Brooklyn Museum Goes Kosher

The Brooklyn Museum announced last week that its museum cafeteria, BKM Café, now will be serving a rotating menu of kosher salads, sandwiches and sweets, further gilding it as the first encyclopedic institution in the tri-state area to serve kosher meals.

From The Brooklyn Reader:

The move seems more than à propos, considering its proximity to the huge Chabad Jewish community in neighboring Crown Heights whose members are regular patrons of the museum. Nor is the decision the first kosher move for the museum; the new salad and sandwich additions will complement the already kosher snacks and beverages offered.

The Museum has partnered with Wolf and Lamb, an upscale kosher steak house located in Manhattan and Midwood, Brooklyn. Wolf and Lamb will cater and prepare all of the cafe’s meals, using Glatt Kosher process and certification.

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  • 4. shlomo wrote:

    it’s clearly most antisemitic public place in NYC every museum have free day or suggestive rate. but only in Brooklyn museum it on Sabbath (one in month) it can’t by mistake because Brooklyn itself and NYC generally is biggest Jewish city. so clearly they do not want us to come. and if low income people can’t so what other Jew need in this place


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