It Takes 3 Minutes To Read This Article. That’s Longer Than Hatzalah’s Average Response Time.

What do all of these everyday things have in common?

  • Brushing your teeth.
  • Getting dressed.
  • Saying Brochos.
  • Walking to Shul.
  • Toasting a bagel.
  • Eating it.
  • Frying an egg.
  • Eating it.
  • Brewing coffee (unless it’s instant).
  • Drinking it.
  • Learning Chitas.
  • Checking your email.
  • Some (annoying) voicenotes.
  • Making a donation to Hatzalah here.
  • Double parking for alternate side.
  • Putting laundry into the washing machine.
  • Folding it.
  • Giving your baby a bath.
  • Paying a bill.
  • Ordering pizza.
  • Ordering anything.
  • Waiting (and waiting) for it to be delivered.
  • Counting the Omer.
  • Making another donation to Hatzalah here.
  • Reading this article.
  • Reading a bedtime story.
  • Krias Shema.
  • Falling asleep.

All of these take 3 minutes or longer. On average, Hatzalah responds to a call in under 3 minutes. That is mind-boggling. And heartwarming.

Ask not: Will I give to Hatzalah? Ask: How much will I give? Ask: How often will I give? Ask: Whom can I get to give? Ask: Is taking 3 minutes of my time to give to Hatzalah worth it?

Thank you for taking 3 minutes of your precious time to support our precious under-3-minute response time.

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