Oholei Torah End of Year Appreciation Brunch

As the year came to a close the Morah’s and Rebbeim of Oholei Torah were surprised with a scrumptious brunch, which was sponsored by R’ Shloimy and Mirele Greenwald, parents of the yeshiva.

The Morah’s brunch was served in the Executive Boardroom, and was available throughout the day.

The Rebbeim’s brunch was served in the main dining hall. It gave the rebbeim a time to reminisce of the past year and give each other well wishes for the summer months. One rebbe noted that the atmosphere during the event was very warm and family oriented, and it dawned upon him, that the fellow staff and faculty are truly like family, being the vast majority of the day is spent with them in the yeshiva campus.

Special thanks and appreciation was given to Rabbi Hershel Lustig, a most devoted principal for close to 40 years, who will now be retiring from his full time position, yet he will still make himself available for the support and assistant to the menchanchim.

The Board of Directors thank R’ Shloimy and his wife Mirele for the devotion and support they constantly give Oholei Torah and special attention to the devoted staff members.

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