Taxi Goes Up in Flames, Sets Moving Truck on Fire

A livery taxi cab went up in flames on Empire Boulevard near Albany Avenue this afternoon, setting a moving truck partially-filled with a Crown Heights resident’s possessions ablaze as well.

The incident occurred at around 12:15pm in front of 701 Empire Boulevard in Crown Heights.

The driver of a black Lincoln Town Car noticed his car was smoking, so he pulled over close to a parked moving truck. Within seconds, the smoke turned into roaring flames which began shooting out from under the hood of the cab.

In the few minutes it took firefighters to arrive at the scene, the cab was almost completely consumed in flames, and the side of the truck was on fire as well.

Witnesses told that the moving truck was half full with the belongings of a resident of 701 Empire, who was moving out of the building. Although the truck itself sustained relatively little damage, much of the resident’s belongings were destroyed in the fire.

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    • CH bubby

      If they had insurance in the apartment their things would be covered even in the truck.

  • ch resident

    i may not be seeing it all but from the pictures it doesn’t look like the fire actually touched truck. wonder if damage and loss due more to water from fire hose

  • shlichus

    Their shlichus will be blessed with ashirus begashmius and biruchniyus

  • Let's Daven

    Az Nuch a Seraifah vert men reich! They will need it on Shlichus and this is BiChessed U Birachamim.

  • to #3

    Do you really know him? He did not lose everything as per his personal comments. I’m sure there is loss but BH he didn’t walk away with only the shirt on his back.