Measles Exposure at Beis Chaya Mushka in Crown Heights

Following the report of a confirmed measles case in Crown Heights, information on the exposure has come to light. The exposure, from a nine month old, happened primarily at the Beis Chaya Mushka School in Crown Heights, where the child attended daycare.


A nine month child with a case of confirmed measles, has again brought the fast spreading virus into Crown Heights. This time, the exposure was wider, and potentially more dangerous.

The Department of Health has contacted the parents with children in Beis Chaya Mushka in a letter, informing them of the exposure. The letter warns of the exposure in the last week of May, and forbids any unvaccinated child from attending the school until June 21st.

The virus, known as measles, is considered the most contagious virus on earth, and an unvaccinated person has a 95% chance of contracting it. According to the CDC, with even a single dose of the MMR vaccine, that percentage inverts, and with a 2nd dose, lowers the chance into the single digits.

Perhaps the most worrisome aspect of the virus is its incubation period, nearly 2 weeks. In that time, a person may not know they are infected, but can still transmit it to others.

As of June 3rd, 566 cases of the measles have been confirmed in New York City since September. Of these, there has only been two confirmed exposures in Crown Heights.

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