Fringe Group Calls for Firing of Activist’s Brother

Controversial Palestinian-American activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour generated a wave of press coverage after she was tapped by CUNY as a commencement speaker for one of its graduate schools. Now, her brother, who works at a popular Crown Heights kosher barbecue joint, is being caught up in her wake, reports the Jewish Week.

Mohammed Sarsour, known as Moe, is a manager at Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse restaurant on Troy Avenue. His sister has clashed with pro-Israel groups over her support of the movement to boycott Israel and a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jewish Defense Organization, an extremist group that the Anti-Defamation League said has an agenda “of hate, fear mongering and intimidation,” posted fliers in Crown Heights demanding that the owner of the popular kosher restaurant Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse fire Mohammed Sarsour for, in essence, being Sarsour’s brother.

“Linda Sarsour[,] a hard core Hamas Islamic Nazi terrorist … has a brother pro-Hamas terror [sic] who works at Izzy [sic] Smokehouse. … Let us run him out now before it’s too late!!”

Mohammed is not new to the neighborhood. Before Izzy’s opened, his father owned a bodega on the corner of Montgomery Street and Troy Ave. called Linda’s, next door to where Izzy’s is now, and where Sarsour has worked since his teens. The supermarket has since been sold and after Izzy’s opened up next door, Moe was hired. He was promoted to a manager position after a few months.


  • 1. lets be clear wrote:

    I totally understand where they are coming from, BUT family we cant choose, doesn’t mean he’s like her.
    My point that I want to bring across is, what about our own Jewish/ Chabad brothers? How some terrorize others. All the mesiros here in CH itself? Fischer? Shomrim Six? etc.
    We have a lot to fix among ourselves before we judge.

  • 3. Heads Up wrote:

    Just a heads up, Linda Sarsour’s father owns the grocery store on the corner of Montgomery & Troy. They have pro PLO television on all the time. I just stopped shopping there.

    • 4. i dont believe wrote:

      there is a grocery store on montgomery and troy, do you mean crown and troy or did it close up like you said?

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      Which part of “The supermarket has since been sold” was not clear?

  • 6. hmm wrote:

    he might be a sleeping dog jihadist waiting to be activated. see in the past, the bezek worker who was “so nice” and the rav kook yeshiva worker, after tens of year he did what he did. NEVER trust muslims. ein emunah begoim
    fire him.

  • 7. Yosef wrote:

    Do not judge a fellow for his family member unless ties were made in relation to any violation or action which has deemed such a demand, as a removal from a job, absolutely necessary.

  • 8. b33 wrote:

    its not about judging, its about having a person who is related to an anti-semite be employed and be among us. Who needs that? Will he denounce his sister’s work? Lets see where the sentiments lay.

  • 9. Seriously? wrote:

    Do you want to be judged by what your siblings do or don’t do? Clearly, if the guy felt like his sister, Izzi’s is hte last place he’d be working.

  • 10. maybe he is treifing up wrote:

    maybe he is treifing up the food?

    can’t understand why one of our own is not in that position???

    not enough people looking for work?

  • 11. yes he might be a sleeping dog jihadist wrote:

    the same way someone else in our community could. including someone who everyone thinks is frum. no reason to be more suspicious of him than other people.

  • 14. Under chk? wrote:

    Hasgscha is not only kosher but the environment as well. The hasgacha who vouches for this esablishment should take it’s hasgacha off. Untill this is resolved. Does Mohammed agree with his sister? What are his views and beliefs?


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