New Tashlich Location At The Corner building on Albany Ave and Montgomery Street


The new Tashlich location which will be opening for the community this year will be located at 760 Montgomery St., the corner building on Albany Ave and Montgomery Street. Located next to the sidewalk, the fish will be swimming in a constructed pond that can be seen by looking over the low building wall.

Each year, tens of thousands of residents, guests, and visitors flock to 770 on Rosh Hashana to squeeze behind the building and say Tashlich. It’s become so packed, that many have simply given up and decided not to go.

This year, thanks to a collaboration between Crown Heights resident Mordy Hecht and philanthropist Rabbi Dovid Fisher, this new Tashlich location will be opening.

The location will be a revolution for residents, mothers, and children who will now be able to do Tashlich in a calm and safe environment.

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