Safety Alert: Please Watch Where You’re Scooting

With the rise of the electric scooter, an old phenomenon has become a modern problem. Many of the young members of our community have acquired electric scooters, and are not looking both ways before zooming across streets.


A recent glitch in Amazons purchase and return policy has created a boom of high end, two wheeled electric scooters in Crown Heights. These scooters are generally driven by young men and boys, and a troubling trend has developed.

Since we could walk, we have had the motto “look both ways before you cross” repeated over and over again. Many people even look both ways on the many “One Way” streets of Crown Heights, sometimes purely out of habit.

But that is all at the speed of walking, which gives ample time look, process, and act. Now, with Crown Heights streets and sidewalks being used by electric scooters, the problem has another variable, speed.

The electric scooters being used are marketed for speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, and that’s on level ground. At these speeds, there is no chance of being able to look for approaching vehicles.

There has been many instances of near misses between scooters and vehicles, as they cross the streets on a red light or pop out from in front of a parked car.

Thankfully, no serious injuries from these scooters has been reported in Crown Heights.

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