Residents Want S. Johns Place to Become 1-Way Street

Residents in northern Crown Heights are asking transportation officials to make safety changes on St. Johns Place in the wake of two deadly accidents.

From News 12 Brooklyn:

Drivers can be often seen crossing the yellow lines and driving along the middle of the narrow, two-way street. Residents say that passing cars often knock side-view mirrors off of parked cars, and they say speeding along the road also poses a danger. Neighbors in the area want authorities to change the busy street to a one-way.

Last week, the driver of a Honda Civic smashed into 11 parked cars along the road. A passenger in that car, 20-year-old Shana Khans, was ejected out of the vehicle’s back window and died.

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  • 1. non-gender wrote:

    Unfortunately, this is not the only area where there are issues such as this. One reason is that there are so many cars and it takes so long to go from one place to another, good driving practices are passed over in order to just to get to where one has to go.

  • 2. CH'er wrote:

    Interesting enough to note. One of the streets in CH you can’t park on Shabbos. Makes things so hard to find parking over the Shabbos. I myself got numerous tickets. Ugh. We need a change.


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