Journalist Slams Daily News’ Dishonesty on Riots

Writing for Front Page Magazine, journalist Daniel Greenfield slammed the NY Daily News for its ‘wildly dishonest’ reporting on the 25th anniversary of the Crown Heights riots.

From Front Page Magazine by Daniel Greenfield:

The New York Daily News is best known these days for its desperate trolling stories and covers trying to make some headway on Twitter. Their piece on the 25th anniversary of the Crown Heights Pogrom in which the Dinkins administration’s tolerance for racist black activism led to sustained racist attacks on the Jewish community in Crown Heights is more like old-fashioned media sleaziness.

The opening frame is the Cato family. The implicit worldview here is that of the anti-Semitic rioters. And the rest of the story reeks of the same dishonesty.

Here’s how the disturbingly biased piece by the Daily News’ Rich Shapiro and Ginger Adams Otis describes the racist mob attacks on the Jewish parts of the area.

“Twenty-five years after the tragic car accident that sparked the Crown Heights riots — three days of unremitting turmoil that pitted angry Hasidic Jews against outraged African-American and Caribbean residents — elements of that question still linger in the neighborhood.”

The “turmoil” were race riots. And generally the group invading someone else’s neighborhood while chanting racist slogans would be the one listed first. The “angry Hasidic Jews” (what were they angry about? Being beaten and murdered?) did not invade a black neighborhood while throwing rocks and stabbing the locals.

The same bizarre lies fill Shapiro and Adams’ screed.

“By 9:07 p.m., 911 was getting calls about a riot at President St. and Utica Ave. Bottles, objects and racial slurs were hurled with equal venom. Chants of “The Jews killed the kids!” filled the street.

Shots rang out along Utica Ave., and roving gangs of Jewish and black youth started attacking each other and random pedestrians.”

Notice how the second paragraph doesn’t jibe too well with the first. There are anti-Semitic chants and yet somehow the Jews are just as responsible and just as eager to attack… their attackers.

Over the next three days, Crown Heights was roiled in riots. Blacks and Lubavitcher Jews faced off again and again in clashes, mostly in front of 770 Eastern Parkway, the Lubavitcher headquarters, and at President St. and Utica Ave.

So these clashes occurred mostly in front of the most Jewish area in Crown Heights. These marauding Jews were invading… their own headquarters.

This is what a vile disgusting bag of lies the New York Daily News, Rich Shapiro and Ginger Adams Otis have dumped in their screed.


  • 1. sww wrote:

    i don’t know how life has allowed such low corruption of media for so long without it being taught to people that MEDIA LIES. how is it possible that people really don’t realize that media is so horrifically corrupt. How do we teach it to the kids, teens, etc.

  • 2. Pedant wrote:

    This is not new. The goyims are usually bad actors.

    The U.S. was in many ways an exception to this rule but alas it appears that things are regressing towards the mean.

    We’ve become accustomed to something quite unusual and now things are going to where they always ever were.

    It’s time to sell high on golus. We need to stop with foolishness, the koch in goyishkeit and in taivos oilom hazeh beheter. We need to increase in learning Torah and in hiddur mitzva and is sur merah kepshuto.

    The cat isn’t going back into the bag, the train has left the station, the next stop is geulah.

  • 5. Everyone's entitled... wrote:

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, BUT NOT THEIR OWN FACTS. The misrepresentation of the CH riots, i.e. pogrom, is b’dakos the same as Holocaust denial. The vile lies of the Daily News cannot fool those who were there and lived through it.


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