Rep. Yvette Clarke to Boycott Trump Inauguration

At least 26 Democratic lawmakers have announced that they will boycott Donald Trump‘s inauguration on Friday, following the lead of civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who said he considers Trump’s presidency to be illegitimate. Among those boycotting the event is Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), whose district includes Crown Heights.

In a tweet January 14, Clarke announced, “I will NOT attend the inauguration of @realDonaldTrump. When you insult @repjohnlewis, you insult America.”

Earlier, the Brooklyn congresswoman, who chairs the House Multicultural Media Caucus and co-chairs the Black Women and Girls Caucus, had tweeted “Cowardly @realDonaldTrump isn’t fit to polish hero @repjohnlewis’s boots.”

She was referring to Donald Trump’s retort to Rep. Lewis on Twitter, in which he said that “Congressman John Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart, not to mention crime infested, rather than falsely complaining about the election results. All talk, talk, talk – no action or results. Sad!”


  • 1. Can Someone please wrote:

    Tell me what Eli Slavin does in this lady’s office ????

    Has she done anything positive for our community ?

    All I know is she voted with Obama for the Iran deal against Israel !! and as she said “it was easy”

  • 2. Shandeh wrote:

    When you insult the President you insult America. She is an insult to all of us in CH .

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    What do you expect. You elect a representative who follows political correctness and then the members of the community are surprised by what she does.
    What would make an impression is not the whinning on the blog; but hundreds of phone calls from different people protesting what she did at every turn
    That registers— not the crying eyes comments on Crown Heights. info

  • 5. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    I’d boycott too if I was in the Congress/Senate. Have you seen the list of “celebrities” due to perform? No A listers in the bunch; all has-beens or nonentities. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, seriously? We’re expected to party with them? LOL!

    • 7. I'm a nebe wrote:

      1. You make decisions based on what the “A-listers” are doing? Are you not capable of thinking for yourself?

      2. Why does the inauguration even “celebrities”?

      3. Not only are you not expected to party with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, no expects you to party at all.

      Donald Trump will be President for the next 4 years regardless of what you, the celebrities or Yvette Clark think about him.

    • 8. Ben Franklin wrote:

      It’s just a shame all the “A-listers” you seem to admire so much decided not to move to Canada after all.

    • 9. Ezra wrote:

      So the worth of a president depends on the number of celebrities who perform for him? Andrea, what on earth is wrong with you?

      (Not to mention that there are a number of prospective performers who were targeted with death threats and therefore won’t be coming. Very democratic (or Democratic) tactic, that, right?)

  • 10. Why is she still in office? wrote:

    Don’t understand why certain members of our community still vote for her. Her colors shine through loud and clear, and believe me, they are not RED WHITE AND BLUE.

  • 11. Eli slavin wrote:

    He takes pictures and chases all the websites to make sure his picture is there

  • 12. 49 yr in the hood wrote:

    no big surprise . she is no leader she follows
    the black hateful crowd

  • 13. She's Doing Trump a Favor wrote:

    Who cares if she boycotts. She’s doing Trump a favor by not going.

  • 15. TZIVIA PEKKAR.[C.H] wrote:

    B.H. Can you name me, whatever Yvette D. Clarke has ever done for our Jewish Community. And whether she likes it or not, she had better get used to our new Elected President, for the next four years P-G. He will get by without her assistance.

  • 17. this is a joint neighborhood wrote:

    the crown heights jewish community (who abhorrently voted for the reprehensible Trump) is not the only one this woman represents. We are not the entire community, just part of it.

  • 19. to andrea shonberger! wrote:

    ur kidding me! u care what celebrities have to say??????? they act
    , they sing. who says they have brains ! They should all leave America like they said they would! maybe Iran will take them!

  • 21. Nachman wrote:

    She will not be missed. Oh, no would know if she would not announce it. Wish the president lots of luck,

  • 22. Don't vote for her next time around wrote:

    If a delegation from the Jewish community goes to her and lets her know that many, many Jews living in Crown Heights will NOT vote for her next time around, for some reason I think she will listen. She is a very, very bad politician to have in office.

  • 23. Had it up to here! wrote:

    Vey iz mir! Enough with this so-called “representative” of our community!

    I would bet that most of the people of color here are as appalled as so many of the Yidden are here, at her “picking up my toys and going home” babyish attitude.

    She really chooses to believe known lies about the President-Elect. How pathetic and ignorant!

    How sad that this is seemingly the best our Congressional District can do, in selecting our “representative” to the US House.

    There is no excuse whatsoever for continuing to elect her to office!

  • 25. TO 18 wrote:

    I’ll let you in on a little secret.Hardly anyone in crown heights votes, so obviously she doesn’t take us seriously!!
    I go to vote every election day, its empty(not referring to the last election).
    I always say, ppl seem to have all the time to complain when something goes wrong, but not the five minutes it takes to vote!

  • 26. the anti communist(hipster), jid wrote:

    Maybe now is a good time to start the push for redistributing the Gerrymandering. Google it!

  • 29. Treason? wrote:

    When you boycott the peaceful transfer and transition of power from one adminstration to another…
    You boycott freedom.
    You boycott the ability to vote.
    You boycott elections.
    You boycott Democracy.
    You boycott peace.
    This woman is anti-civilization.
    Her abhorrent behavior has long been bigoted and divisive. As a member of Congress, she requires investigation.

  • 32. Milhouse, please wrote:

    I’m a frum socialist who hates Trump.
    I also had a problem with Obama for being too right wing on domestic policy and too left wing on foreign policy.
    I’d vote for Bernie and send money to Bibi.
    Trump is an embarrassment to this country and proof that something is wrong with my community .

    • 33. To # Milhose wrote:

      Finnaly u came clean about your left wing leanings. If your country is so bad why not move to socialist China or North Korea?
      Trump is president for the next 8 years and I can walk around with a smile.

  • 34. Shlomo wrote:

    To #30

    Sorry Milhouse, but it looks like MILLIONS!!! of people dont think like you!!! Trump got MILLIONS of votes. Its either MILLIONS are crazy or just YOU!!!!

    I wonder which one it is


  • 36. Milhouse, please wrote:

    Milhouse, to conflate the Democratic Progressive Caucus with communists is like liberals conflating Trump with Nazis.

  • 37. Sore loser! wrote:

    CHILDREN, when they are upset they did not win a game, say, “You cheated!”–even when it can be proven that the winner did not cheat!

    If anything, this is a case where the loser can be said to have cheated and yet still did not win!

    We deserve an ADULT as our district’s Congressional rep.!

  • 38. Baruch Hashem wrote:

    While I totally diagree with her vote on Iran she is RIGHT to boycott that big ugly narcissistic bully.

    Only good thing he does is stick up for Israel

  • 39. raw nerve wrote:

    Wow! This really hit a raw nerve. Typical CH responses to a justified decision on her part
    I wonder if Tachnun will be said on Friday in CH?

    • 40. Ezra wrote:

      Of course Tachanun will be said on Friday. Same way as we don’t celebrate Purim on the 16th of Nissan, when we were rid of Haman, but on the 14th of Adar, after 75,000 of his and Obama’s and Clarke’s fellow Jew-haters were gone.

  • 41. To #35 wrote:

    So “the only good thing he does is stick up for Israel ” ?? Well, right there you have an enormous improvement from the last 8 years (and what we would be facing if Hillary had won G-d forbid) Maybe you would like to tell us what matters more to you than Israel’s safety & security ? That is EXACTLY why I (and all others who understood the bottom line) voted for Trump. And he sure hasn’t disappointed BH.

  • 42. Yiddish e Gelt wrote:

    The worst is all the money given to Yvette D. Clarke thru Chanina Sperlin and Eli Slavin. They get the money from SB Drizin and family.
    Better give money for poor people and yeshivos.
    Sad shame.

  • 44. sw12 wrote:

    this is not the times like 40 yrs ago when people were altruistic.
    she’s probably getting something for doing this.


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