Over 100 Participate in Bais Rivkah Fundraiser

Over 100 friends and supporters join Bais Rivkah’s “Comedy Night at Sea” fundraiser.

Guests were greeted warmly and thanked for coming. The event featured a lavish buffet catered by Boeuf and Bun, wine and an open bar by Wine by the Case, kumzitz with the amazing Yossi Lebowitz, and entertainment by comedian Ashley Blaker.

The guests heard a few words from Rabbi Shloime Bistritzsky, shliach in California, who came to support the board of directors and their efforts in the school. Next, businessman Dudi Farkash of RFK Financial, sponsor of the evening, shared why he supports Bais Rivkah even though he no longer lives in Crown Heights. He spoke of how he is, and will always be, a supporter of Bais Rivkah as he sees the power and influence Bais Rivkah graduates have on their respective communities and all over the world when he travels.

Following Mr. Farkash, Rabbi Moshe Pinson said a few words thanking all for coming out and supporting Bais Rivkah. He thanked Rabbi Yossi Baumgarten of the development office for putting together the evening’s event, and the Board of Directors for all that they do for our children. The long hours and time they spend away from their business and family ensures that Bais Rivkah thrives and our children receive the best Chasidishe education possible.

Rabbi Pinson mentioned the undertaking of the board to add two new classrooms and three new offices so staff can meet one-on-one with the students to give them personal attention, updating two washrooms for the benefit of the students, upgrading the meat and dairy kitchen in 310 Crown St., as well as fixing the Octagon over the main entrance at the Lefferts Ave. campus to ensure the safety of all students, and finally adding a much-needed library in 470 Lefferts to enhance the education of our children.

With construction costing over $150,000, Rabbi Pinson mentioned that the board collected $100,000 and needed another $50,000 to finish the job in time for the new school year, beginning in just a few short weeks. He proceeded to ask all in attendance to participate. Those contributing towards this endeavor were entered into a raffle for a unique silver masterpiece, a double wine bottle holder, sponsored by a dear friend and supporter of Bais Rivkah, Mr. Gadi Blizinsky of Elite Sterling. B”H, within 5-6 minutes, the full amount was fundraised.

The excitement and energy was tangible as parents, friends, and supporters heard of the positive changes being implemented in the school, and as one attendee commented, “Finally, the community can enjoy an evening all while supporting Bais Rivkah, I’d like to see more to come!” with Rabbi Moshe Pinson replying, “Stay tuned!”

The Board of Directors would like to thank all of the program sponsors for making this evening possible:
Benchmark Merchant Solutions. Dovid and Chanie Junik. RFK Financial. Bluejay Management. Crain-Maling Foundation. Boeuf and Bun. MYS Buying Group. Bedford Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Freeda Wigs. Wood and Stone. Keren Capital Group. True Value. Dovid and Eidle Sputz. Oak Tree Insurance. Sushi Spot. Lighting Telecom. Leasing Direct. Elite Sterling. Landmark Funding Group. Union Funding Source. Brooklyn Brokerage.

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