Two Nooses Found Hanging in Crown Heights

Two nooses were discovered hanging from trees in the Crown Heights area, and the NYPD is investigating both incidents as possible hate crimes against the African-American community.

From the Gothamist:

Two nooses were discovered hanging from trees in central Brooklyn this month, according to local City Council member Robert Cornegy, Jr. and the NYPD.

A 31-year-old man was walking on Eastern Parkway near the corner of Classon Avenue around 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 7th, when he saw a noose hanging from a tree, police said. The intersection is a block east of the Brooklyn Museum in Crown Heights.

The following Thursday, around 8:00 p.m., someone hung a white noose from a tree outside of the Brooklyn Library branch at 496 Franklin Avenue near Hancock Street in Bed-Stuy.

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

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  • 2. CHLEKAS wrote:

    It’s been too quite in Crown Heights, some people need to make stuff up to become relevant and I guess they are running low on Government funding so they need a cause.

  • 5. just another jew wrote:

    i don’t think it is going to be a peaceful yuntif; also, i don’t believe a yid did this…………….. be well

    • 6. Chaim wrote:

      Iy”h It’s going to be a peaceful Yom Tov, don’t buy in to this garbage, it’s fake, it’s propaganda, its for fame and funding.

      B”H Jews and Blacks get along fine in Crown Heights.

  • 7. Ch'er wrote:

    I think you guys are so freakin paranoid. Pass by there all the time. Wouldn’t notice it. Even if I would. Wouldn’t mean much to me. Who cares. There is a Shomer Yosroel

  • 8. Oh God wrote:

    I hope they catch whoever did this. That’s terrifying.
    And to #1 wth makes you think it’s fake news? Can you back up that statement with facts and data? Oh right…..those are probably foreign concepts to you.
    And it doesn’t matter who the hate crime is geared towards. Whoever is the subject of a hate crime is a victim and it’s our duty as Jews to make the world brighter, and a big part of this is not dismissing attacks just because they’re aimed towards a different group. Don’t be jerks. Non Jews matter too.

    • 9. Chaim wrote:

      I’ll throw that question back at you. How do you know it’s a hate crime? Evidence please. It’s a rope hanging from a three, that’s all.

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      We know it’s not a hate crime. Even if it was motivated by hatred, it’s not a crime, so how can it be a hate crime? What’s illegal about putting a rope on a tree? The tree is not damaged in any way.

  • 11. where's the empathy? wrote:

    This is the equivalent of swastikas being spray painted. Do you care about the swastikas? Then you should care about the nooses. A little empathy for another oppressed group, please. We don’t have the monopoly on suffering and persecution.

    • 12. Milhouse wrote:

      Don’t be ridiculous. There is no comparison at all.

      For one thing, painting someone’s wall without permission is a crime; hanging something from a tree is not a crime, and therefore by definition can’t be a hate crime. So what exactly are the police investigating?

      Second, the idea that a noose expresses hostility to black people is a ridiculous invention. Hanging is the standard way people of all races are executed, whether lawfully by the judicial system or unlawfully by mobs. (and no, when lynching was somewhat common in the US it was not racial at all; all kinds of suspected criminals were lynched, black, white, Jewish, Chinese, and everything else.)

  • 16. Zalman wrote:

    Oh that explains why every black person is looking behind their backs in fear.
    No, not really.

    Fake News.

  • 18. Chaim wrote:

    Remember how this story (link bellow) was used to attack then candidate Trump, they also said things like… “we believe that the rhetoric from the White House contributes directly to setting a climate that makes people think that it’s acceptable that these acts take place.”

    Remember all the ugly and nasty comments the Liberals/Trump haters amongst us left on Social Media?

    Remember who ended up being the perpetrators of this hate crime? I’ll give you a guess, it wasn’t Trump and it wasn’t alt-right….give up?
    Holy Molly Batman, that’s two black kids!

  • 20. Not fake news wrote:

    But who says it is directed ONLY at Blacks? I bet soon you’ll see them on President/Kingston.

  • 21. Milhouse wrote:

    What are the police investigating? Hanging something from a tree is not a crime, and therefore by definition can’t be a hate crime. If the person who did this is ever discovered he can’t be arrested or charged with anything. So why are police resources being wasted in an attempt to find him? It looks to me like police harassment, and an attempt to suppress this person’s civil rights under color of law, which is a crime.

  • 22. Crown Heights Lady wrote:

    I saw the video. I watched multiple times. and I didn’t see a noose hanging from a tree. All I saw was a rope. People are making something from nothing. For all you know it could have been left there by the parade weeks ago.

  • 23. Agree with the Lady. wrote:

    That’s the best explanation. It’s not a noose it’s some left over rope from the parade.
    Now that’s a real crime. If the police have time to investigate such things then let them investigate a real crime THE PARADE (move it out of Brooklyn).

  • 24. oren wrote:

    well, if it was something, or nothing, the community leaders got a feeling of deeper understanding to be there for each other. may we never know it in any form thats hard

    • 25. Concerned: wrote:

      To #12 any form of killing is a crime. If you hang some and they die, you have murder that person and murder is a crime..


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