New Restaurant Brings a Taste of the Shuk

About two weeks ago, a new kosher restaurant named Mama’s Kitchen opened up on the northern edge of Crown Heights, generating a lot of buzz among members of the community in search of a new taste.

Shai Asaf, a young Israeli entrepreneur, told that he sensed authentic Israeli cuisine was missing from the Crown Heights food scene.

Seeking to resolve this, he opened Mama’s Kitchen, a bar-stool seating restaurant serving authentic Israeli street cuisine, on Rochester Avenue and Fulton Street, a few hundred feet past Crown Heights’ northern border.

The restaurant serves sandwiches – both Pareve and meat, and has a different specials menu every day, making every visit a unique experience.

“This is the kind of food you’d formerly find only in Machane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem,” Asaf told “That’s why there is so much excitement from the community, and we are so busy here.”

The restaurant is certified kosher by the CHK, and offers delivery to the entire Crown Heights neighborhood. It is located at 7 Rochester Avenue, and can be reached at 347-596-3702.


  • 1. Yid wrote:

    Was there a few times. Food is REALLY good, and it has a nice cute vibe. Wish them luck!

    • 3. Looks yummy! wrote:

      Not to worry, if we WALK there, we can burn off all the calories!!
      I love that it’s just outside 👑 Heights, and has the CHK.
      Looking forward to getting dinner there on my way home from work.
      Anyone know their hours?

  • 4. Looking forward... wrote:

    Glad to have a new place open I can go when coming in from out of town that is under CHK!!
    Hatzlocha Raba!

  • 6. finally wrote:

    a fleishig establishment where you don’t have to actually request that your meat is under the CHK. AWESOME!!!!


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