Black Man Claims He Was Beaten at 71st Precinct

From the NY Daily News:

A New Jersey man is suing the city and several police officers, saying he was beaten and taunted with a racial slur in a Brooklyn stationhouse — moments after his young daughter left his side.

Lansford Watson’s civil rights suit, filed Tuesday, claimed one cop called him the n-word while another pointed a gun at him during a “brutal and unwarranted assault.”

The trouble started on Jan. 22, after Watson dropped off his 7-year-old for an arranged visit with her mother at the 71st precinct in Crown Heights.

According to the lawsuit, an officer approached the girl and stretched out his hand. Watson said he rebuffed the cop so he could spend a few more moments with his daughter.

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  • 1. sw2 wrote:

    any cameras catch this alleged incident? these things all need to be on camera.
    sorry to say, but lying is very common these days, even more than before.


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