Man Killed by Train at Utica Ave. Subway Station

by Staff

A man was killed after being struck by a train at Utica Ave. Subway Station in Crown Heights during rush hour on Monday evening.

The man was hit by a northbound train on the express track at Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue at about 5:45pm. Train service was disrupted while authorities investigated.

The train’s conductor watched as the 39-year-old man, whose name has not been released, jumped in front of a northbound No. 3 train at the Eastern Parkway-Utica Ave. station, the NY Daily News reports.

The man was declared dead at the scene by FDNY paramedics who rushed to the call.


  • 1. Not surprised wrote:

    The Utica Ave. station is a known hangout for criminal elements and individuals that clearly have mental health or substance abuse problems. If the MTA and NYPD were proactive about the situation, cleaning up the station and getting help to those who need it perhaps this tragedy could’ve been averted.

    • 2. Ari wrote:

      Not sure how that would prevent a suicide. I remember at least 2 suicides RL at the Kingston Ave Station…


    What is the kingston station? I distinctly remember two of our very own getting killed the same way at the kingston ave station. There was no substance abuse involved. people are troubled by their difficult lives and can’t seem to find any other way out,

  • 4. Therapy wrote:

    If you need help don’t be afraid of asking or if you know someone who needs to approach them

  • 5. Dio Rivas wrote:

    I would like to know if this man has been identified, my uncle has been missing since last Thursday and my family would like to know if it was him who was killed by the train. Any relevant information will be appreciated. Thank you

    • 6. Scary thought wrote:

      Sorry to hear. Hope your uncle want the victim and he will be found safe.

  • 8. whb wrote:

    often times, it is either the lack of proper psychiatry or the lack of it altogether. Sometimes these people are tortured by imbalances which they can’t live with. Its so terribly tragic.

  • 9. Picaboo Shimon wrote:

    i cant think of a way that would prevent people from doing this. do we have to just close down the entire subway system to prevent people from jumping?

  • 10. Correction wrote:

    He wasn’t killed by the train. He committed suicide, and the train and operator (not conductor who rides in the middle car) are not the murderers.
    That said, people get yourselves help. If you fall down the stairs, you call an ambulance. If you are feeling desperate, please call for help. Your life is a terrible thing to waste.


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