Two Alarm Fire Destroys Notorious “Crack House”

A Lefferts Avenue house, known by neighbors as a notorious drug den, went up in flames Tuesday night when a fire broke out on the first floor and quickly spread to the second floor.

A fire broke out at around 1:15am on Tuesday night in the first floor of 704 Lefferts Avenue. Fire fighters arrived on scene and began battling the fire, which quickly spread to the send floor of the two family house.

Fire fighters quickly called a “second alarm” and some 30 minutes later gained control of the blaze. Thankfully there were no reported injuries.

“The cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the fire marshals” said a spokesman for fire department.

Last year the house was raided by police officers from an NYPD narcotics unit who were executing a search warrant. A total of six people were arrested and a large cache of drugs including cocaine, crystal meth, alprazolam (Xanax) and marijuana along with scales and distribution paraphernalia.

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  • yankiv

    in de blasio’s progressive agenda they should now get a new home that is free so they can continue their “alternative” lifestyle.

  • to comment 1

    In the Rebbe’s progressive agenda the Yidden who struggle with drugs in our neighborhood should get ahavas Yisroel that is free so they can return to their “traditional” lifestyle of Torah and mitzvos

  • Hmmmm

    I wonder if they will make an insurance claim for loss of inventory & earnings?

  • מענדל

    ממכתב כ״ק אד״ש
    שמעתי מפי קדושי עליון על מרגלא בפומא דאינשי שאחר השריפה מתעשרים יען כי השתלשלות מדות העליונות הקדושות וסדרן כך חסד דין רחמים ולזאת אחר מדה״ד בשריפה מתעוררת מדת הרחמי׳ שהיא גדולה ממדת החסד שבתחלה כנודע שהיא מדתו
    של יעקב נחלה בלי מצרים מבריח מן הקצה כו׳.

  • Am I cracked or Supreme Court?

    According to the Supreme Court, “alternatve” lifestyles
    should be lauded as heroes.