Four Week Utility Project Set to Begin Near The Intersection of New York Ave and Empire Blvd


Update: A Crown heights activist who reached out to the company has updated that while the work is on the drawing board, it has yet to receive permits from the DOT. Further updates will be posted as information becomes available.

A utility project set to begin in Crown Heights next week will enhance the reach of Fiber connection in the area, and will take approximately four weeks to complete.

As required by law, a notification letter was sent out to officials regarding the planned work, outlining the scope and expected timeline of the job. At present, barring any delays, the work is expected to begin on Empire Blvd on the corner of New York Ave this coming Monday, an will be completed after four weeks.


  • So sad.

    Why don’t we have effective community representation to prevent this and other assaults on our community during peak times, such as Tishrei, when we B”H have an increased population?

  • Mushkie

    None of our “activist” were able to convince them to wait 2 – 3 weeks till after Tishrei?! Our community doubles in size, traffic, pedestrians – can’t it wait 2-3 weeks???

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