Woman’s Auction Event Tonight for the Geshem Shul (Ad)

There is a haven in Crown Heights, a Shul is bustling with activity, bringing community together. This Shul is a place where members feel a sense of belonging, looking out for each other and supporting each other in happiness and in times of need. Located in South Crown Heights, this newly renovated space has a bright and accommodating social hall available for rent.

There are daily minyanim and learning throughout the week, attended by men in the area and from afar. On Shabbos, our Shul’s children’s programs are well-organized and enjoyable and the children feel truly welcomed! On Sunday mornings, we host a Men’s Kollel with a delicious breakfast and again, a fantastic children’s program.

The Shul organizes various family programs such as entertaining Chanukah and Purim events; our annual Melava Malka is a celebration of the wonderful family environment that we so cherish in our Shul community.

The Shul has many women’s programs throughout the year, such as, monthly Rosh Chodesh programs, pre-Yomtov programs, meaningful lectures and Chinuch sessions, Lunch n Learn, Challah baking, and so much more…

TODAY, Be”H, is our annual auction event for women. The auction facilitates running the many wonderful initiatives of our Shul’s programs for women. Thank you to all of our sponsors who have made this possible B”H; we are so very grateful.

To purchase your tickets and support the Shul, please visit http://raffle.geshemshul.com/


Benny Friedman Music
Beyond Bedding
Bison & Bourbon
Boeuf ‘n Bun
Bon Knit
Boruch Shalom Blesofsky Music
Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse
CG Blooms
CH Matzah Bakery
Chanie Hershkop
Chassidic Art Institue
Eli Marcus Music
Empire Kosher
Everything but the Baby
Fitness by Etty
Gittel Rosenberger
House of Lancry
Izzy’s Smokehouse
Judaica World
Kettle & Cord
Kirsh Jewelers
La Femme
Lace Intimates
Lilly’s Precuts
Little Toes
Laser by Crown Elite
Merkaz Stam
Mesudar Organized
Mrs. Chayo Hairstylist
Mushky Chayo Wigs
N’Shei Chabad Newsletter
Primo Hatters
Rebecca Howard Photography
Rochel Leah Shapiro
Sossover Seforim
Sushi Spot
The Kids Shoppe
The Shimmer Shop
Tzfasman Jewelers
Torah Treasures
Totally Her
Welcome Home
Yitzel & Malka Bluming
Sruli & Chani Clapman
Meir & Mushka Deitsch
Benny & Chanale Friedman
Rabbi & Mrs. Garellik
Mendy & Rikel Gopin
Mendel & Malka Groden
Menachem & Dini Gurevitch
Chaim & Nechama Hershkowitz
Yankel & Miriam Kagen
Dovid & Chaya Margolin
Shmully & Mushky Rosenstein
Sruli & Toby Richler
Choli & Shevy Rivkin

To purchase your tickets and support the Shul, please visit http://raffle.geshemshul.com/

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