in this issue I frankly do not care what you’re balei batim think when reading this article. the issue is larger then what you’re balei batim think of Chabad, what about lubavithchers in general and those of us who do live in CH? How do you think we feel living with lunatics living in our neighborhood?
    I blame my self and you as well along with every lubavitcher… more so the gabboim and rabonim for allowing it to come to this, if you do not like these articles stop typing and come to CH and deal with it with out hiding behind a computer screen.

    I mean no disrespect to you or you’re balei batim but call a spade a spade.

    have a Good shabbos.

  • 96. Disgusted and embarrassed...literally wrote:

    To crown heights girl:
    then it was alll lies giving reasons to why they hate lubavitch… is no longer lies they have every right to say what they say if theer is a group of woman sitting in 770 on t’sha bav eating ice cream!!! that is changing torah!! going agains the halachos!! i know thats only a handful of lubavitchers but that is what others see and that is enough for them to say that lubavitch is a cult that goes against torah and idolizes the Rebbe. And to all the meshichistim who said their not that crazy… where do you think this all started from??? if everone was quite to begin with things would not have gotten this bad….

  • 97. Benny wrote:

    I hate to have to say this but the fault lies with the Rebbe who has failed to setup any type of mechcanisim to succeed him. He was only a man and knew that he would not live forever. The ilk of Kanvesky are like lilies in water that are permitted to thrive and survive. So now the fault lies with the establishment of Lubavitch. Well what else would the Voice write abaout?

  • 98. CH Mom wrote:

    To Grandma is the wood:

    Take your nasty words back!
    How dare you speak like that about her children who are in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for their mom’s behaviors!!!
    They suffer enough with seeing their mom loosing it…
    Why is everyone getting all upset at her?
    The poor woman lost it…
    And the reporter is just doing his job…
    we’ve seen worse!

  • 99. Elliyahu wrote:

    UNREAL!! A NEW RECORD — MORE COMMENTS EMAILED ON AN ISSUE THAN ANY OTHER IN THE HISTORY OF CROWN HEIGHTS INFO. UNREAL!! Listen — every city has an extreme person who drives people batty with their unusual meshichist mannerisms — the problem is — the head shlichim of each community will either look down in disdain at these extremists will feel deep down that mainstream Torah teshuva is needed which is a good form of guilt-tripping. Teshuva helps in this world and the next. Mrs. Kanevsky must be a pure fine soul of a lady deep down, just has to get her act together and settle down. I’m sure when she hits 50 plus she’ll get a bit tired of her antics. Be well Mrs. Kanevsky, not to worry, there’s shidduchim for your kids of all makes and models in the Chabad world.

  • 100. I-M HIGH NOW ALSO wrote:


  • 101. Aghast! wrote:

    Reading these many comments – perhaps someone could explain how the sages up to relatively recent times were unable to identify who Moshiach was or would be (and there were some really great people around to choose from), yet, in recent generations, we’ve suddenly become so good at it.

    Oh – there was one period around 2000 years ago when some people believed they had found Moshiach – but of course they were wrong, misled, confused — naturally – we’re not!

    And, just in case anyone asks what about all the prophesies to be fulfilled – we can answer as those poor misled individuals of 2000 years ago – there will be a second coming.

    And those of you who know anything about other beliefs will know what I am talking about.

  • 102. I know the truth wrote:

    I am not a hater I love people, I love Jews and I love Chassidim.

    I believe that the Messianics are very similar to what happened to Conservative and Reform Jews. They absolutely remain our Jewish brothers and that’s why thousands of families were sent by the Rebbe on Shlichus to teach them the truths they are missing and correct the distortions they were taught.

    Similarly, the meshichistin are MISTAKEN they distorted the Rebbe and his teachings. Yes they are our brothers, Yes we need to do everything we can to bring them back. But that does not mean that they are not gravely mistaken and need to be shown the correct path.

    Until then it must be made clear to the public that they are not Chabad nor representing it.

    And I am not reffering to the extreme finnatics, i am reffering to the “normal” Meshichistin.

  • 103. to pentax wrote:

    what are you talking about!! this article is extremely biased. for example:“the 26-year-old Israeli and his crew drive around in a blinged-out Cadillac, a regular kandy-kolored streamline baby. Oy vey.”
    this is just one of the many examples. so next time, check up in the dictionary if you actually know the meaning of the word.

  • 104. suprized shocked and disgusted wrote:

    i dont think that this should have been published here on line no matter if she was wrong or right. imagen she has children and what the kids are telling them even probaly making fun of them and for their mother to shmear someones name like that isnt right at all especialy now with elul right around the corner doesnt that mean anything think about it if that was you would you want this article up and have ppl talk about you behind or even in front of your face

    well have a gr8 shabbos to you all and we should only hear of good news

  • 105. whatever wrote:

    its the way they wrote it that just sounds really bad becouse reallly this is reality the rebbe disappeared and we dont know what happened to him but yet he told us he is here with us and that he cant die just like beger said in the artical.
    mrs kenvesky doesnt have her prioreties straight and is just a major extermest she takes whatveer the rebbe says and does it all the way. yes of course in some way she wants attention cuz tell me who deosnt want attention. but that doesnt mean shes a horrible person. i personally met her in 770 and asked her about all the things she does and she explained it to me and when you look at it in her point of view it all makes sense.

  • 106. Shoshana wrote:

    I don’t see any contradiction saying Kanevsky is a very nice kind hearted person and that she’s needing help. Both are true in her case. She has so much potential; so much energy; if only she would return to the derech hayashar.
    Everytime I see her in 770 I need to move to a different section to make sure I don’t accidentally hear what she’s saying. I try to daven that she returns to her senses and so does the rest of her group.

    Btw, from what I understand one of the Rabbonim in EY DID put her and her group in cherem.

    It’s such a chillul Hashem this article but how can we turn it around? It’s too bad the Rabbonim can’t agree on this since they both are against this.

  • 107. Student wrote:

    No one answered my question. How many people actually believe that? I think it is disgusting what everyone is saying, it’s all lashon horah, which is just delaying the arrival of Moshiach.

    When did the Meshicists take over 770? It seems from the posts on here a lot of Chabad doesn’t believe this, so why are the headquarters taken over by this stuff? You walk into 770 and it looks like a shrine for the Rebbe, not a Shul.

  • 108. SCottsdale Jew wrote:

    this is all the fault of HIGHER UPS within elder chabad that now squirm at the mention of these zfaty’s and yellow idiots.
    I refer to the likes of groners and simpsons in our midst, men of stature, men of reason, that I am told are finally beginning to see the light.
    What a major mistake, what a busha chabad to have EVER courted such a retarted group. They gave a finger and we took a hand.
    Now we have to deal with all the rejects. There is no words to describe this disturbing trend.
    I guess better we break with them now then never.

  • 109. Im not a Lubavitcher wrote:

    A jew from Flatbush
    I am not Lubavitch and often check out this website. I am not turned off from Mrs Kanevsky as i am in the way you all speak such Lashon Hara! The least you could do for your own community is Daven say some Tehillim so the situation can be the way it should . But the way the majority of you talk would make your Rebbe alot more pained then what this individual is doing!!
    I am shocked that a Lubavitch Website would publish this article on their site YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS LASHON HARA Its almost Elul you have alot of Teshuva to do so Hakodosh Baruch Hu should forgive and bentch you for the good!

  • 110. Tzvi wrote:

    Ad Mosai!!
    These are SPECIFIC, dates, times, which Sicho, Maamer, etc, the Rebbe hinted he was Moshiach
    #1 Fifth night of Sukkos, 5747, Hisvaduyos
    The Rebbe said – “Every Chassid believes with complete faith that the Rebbe of his generation, is the Moshiach.”

    #2 Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, 5749
    The Rebbe said – “One points with his finger and exclaims, ‘Behold! Here he is! Here is Menachem, our righteous Moshiach!’”

    #3 Eve of Simchas Torah, 5746, Hisvaduyos
    The Rebbe said – “I will not be troubled if one will translate ”Moshiach“ literally, i.e., the ultimate Moshiach, since that is indeed the truth. The leader of the generation is in fact Moshiach of the generation.”

  • 111. Sad wrote:

    I cringe and I want to cry. Ad Mosai!? No one knows the answer, but I’m sure this article is not it. Besides I think the correct term for this group of people is not mishechist, it seems a more correct term would be “elokist”. All I can say is lets all make a hachlata to get Lubavitch in the papers again, but for the right reasons this time. It’s going to take a lot of good to fix this chilul Hashem. And then let’s do our job and stay out of the limelight.


    i want you to know that just because one person in the family is messed up doesnt mean everyoone is. when theres a special needs child in a home do you homeschool all the rest of the kids? do you not let them near your kids? if there is a mother who is special even more so do u not let your kids near her kids? Think aboout it!
    everyone in this world gets a free chance, a free start in this world. and if america is able to do that, non jewish people how much more so jewish people.

  • 113. Moshiach! wrote:

    This is not nice at all! Your basically saying that the REbbe is not mochiach! When all of us beleive he is..

  • 114. Pentax wrote:

    To: to pentax:

    That quote is just a way of writing, it is a blinged-out Cadillac. Are you going to argue that he isn’t Israeli and is not 26.

    Do you even know what Biased is?

    Let me:

    1 : to give a settled and often prejudiced outlook to.

    The outlook is simply flat out as any human on this planet that is not Jewish would see it, not biased but honest.

  • 115. leah wrote:

    TO PERPOSTEROUS: you can place blame on Mrs Kanelsky…. but DO NOT …put blame on her husband (WHO IS NOW HER EX HUSBAND) due to her abnormal ways and DEFINITELY do not place blame on her children who are suffering enough…. one of her sons comes to my house….. they are suffering……WHO WOULDNT if they were in THEIR SHOES!!

  • 116. mishugener arop fun dach wrote:

    in any other communities this individuals are in the g building .

    and here you give them so much attention.
    this are not jews

  • 117. stam wrote:

    I live in eretz yisrael in chevron.. while the shluchim there are not meshichist, 90% of the chevron / kiryat arba residents are apathetic to tzfatim.. we are after all the location of the carlebach minyan in mearas hamachpela friday night where they dance like meshuga..

    In fact, you’ll find many settlers that believe the rebbe is moshiach.. ive been a settler for almost 6 years bh.

    My point? stop with the attacks already..

    She is a lone case, I remember visiting CH and reading a letter sent out by rav shvei attacking the women who publicized this stuff and baning their pamphlets..

    Why must one spew hate ?

    But yes I agree she should be put in cherem, eating in tisha b’av in public is chote umachte es harabam (a sinner who causes the public to sin) its a chilul hashem befahersia and she is chayav kares..

    She should be forbidden to teach though it may encourage her.. we have seen lunatic women like this with the bureka cult in beit shemesh

  • 118. Chaim wrote:

    To:Disgusted and embarrassed…literally
    I know a lot of Litvish Jews who are still against Chabad-Meshichistim and the Chabad-Anti-Meshicistim. Because they stop non-religious jews in the street to put on tefilin, bentch lulov, or because they put up giant chanukah menorah in public places.
    So we can’t blame the Moshiach issue on why Misnagdim don’t like us. This rift between Chassidim and Misnagdim started during the times of the Alter Rebbe and has unfortunately been carried on to our generation.

  • 119. asdfd wrote:

    Fact: Mrs. Kanefsky will think this article was a major a kiddush hashem.

  • 120. me wrote:

    Meanwhile, the conflict continues to reverberate. In Crown Heights, messianists and non-messianists pray in separate synagogues, listen to different radio programs, and study in separate houses of learning. Many messianists wear yellow lapel pins adorned with crowns and erect matching yellow flags on the façades of their homes. The two groups do not intermarry

    no reason if they are there anyways why not oy vey nebach

  • 121. maddened wrote:

    Quit the freaking Lashon Hara ppl! Honestly, not just bc Elul is here but bc u shud just quit the Lashon Hara… Im not gonna vote wether or not what she does is a Kidush Hashem, bc i dont think ne1 is interested. I think e1 just wants 2 hear the Lashon Hara. The nerve we have…this is worse than 2 yr olds whispering gossip is each others ears. It should not have been published here or NE where…SO QUIT THE FREAKING LASHON HARA AND GROW UP!!!!!!!

  • 122. a son wrote:

    to all reading and adding comments this is very hurtful our family has been thru enough. shame on you for putting this article up.shame on you whoever it is that wrote your my grandmother. my mother might have problems but its not evrybodys buisness and defintlly not somthing to write about on a chabad website JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOMEONES DIRTY LAUNDRY AND YOU WANT MORE PEOPLE LOOKING AT YOUR WEBSITE
    good shabos

  • 123. SaraKanevskyEndorsesObama wrote:


    SHE should be in cherem and her kids should be in the custody of her ex-husband. Her kids should NOT be made to suffer for their mother’s inane attempt to seek attention. If anything they belong in normal schools where they learn normal Chassidus.

    G-building will soon be vacated. She and Balulu can build their Beis Chayoiseinu there.

  • 124. Journalism wrote:

    Overlooking the horrible spelling and grammar of all these commenter’s, I must ask, is Crown Heights this naive??

    I visited the Village Voice’s website and learned that the reporter is ‘Elizabeth Dwoskin’ and her articles cover stories like a gun dealer from Brooklyn getting sued by the city and another about a neighborhoods struggle to get a billboard taken down. No bias or agenda on her part, she is just looking for an interesting to topic to write about so that it sells, and apparently she found one.

    In case you all didn’t notice, this reporter was very intimate with the whole story, she joined Kanevsky and her group and spent more then a week with them, seeing all this craziness first hand, which is why all she saw was Kanevskys side.

    This is journalism, not bias. And the most unfortunate of it all, it’s true to the ‘T’.

    Kanevsky, this should be your wakeup call, you know this is not what you wanted, you’re callous and carefree attitude towards the world just landed you in a heap of trouble and your kids in an unimaginable amount of embarrassment and humiliation.

    Lashon Hara or not, this absolutely HAD to be published on CHI, and I would like to thank you for doing so, if people became aware of the fact that their actions would no longer be swept under the rug in attempt to falsely portray an certain image of Crown Heights or Chabad, maybe they wouldn’t do it anymore.

  • 125. no more stupid comments wrote:

    If you don’t have a real opinion please don’t comment.(giving a non opinion opinion is just make the comments boring etc…)

    (it’s a free country you can do what you want)

    Comments like “ad matah” “moshiach now” Golers“ ”Oh Rebbe” etc…

    are stupid and don’t add to the discussion and actually take it down a few levels.

    if you have something smart to say, say it. If not you can say Tehillim.

  • 126. out-of-town wrote:

    If you study the dinim of lashon hara, it is permitted to warn others about non-frum behavior and if someone has repeatedly ignored rabbonim that have asked her to stop, it MAY be permitted to publicize to others to stay away from such behavior. To read it just to poke fun of her or discuss her unnecessarily though, is most likely not allowed. Obviously, a rav knowledgeable in the dinim of lashon hara should be consulted before declaring that something is or is not lashon hara.

  • 127. Dallas Jew wrote:

    to son

    sorry my friend but we live in an age of internet gossip and crown is a source, a major source. Nothing wrong with posting a major story. Village Voice is indeed a major paper . Yes they are more left and all and cater to yuppies – but hey guess what Chabad is affiliated with tons of lefties and yuppies via outreach and thats life.
    Back to mom – look she must be a great mom and I am sure she is. But its ok for outsiders to criticize her for her actions which hurt many. She’s probably wrong for the approach – this whole yellow flaf biz has gone to far. It ain’t helping no longer.
    Son, if she’s right let the Rebbe come back here ANO NOW AND DECLARE SO!!!

    NOTHING else will change the facts on the ground and in the minds of people. Nothing.

    That said I believe you are a fine young man and will likely grow up well and give us naches including ur parents.

    Gut Voch

  • 128. Rabbi Avraham Y.Shemtov wrote:

    770 is in the hands of mishichistem because those in charge are not doing their job.
    After gimel Tamuz we’re left with poor leadership. Those who were given the responsibility to lead failed miserably!
    Rabbi Avraham Y.Shemtov was given the responsibility to take care of the rebbes shul. Unfortunately, he, like the others given direct and clear responsibilities, fail the rebbe every day.
    If 770 was in the hand of Chassidim, were it belongs, it would further weaken and sideline the mishichist movement.
    The blame lies in the inaction by A.Y.S. and the others given leadership responsibilities by the Rebbe.

  • 129. ExCrown Heightser wrote:

    Crown Heights has become loony-town, and 770 a madhouse.

    At fault is the Meshichist mindset that escapes reality and lives in an insane, make-believe world where anything goes and nothing can be wrong, and for justification bends Torah sources and simple common sense. Inherently it is a crazy idea and automatically it leads to crazy results.

    The failure of this venture to declare the Rebbe zt”l as Moshiach is clear for all to see. At this point, 14 plus years after the Rebbe zt”l’s petirah, haven’t all of you seen enough to realize that this is very, very wrong? How long are you prepared to wait and deny the truth?

    How can you continue to preach, or protect those who preach, this second-coming theology, deification a human being, and focus on love conquers all (except to those who disagree whom it is a mitzvah to terrorize). This is not the Jewish way it is Christian!

    Come to your senses and stop this Sheker already. It is very, very hurtful and destructive in many, many ways. Accept that serious mistakes in judgment have been made. No doubt the damage that has been done can never be fully repaired, but stop the headlong plunge into the depths of this nightmare.

    Please, for G-d’s sake, reverse course now before it is too late.

  • 131. yiztchak wrote:

    the alter rebbe writes in tanya “that when we find fault with another yid we should have sympathy and daven for them”.

    obviously mrs. Kanevsky is not a happy camper and has emotional issues to deal with so let’s not get upset at her but rather the people who advise her on her destructive methods.

  • 132. A pashuter yid wrote:

    This is a widespread problem.. there are misguided women who eat on tisha b’av.. many can be found in miami.

    I am a meshichist in where I believe the rebbe is moshiach.. I feel that those in this case go above and beyond any halachik borders.

    My rav defends them in quoting sichos of the rebbe, there are 10 things that come about when we say yechi hamelech, why they said yechi hamelech david etc.. etc..

    Tefillin is a mitzvas asseh m’doreisa, yet one who is very obsessed with mitzvah teffiin may wear teffillin all day.

    Now, should the same person wear tefillin at night he could find heterim for this (this is a machlokes)

    However, al pi kol hadeios, one who sleeps in tefillin is a shoteh and is desecrating the tefillin.. one who walks into a bathroom while wearing tefillen is a sinner and is not worthy to wear tefillin.

    Eating on tisha b’av is a case of people transelating halacha l’maase as they so please..

    We see the rebbe was very machmir when it came to a simple minhag yisrael.. because “minhag yisrael torah hu” kal v’chomer even much more so to something like eating on tisha b’av.. one cannot just cancel a clear rabbinic porhibition.

    In these later generations, when we are small, we are not allowed to cancel that which was forbidden by the greater generations of bygone.

    It says “he who mourns in the destruction of yerushalayim will merit to see it rebuilt, he who does not mourn c’v will not merit to see it rebuilt”

    Question; you base your actions based on the rebbe saying “moshiach has arrived” yet the rebbe himself fasted on tisha b’av..

    How can you answer to the rebbe’s “tutst altz vos du kenst”

    How can you answer to the rebbe’s own words that the advice he gives to one is not applicable to others ?

    How can you answer to the rebbe’s words THOUSANDS of times “consult a rav” whereby RAV meant mora d’asra of crown heights.. (neither rav shwei, rav osdeba.. or any rav on CH beis din will give you a heter)

  • 133. go cgi plano! wrote:

    “frankly do not care what you’re balei batim think when reading this article”

    that is a pretty disgusting comment. all your talk about ‘this isnt gonna bring moshiach-go mekarav a yid-mishichistim dont accomplish anything’ and then put down the people that are actualy doing it?

    i am the daughter of a shluchah as well and i know that there are many people from my shul that read this website..and all the comments. it is very ammusing for them to see how such a proffesianly run chanadab house has lunatics like you as part of their “sect of judaism”
    it is VERY insensitive of u to make a comment like “i dnt care about ur baalai battim”..bc if u dont and they get turned off..they people in the shluchim..that are working to do something positive, wont be able to. so watch what u say

  • 134. I-M SHOCKED AT YOU, CHABAD wrote:

    Chabad, i thought your standard was higher. chabad, you are known for your unconditional love and… your head being screwed on right.

    this is unlike you. no, i refer not to the incident itself, rather, the disgusting, shameful and low verbal diarehea that has resulted from it! do you realise how much loshon horo this has resulted in? you claim to be ready for moshiach and to know how to bring moshiach. this has proved otherwise. either you know and you’re just not living it, (that’s not being a pnimi) or you know and you’re not LISTENING!

    why do you have to go on about this? why do you even have to bring it up? yes, we all agree, some people need a refuah shlema bekorov mamash, but does that give us the right to scrutinise, analyse and butcher their every action?

    i am so ashamed. put the loshon horo thermometer in all these comments, and see for yourself if you think this is conducive to moshiach’s arrival.

    Reader, you personally, i have a bakosho nafshis. please, before you write your next comment, think THRICE about what you are writing. think of how much damage loshon horo does to you, the listeners and the subjects. if you don’t know, learn now!

    I’m shocked at you, Chabad!

  • 135. MASHPIA wrote:

    i think the saddest part of this is that the world looks at lubavitch, points at these fanaticts and say, “this is lubavitch.” i.e; she is representing the entire the lubavitch for people who don’t know better.

    maybe, the biggest rachmonus is on her. this is why we human beings need a mashpia. is this lady’s mashpia on the scene? did she ever have a mashpia? she needs help, nebach.

  • 136. sender ella wrote:

    i’m happy to see 127 comments! we all care so much…. hey i think my brother and sister antis out there need some serious belly dancing!!!!!! SIMCHA! chevra! SIMCHA! sara kanevsky is gorgous and does look like a bas chabad and glows with the light of moshiach. she may be a little nuts, but i think those of you who comment like “oy vey tatte” and depressing other comments are just as nuts. you depress me. All of us should learn the sichos of the Rebbe a quarter of the ammt. that she does and we would have our precious Moshiach IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  • 137. moshiach now wrote:


  • 138. ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    Are we in the era when goyim branded lots of random women as witches?! do we have to publicly criticize and humiliate a member of our community?!!!!

  • 139. Dovid wrote:

    Unfortunately, in Crown Heights people are doing what they want without regard of Halachah.

    We have women and girls who dress very immodest. Why are our schools not taking the side of Halachah? Why are our schools not teaching why it is important to follow Halachah?

  • 140. We Want Moshiach Now! wrote:

    She seems to be falling apart and taking G-d forbid people with her. She is trying to be an example of what the Rebbe wanted but causing, I hope not, people to think she is right. G-d forbid! We really NEED MOSHIACH NOW!!
    You have every right putting this on the web. Crazy things go on in crown heights in the name of the REBBE. now people can start to know that this is crazy & not what the REBBE wanted.

  • 141. willi wrote:

    sara we love you, continue in your holy work, dont let these pepole take you down, do not let them, you are only reson moshiach will come sara you are the best!

  • 142. ..... wrote:

    I think what Webby is doing is a big kiddush hashem.

    The Villege Voise and Mrs. Konevsky have caused a huge chillul hashem R”L and at least here if the random person who read the article stummbles on this site, they see that mainstream lubavitch condemns this behavior unequivically.

    For those that bash Webby on this, you are enablers of Kenevski. She, lo aleinu has a screw loose, what’s your excuse?! It’s Roch Chodash Elul; time to make a cheshbon hanefesh. By distorting the meaning of loshon harah and allowing for these kinds of articles to be written, do you think you are doing rotzon elyon? you would be doing bettwer if you walked around with asign protesting Konevski and her ilk instead of condemning

  • 143. grow up! wrote:

    ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:
    Are we in the era when goyim branded lots of random women as witches?! do we have to publicly criticize and humiliate a member of our community?!!!!


    absolutely. this is not the salem witch trials and what’s done is done. stop with the comments and let everyone live.

  • 144. to son wrote:

    to son:
    I am sorry for what this has done to you and your family. As far as I’ve heard her sons are great guys- that would be you!- and it must hurt so much reading all these comments. Regardless of the issue, people should not be judging- especially on a public forum. It is Rosh Chodesh Elul and the One true judge will be putting the comments written here on the real scale of each person that makes the comments. Needless Loshon Horah and hatred will accomplish nothing positive. May you and your family know only happiness and good things. Stay strong.


    I just read the sicha for Rosh Elul 5642! As Hashgacha Protis has it, it was talking about maggidim who said firey hateful speaches to the crowdto make them do teshuva! And even if it was out of love its not right to publicaly say things about other jews! Yishayahue got punished for saying a slight lashon horah about the yidden! you might not know who i am but i am publicaly asknig forgivness for writting such a harsh commet as Stand UP. i did it to teach others a lesson but now after earning this sicha i realized this is not right! To go back on my words may you have a good and real sweet year and may hashem erase everyones sins and may we all be written in the book of life! Before Rosh Hashana Im saying a public sorry and i love you all dearly and i hope you forgive me and may there be true ahavas yisroel between us yidden. Because of hatred we still sit in gaulos and through our joint efforts as lubavitchers and chassidim of the REBBE with true ahavas yisroel we will bring moshiach before rosh chodesh is even over! amein! A tearful plea for all those out there please learn this sicha off Rosh Chodesh Elul of 5642! It moved me and it may touch you too!

  • 146. anonymous wrote:

    everyone has thier belief and the way they see fit to serve hashem its not up to us to judge or moch them in any way if u do not agree then u keep ur opion to urself by embarrasing her u are destroying not only her but her family who does not in any way deserve to be treated with disrespect they are young and so if u really want moshiach then have more ahavas yisrael and stop fighting its really that simple

  • 147. EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!!!!! wrote:

    …And what do we gain by having this article up? Everyone believes what they want to believe, and let them.
    What has lubavitch come to- talking horribly and putting up articles like this about brothers?
    Since WHEN did the Rebbe want that?
    Did we forget what the Rebbe wants from us?
    Did we forget that the what the last thing the Rebbe told us is to bring Moshiach, no matter who you think he is?
    Are we going to bring Moshiach by putting up articles like this and writing comments?
    How was the Beis Hamikdash destroyed? lack of ahavas yisroel. How will it be rebuilt? by having ahavas yisroel.
    Would the Rebbe want this article up? No! would the Rebbe want people talking to each other like that? No!
    Wake up yiddin! If you don’t like what someone believes, then feel bad for them. Don’t go lowering yourselves by saying nasty things. If someone eats on tisha b’av, Hashem will deal with it, not you. It’s not our place to deal with it, so to those of you saying we must do something about it, control yourselves and your anger! Anger is equal to Avoda Zara, so we put ourselves on that level if we get angry. That’s the problem with people today. I bet the Rebbe would rather people eat on tisha ba’av then fight. Who disagrees? (not to say that he would want it, but would RATHER that then fighting)
    think about it. if you won’t, don’t do it now, because the Rebbe DOES see what you’re doing, whether he’s alive or not.
    Please let’s spread this message to all!!!!!! Webby, i ask of you to please write about peace in another article, and remind everyone what our goal is now. And stop putting up things like this!
    Politics, or peace????
    -Chassidim united to bring Moshiach

  • 148. My yellow flag means I-m a WHAT??? wrote:


    So now, if I understand this article correctly, my yellow ”Moshiach“ flag is a sign that I’m a radical, extreme, crazy follower of the kind of opinions taught in the group described in this article?

    I thought it was just a way to show that ours is a frum Jewish house, amongst many non-Jews on my street in Crown Heights. (My mezuzah on the front door is hard to see because of the security gate.)

    So, what do I do now? I don’t want the ”Village Voice“ to send someone to spend 5 days with me; we have no room!

    PS — ”Dovid,” I agree with what you wrote above.

  • 149. Dovid Hamelech wrote:

    (10) “For forty years I quarreled with that generation; and I said, ”They are a people of erring hearts, they do not know my ways.” (11) So I vowed in my anger that they would not enter my resting place.

    Thillim 98

  • 150. s hecht wrote:

    Look if the Rebbe was still alive – we would not be having this debate.

    Sara Kanevsky, like the rest of us is trying to fill a void.

  • 151. sarahle wrote:

    Zalman comment thirty you wrote that mishichistim ruin lubavitch., let me tell u s/t , all these meshugayim in CH , no matter how they claim, are not mishichistim!! mishichistim are just people that beleive that the rebbe is moshiach, and if you dont believe in that youre not a lubavitcher. cause every lubavitcher believes that the rebbe is wheather you like it or not, if your lubavitch youre a mishichist

  • 152. Zalmans: To sarahle wrote:

    So you set Lubavitch Policy?!
    Mishichisten turned a great Rebbe into a small Moshiach!

    Im still waiting for an answer to my previous post.
    Articulate one positive thing mishichisim has accomplished.

  • 153. Aghast! wrote:

    There seems to be quite a number of views expressed above – anything from completely meshugah to doing the Rebbe’s work in the most glorious way possible.

    I think it important to point out that some of the most misguided leaders throughout the generations have been charismatic, seemingly fine individuals and knowledgeable. This did not make them right – in fact – it made them quite a danger to society.

    First and foremost, it is essential that anyone who considers themselves G-d fearing, needs to study what their personal responsibilities are from Shulchan Oruch – this is the main and essential source of Jewish practises.

    Secondly, there are specific sources that the Rebbe zy”o instituted – the Rambam.

    Neither of these sources allow any individual to proclaim (and possibly believe) any specific individual as Moshiach. I am fully aware of the gemorra in Sanhedrin – however – I suggest you look at the wording and the context (five yeshivos one after the other). So it doesn’t mean what you’d like it to mean!!

    Because someone follows the Lubavitch derech does not mean they now take on crazy ideas – it means that they follow the Chabad minhagim and practises that define what Chabad is – that which has been developed by all the Rebbeim.

    It is also important, when considering what a Yid is, to look at the many fine examples that exist in the various non-Chabad kehillos (yes – we’re not alone and cannot make claims to being the most perfect form of Yiddishkeit).

    We are, as all other Yidden, part of a Nation – not an isolated club with strange ideas and behaviour (I was educated in England – hence my spelling).

    Those of you with outrageous ideas, please keep them to yourselves. If you do not you will destroy the genuine Chabad philosophy and blow the kehillah apart – it’s up to you.

    As stated before, the Rabbonim are not in a position to control this situation – only those of you causing this unholy havoc.

  • 154. anon wrote:

    Just curious why Mrs Kanevsky doesn’t eat pork – isn’t pig going to be kosher when Moshiach comes? If you can eat ice cream on Tisha B’av surely you can eat chazer?

  • 155. Village Voice writer wrote:

    From the writer of the article: To clarify certain misconceptions generated by the piece. Sara Kanevsky is a generous person who welcomes people into her home and offers guests delicious meals. She is very committed to her beliefs. A factual error: she did not attend the all-female belly dancing class I mentioned that night – her friends did. Form-fitting clothing does not mean immodest. She wears modest clothing in the traditional fashion every time I’ve seen her.

  • 156. Yossi N wrote:

    To ‘Grand Ma In Da Hood’.
    All I’d like you too do is be your self, and post a name, Gand mothers’ know what ‘being real’ means’. Right?
    Why don’t you put your name up there,
    I could guarentee such a whooping, I bet you in all your years’, your husband couldn’t stand to give.
    Just be real, post it.

  • 157. mashiachnow wrote:

    shes obviously not doing something right but WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE HER?
    its almost rosh hashana and all these people that comment and claim to be true lubavitchers FOR THE GEULAH ure all fake.
    because if u would want the geulah u woudnt be saying lashon hara so publicly and hurt not only her, but her entire family.
    you say shes the one making a massive chilul loubavitch
    but ure all making a chilul loubavitch by posting this and talking like this.
    rosh hashana is a time for judgment.
    let god judge her, who are you to JUDGE HER?

  • 158. ceo wrote:

    a Tragic attempt to find happiness and its by going against true Torah. In the future we will all see where it lead to.
    Very sorry it happened.


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