Crown Heights Landlord to Face Prison Time

From the Brooklyn Eagle:

A Brooklyn judge promised jail time to Daniel Melamed, a real estate developer who pleaded guilty on Monday to fraud and grand larceny charges connected to unlawful eviction of his Crown Heights tenants.

Melamed was previously convicted in a June Brooklyn Supreme Court bench trial for pushing out rent-controlled tenants from his building at 1578 Union St. near Troy Avenue. Evidence found he illegally shut off heat, deprived tenants of services and exposed them to lead dust from construction in a scheme to benefit from higher rents on new tenants.

Separate scams between 2011 and 2014 where Melamed defrauded banks landed him at his Monday court appearance. His guilty plea is in conjunction with a promised sentence of 30 days in jail and five years on probation.

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    • 2. Common sense wrote:

      There are hundreds or thousand of Jewish landlords in NY area. I don’t see all of them being sent to jail. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because of his actions and not his religion?

  • 3. Prison is Not The Solution wrote:

    The Rebbe was against prison. Punishment should fit the crime. Perhaps a huge fine instead. Sending someone to prison for 30 days for this type of crime doesn’t help anyone.

    • 4. fair punishment wrote:

      I don´t actually believe in prison time for crimes that are not a danger to the public. House arrest, fines, community service etc. (Though you could argue here- lead???!!! Seriously?!) The tenennts getting a payout might be more helpful and a bigger deterant if itś big enough.

  • 5. str wrote:

    maybe true, #1 and #2, but nevertheless, we also have to keep ourselves doing mitzvos. It doesnt go only one way. no need to say more


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