Oholei Torah Chai Is Live!

Chai is life. Life is LIVE! The build up boils down to this. Oholei Torah needs you to be alive, to give life, to share life, to support life!

All week we celebrated life. All week the pride of being the Rebbe’s Chassid was alive. All week children, teenagers, and adults could be seen basking in the glory of Chai!

Right NOW, right HERE, all of the accumulative energy, all of the collective life, all of the electric spirit is LIVE!

The Megillah, which we will read in a few days, states: קימו וקבלו היהודים, the Yidden fulfilled and accepted. The Gemara explains: קיימו מה שקיבלו כבר, the Yidden fulfilled in the times of Purim what they received before at Har Sinai.

For the last week we were mekabel, we received, we accepted, we celebrated the life of Oholei Torah Chai. Now it is time to be mekayem, to fulfill, to sustain, to implement that life in reality!

Please go to OTCHAI.COM and give generously, with an open heart and an open hand. Together we will make Oholei Torah Chai v’Kayom!

Every dollar you give will be doubled, כפליים לתושיה!

Go to OTCHAI.COM. Give Now! Give Life! Give Chayos! Give Chai!

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