Darchei Menachem Kita Zayin Learns About Tefillin

After a year of studying the Halachos of Tefillin, the Darchai Menachem boys of Kita Zayin were treated to a field trip to get some hands on experience of what they were learning.

Their first stop was the workshop of Rabbi Mendel Altine, a Batim Macher. There he demonstrated how the Batim are made, with all the intricate details and care that goes into making the Tefillin.

Next was a walk down Kingston avenue to Hasofer, where Rabbi Zalman Schapiro gave a demonstration of how the Tefillin are written. He also showed the various stages Parshios, the detail that goes into writing each letter, and the order they are placed in the Batim.

The trip inspired the Talmidim in a real and meaningful way, the enthusiasm and excitement in the classroom could be felt the next day as they were putting on their own Tefillin.

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