Oholei Torah Ballroom Booking Goes Digital

Life has just gotten a little easier for parents of chassanim and kallahs who’d like to book Oholei Torah’s grand ballroom for their child’s wedding. With the launch of its new website, anyone trying to book the perfect date for their wedding or other event can now easily see all open availability, and reserve the dates they’d like.

The easy to use website allows a visitor to make a temporary reservation on up to two separate dates at a time, at which point they will have up to 48 hours to confirm their date and make a payment.

Is the date you want marked in gray? That means someone else has put a hold on it; so just check back again and see if it becomes available.

A little bit less stress goes a long way when making a simcha, and Oholei Torah is happy to help make that happen. The website operates 24 hours a day, so don’t wait. If you’re ready to book or reserve your perfect event date, visit https://oholeitorah.com/hall/ today.

For any questions about the hall, please email hall@oholeitorah.com.

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