Lechatchila Ariber – A Mivtza And An Adventure for Oholei Torah Yeshiva

The Oholei Torah Eighth Grade has just reached the conclusion of a tremendously successful Mivtza – Mivtza Lechatchila Ariber.

The Mivtza was comprised of four components:

  1. The Bochurim had to be on time to Seder
  2. The Bochurim had to maintain their focus and decorum throughout the lessons.
  3. The Bochurim had to receive good marks on their tests.
  4. The Bochurim had to fill out a weekly duch

The duch was channeled inwards with a focus on individual growth. The Bochurim were encouraged to take upon themselves Hachlatos to enhance their Avodas Hashem and Hiskashrus.

Every single bochur participated and those who completed the Mivtza took part in a 2 day trip to Villa Roma an estate in Helycoon, NY.

The 48 hours of fun and adventure began with a twist, a surprise stop at Urban Air, where the bochurim enjoyed all of the indoor and outdoor recreational activities that the facilities has to offer.

Some quickly made teams and started a lively game of dodgeball, others challenged themselves on the extensive rope courses that cover the property.

Upon their arrival at the Villa Roma Hotel they were given the opportunity to take part in the plethora of activities located on the grounds.

Snow tubing, boating, basketball, indoor swimming and volleyball were just a few of the highlight activities.

Additionally, the bochurim were treated to the Beis Hamikdash Virtual Reality experience, an out of this world presentation that takes you on a visit to the Beis Hamikdash that is so real, it feels like you are really there!

They finished their night with hours of lebedik dancing accompanied by Fitche Benshimon.

The dancing led straight to a spirited and meaningful farbrengen with Rabbi Mendy Yusevitch and Rabbi Wilhelm that lasted until the early hours of the morning.

The next morning began with an interactive, multimedia shiur, given by Rabbi Feldman, which was followed by a full day of partaking in any activity that they didn’t have a chance to do the day before!

The Bochurim thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the trip.

It energized them, invigorated them, and filled them with inspiration that will infuse their lives and their learning upon their return to Yeshiva.

The entire Mivtza of Lechatchila Ariber was dedicated Liluy Nishmas Shmuel Karnovsky. It was for this reason that it was named Mivtza Lechatchila Ariber, after the famous saying of the Rebbe Maharash.

The goal of the Mivtza was for the Bochurim to draw strength from this teaching and to feel empowered to do a little more, be a little bit more focused and become a little bit more refined, all in a Lechatchila Ariber manner.

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