Trash Set Ablaze, Fire Marshals Investigating

Unknown vandals brazenly set the trash in front of a Jewish apartment building ablaze.

The incident occurred at around 4:15pm on Brooklyn Avenue between East New York Avenue and Maple Street. The area where the buildings trash is kept was set on fire by unknown arsonists, and the fire quickly spread to the area around the buildings entrance.

Firefighters arrived on scene and quickly put the fire out and ordered an investigation by the fire marshals.

The buildings are home to many Jewish families, many of whom were too afraid to exit the building due to the size of the flames.


  • Arsonists?

    Curious what evidence there is of arson. This could happen from a cigarette that is thrown in the trash. If there is grease or other flammable items in the trash, the cigarette would start a fire like this.

  • Chabad is not for Zionism

    Why do they have Israeli flags on there porches?There are well known stories of how strong the rebbe is against Zionism.
    I hope it’s just ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      Your sound like an idiot and talking loshon horah in sefira shame on you!

    • Why

      Why do you assume everyone who lives in Crown Heights is Lubavitch and ascribes to the Rebbe’s views.

    • Jews love Israel. Period.

      Not a Zionist, but pro eretz Yisroel and all the Yidden living there.

  • x33

    were there surveillance cameras nearby?
    there cannot be enough of those cameras

  • whb

    keep ur comments decent and intelligent sounding.
    its starting to “sound” like Riff Raf here.