Resolving Strike, Beth Rivka to Begin School

Beth Rivkah administration have announced that a strike by its teachers has been resolved and the first school day – some ten days late – will be this Thursday for High School and Wednesday for Elementary.

The strike was first reported on after Beth Rivka Principals sent a letter to parents during the summer informing them that “we cannot ask our teachers to return to work when they are owed over a half years salary.”

Many teachers were unaware of the strike and only found out as school was supposed to begin.

Sources said that elementary school teachers were owed as many as 10 paychecks, while high school teachers were owed 11.

Meanwhile, a contentious meeting between the teachers and principals of Beth Rivka and the schools chairman Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, along an announced ‘board of directors’, has not resolved a payroll dispute despite promises and pledges.

Teachers and principals demanded that at least four paychecks be given before the start of the school year along with a clear and concise plan for the remainder of the paychecks, while Rabbi Shemtov and his ‘board’ promised just two paychecks.

Teachers walked out of the meeting with no school date set.

On Tuesday afternoon sources told that the dispute has been resolved and that school will finally start on Thursday for High School and Wednesday for Elementary.

More details will be posted as soon as they are made public.



  • 2. Everything back to the way it was wrote:

    “In order to receive books, it it vital the book fee of $60.00 (CASH ONLY) is brought on the first day of school”

    CASH ONLY! Things will never change.

    • 3. you forgot the best part wrote:

      the book fee money isnt given back at the end of the year. and the money isnt even used for books. i only got one new textbook in brhs. the rest were like twenty years old

  • 4. Friend wrote:

    Great News, but the principals and faculty members deserve an apology.

    They never went on strike. The school did.

    Glad it’s been resolved, K’sivah V’Chasimah Tovah

  • 5. Anonymous wrote:

    Thanks for publishing an article that is not done by someones pr.

    It is sad that crown heights does not know the truth because the media is hand in hand with the person in charge of the Bais Rivkah dilemma

  • 8. The other website is blocking comments wrote:

    The other website that was continuously updated the Beis Rivkah drama, has been blocking any negative comments about the board.

    So yes, Anonymous, you are correct, Crown Heights doesn’t know the truth because of false media.

    This is a sad time for our moisad. Having new board members means that they will start off saying that they are helping financially, and then start influencing key decisions in the chinuch of our children, forgetting that the one who set up many standards is our Dear Rebbe, who put in capable chassidim to establish the curriculum and policies.

    Putting in some modern orthodox new CEO doesn’t sound like change in the right direction.

    • 9. BRAVO! wrote:

      “The other website that was continuously updated the Beis Rivkah drama, has been blocking any negative comments about the board.”

      They block anything negative, even genuine questions. Freedom of the press must mean the freedom to censor and only present 1 point of view. Feh on them.

  • 10. the matter was not resolved and there never was a srtike wrote:

    not quite a resolution..teachers are still owed months of pay…..
    the teachers were never on strike. nobody was acknowledging their jobs.
    I guess they should have shown more “mesiras nefesh” and worked pro bono for the Rebbe’s mossad…..

    before or after gimmul tammuz it was and is a halacha m”doraisa that workers are paid.
    As a parent I observed those teachers worked damn hard.

  • 12. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you so much crown the other website I will not name has been being disgusting! I’m glad the shemtovs arnt with you guys and posting articles through you especially ones that arnt true.

  • 13. Anonymous wrote:

    Avremel Shemtov Rabbi Chadukov never trusted you with money… Shame on you!
    Now it’s time to over throw the man who caused this mess!!!!

  • 14. Oy......Number 11 wrote:

    It’s people like poster # 11 who perpetuate Loshon Harah and strife in the community. Number 11, since you know so much, why don’t you identify yourself, instead of hiding behind your computer screen. In reality, you will never ever hold a candle to Avrohom Shemtov…….hmmm maybe that’s your problem.
    Time to do tshuva for your despicable words.

  • 17. Pedant wrote:

    What is this nefarious truth of which you all speak about not being spoken on websites that here shall go nameless, but do not speak here. Is this that yedious metziusoi veloi mehusoi, where the truth is just too deep for we who cannot handle the truth.

    All I’ve seen is that teachers were sent a document promising that they would get two checks immediately, all wages this year bi-monthly, with a 5 month or so window in which to expect back-wages guaranteed by R. A. Shemtov.

    Oh and one of the admins had to step down.

    Sounds about right to me.

    But there’s more!

    So much more, so much more that goes unsaid on that other website. Well then, B”H–I mean it–we have a second site, so if you know, have at it.

  • 18. We love crown hieghts .info wrote:

    Avremal shemtov and lazer are not the type of people you want in Bais rivka they say they have money for Bais rivka but in then end… We all know better. It’s unbelievable that the other site was blocking all comments of shemtovs oh wait Ik why because the person running the comments was a shemtov and yes %110 percent that lazer wrote those articals and all the good comments were hil writing it him self how funny

  • 19. The Truth about R.A. Shemtov wrote:

    Truth be told. Rabbi Shemtov brought us to this. You know why? Because of his exceptional Ahavas Yisroel. It would ave been very easy for him to just buckle into community pressure and “cean house” llike so many demanded. But he respected the dignity of all employers in BR and wasn’t going to becme a firing squad. He persisted until he was able to get the right people in. Benjy still has his job, and there and active board of directors and executive director which will bring this school to heights it never imagined. Instead of this site being a trashing place for every one who has an anti Shemtov bone. Hold your guns and be patient. Something that was done this past week by a group of yungerleit was never done before. Give credit where credit is dud.

  • 20. Anonymous wrote:

    Who would trust him…
    Thank you for giving us a chance to speak…

  • 22. Shemtovs wrote:

    Avremal and lazer shemtov should not have anything to do with Bais rivka because I guarantee the whole issue started with them

  • 23. Administrator from elsewhere wrote:

    It is not a strike when unpaid staff don’t have an job that guarantees pay on time especially when they are owed back pay. Would that happen in the secular world. Yes chinuch is a holy business but a business nevertheless. We have the right to expect fiscal responsibility.
    Is this the end. Of course not.

  • 24. COME ON wrote:


  • 25. also nothing was resolved yet wrote:

    they made a plan to pay the teachers this year and the back pay will be payed out throughout the year.

  • 26. ANONYMOUS wrote:

    As a Lubatcher not living in CH, it always amazes me that this very basic mosad, out of which many shlichos come, is run so poorly.. where are all those rich people who support Lubavitch? Isn’t a CH mosad a priority? Just don’t get it..


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