New Urgent Care Center Coming to Crown Heights

A company with multiple other facilities is opening a new urgent care center in Crown Heights, with over 20 exam rooms, x-ray machines and a wide range of services which will be available for patient needs. got an exclusive sneak peek inside the new center.

With wait times swelling at overburdened hospital emergency rooms, a new niche market for urgent care has emerged, with  facilities opening up around the five boroughs. These new centers aim to get you in front of a doctor sooner, and they accept most medical insurances.

Featuring over 20 exam rooms and doctors that will cater to many different medical needs, this new center promises to alleviate the pressure on local emergency rooms and provide care for many residents that do not have a primary care provider in the neighborhood.

This new facility replaced many dilapidated storefronts that stood vacant for many years. The massive space was gut renovated by Bolt Construction, and is expected to open in the coming weeks on the corner of Lefferts and Kingston Avenues.

The owners shared with illustrations of what the center will look like when complete.

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  • Unemployed Noachide

    Baruch Ha-Shem! Infrastructure! I love it! I’m so happy for your community!

  • Less expensivr

    It’s also a great way to get things done for a lower cost. I hurt my hand and went to the er got a 3000 bill and my hand was not broken, fast forward, my daughter hurt her hand,went to the urgent care center,got X-ray and splint,cost 50.

  • hood guy

    fantastic news!!

    will help many I bet in situations needing such services- yuppies will love it too.

    Nothing like it so this is good.

    thanks for the sneak peek.


  • FYI

    Mrs Carol Clapman on Mongomery has an unrgent care facility in the basement and charges next to nothing and takes all insurances. when i took my kids to her she would not confirm and shhh’t me off when i asked her if its true that when she went to the Rebbi for yechidus the rebbi would send out her husband and continue talking for hour(s) regarding medical and the snot well.

  • Miriam S.

    nobody is better than doctor feldman. but if it is a time dr feldmans office is not open, then having an emergency care facility is great. kudos to those who are opening it.

  • Great!!

    It would be nice if they accept walk-ins on Shabbos with no paperwork. Kids who have fallen, need stitches or an x-ray could be seen immediately and maybe expectant moms can get checked out if necessary. Do they accept all insurances?

  • 48 yr in the hood

    the g- d gives parnosa to all dr. s
    and faciltys . no one can take away
    what hashem has in mind to give to
    dr plout or dr rosen or dr feldman
    or to any other dr
    hashem is gr8
    and if you dont beleave ? call me and il show you . wake up and smell the coffe

  • i wont go here

    Our community already has an Urgent Care Center – Statcare at Franklin and Eastern Pkwy – run by one of our own. Many of us have already been there and loved it. We don’t need this.

  • yankiv

    i know someone that went to one on coney island and after being there an hour she was SENT to a regular er which defeated the whole purpose of her going there so she actually spent MORE time as a result of going to this place with her child. Just saying.

  • Reality

    Urgent care only take good insurances. So most of crown heights can’t use it as they usually don’t take Medicaid.

    • statcare

      Eastern Parkway and Franklin Urgent Care takes medicaid. They are sensitive to our community and are Shabbos friendly. Go there. Support our own.

  • bad news

    drs rosen and feldman already burn the midnight oil to service our community. this isn’t a 24 hr facility. why would you set out to deliberately steal parnassa from our doctors? we dont need someone from a different neighborhood poaching in our community. i say we boycott this place.

    • Citizen Berel

      I know a general practitioner who retired early because he could/would not operate under the requisite conditions to maintain a profitable enterprise current provider environment.

      Have you noticed that a doctor’s visit ain’t what it used to be.

      Dr. Rosen isn’t hurting and I would not be all that surprised if he himself were to favor increasing provider options for the community.

      Yes, Dr. Rosen is a G-d send, who goes above and beyond to be there for the community, but that it requires G-d sends and above and beyond to service our constantly growing community (B”H) itself speaks to a dire need for an expansion of provider infrastructure.

      You say we boycott this place…that is an incredibly irresponsible thing to say on a public forum without due consideration and consultation.

      Why don’t you speak to the relevant parties before you go out on that sort of limb.

    • bad news

      how dare you citizen berel put words in doctor rosen’s mouth and say he would endorse this new enterprise while calling me irresponsible for saying that we should boycott!!!!

      you are irresponsible and out of place here.

      as someone else said there already is an urgent care option for our neighborhood

    • bad news

      people from queens….let them go there. we don’t need them coming here and making money that should go to our own

  • rrt

    #18. you say you boycott this place? Off the top of your head, you decide to ruin something? You’re guessing, and you decide that you want to sound like you’re running something. really?
    turns out that our wonderful doctors work that late because the patients need them. I cant imagine that our doctors are in need of business. (may they only have well visits)

  • Yossi

    I just want to give a feedback on the Urgent Care Center on Eastern Parkway which just happens to be owned by a fellow Lubavitcher. I went in with my child it was beautiful, clean, nice professional staff did not feel like I was in a New York business. We were taken care of fast by great carring staff. I would not hesitate for a second to go back if G-D forbid I need again. Thank you Yingi for bringing this center to our neighborhood.

    • one of our own

      Yossi, I agree. I have been to Statcare, Yingi’s Urgent Care Center on Franklin and EP, both for myself and my kids. The place is so gorgeous and the standard of medical and patient care is superb. We dont need another Urgent Care Center. Support a fellow Lubavitcher.

  • we need holistic care

    many insurance are taking them does anyone have good quality holistic drs to fill in there space? unfortunately dr feldman not what he used to be,,he does make mistakes the jewish press had in dr yael section on sept 11th a holistic m.d judith weiss on the article,people are sick and the main reasons is the water you are drinking,what we need is insurance covering these so we can be a lot healthier l have so far contact the ny senators to contact the insurance companies,the main branch is in wash.d.c.

  • just someone


    some of these comments are pathethic – whats wrong with an urgent care in CH?

    ALso some dont want to go to Statcare for whatever reason. Just like some don’t use rosen or feldman …nothing wrong with choices.

    This place will do very well and we wish them well.

    As for parnosa – Hashem takes care of us all – whatever is bashert is what will fall upon each of us and all those mentioned above.

  • me2

    BOYCOTT…..that sounds exciting.
    How about we get educated in this situation before we decide to do something exciting. That adrenaline pumping may feel good, but how about moach shalit al halev, how about thinking first.
    doesnt make sens to me that our CH doctors need the business, G-d bless them.
    We all need to think first before we get involved with wierd activities which may lead to nowhere useful

  • to #31 &#32

    I for one was not aware of the one on Eastern Parkway and Franklin, but I do resent when people who do not see fit to live in this neighborhood see it very fit to come here for our money. and if there is one already, especially if it’s run by not just a Jew, and not just a Lubavitcher but in my humble opinion a very special yid! one who is a second generation moiser nefesh Hatzallah power house yid! and believe it or not actually has no problem living in the neighborhood as well…..

  • seriously?

    why on earth would you boycott this? there are not enough good doctors in this neighborhood. This is a welcome addition. (and if they have decent prices for those of us with no insurance, that would be even better)

  • right on #33

    I absolutely agree with everything you said. By far the best comment here. A special yid from a legendary family benefiting our community in so many ways, saving lives daily….and we don’t speak up when someone comes from a different neighborhood to poach our money?!
    And who is #32 to decide how much business our CH docs make or don’t make!!! Ridiculous.
    And #31 if you for whatever reason don’t want to go to Statcare just know that you stand alone and I am sure the docs in the neighborhood will accommodate your needs.

  • ??

    What is everyone all up in arms about? The people opening up this new facility took the time and trouble to get some publicity. I would venture a guess that the majority of Crown Heightsers did not even know about the place on Eastern Parkway. They didn’t publicize, and this place did. Now that people know about Eastern Parkway they can make an informed choice about where to go. Don’t blame the new place for people not supporting an older place that they never knew existed!