Alaska Shliach Farbrenges with London Community

Over 300 members of anash and Tmimim in London, England gathered in honor of Chof Beis Shvat, for a special Melaveh Malkah that was held with Rabbi Yosef Greenberg from Alaska who came to London to Farbreng.

After hearing some amazing stories from Rabbi Shmuel Lew about the Rebbetzin and hearing the דברי ברכה from the מרא דאתרא Rabbi Hertz, Rabbi Greenberg gave a פאריירדיקע דרשה for close to 3 hours.

A special Tshura with kisvei yad of the Rebbe about chof beis shvat was given out.

A special thanks to Rabbi Getzel Itzinger for arranging the event, and a special thanks to the Shluchim of the Yeshiva Ketana Lubavitch London. (To learn more about the Talmidei HaShluchims’ activities visit