Shomrim Show & Tell at Beis Rivkah Headstart

The students of Morahs Chana Kratz and Tzippy Robinson in Beis Rivkah Headstart all came to school today with a toy vehicle to share with their classmates for ‘Show & Tell.’ Belle Hershkop brought a real vehicle to school – a Shomrim scooter, along with her dad, Shomrim volunteer Chaim Hershkop.

Chaim talked to the girls about what it takes to protect the Crown Heights community from crime. He also told the girls about the kind deeds Shomrim members to for the needy when they are not on call.

The morahs then took the girls around the corner to a car repair shop, where they learned all about cars and how they run.

After the presentation, each girl was given her very own flashlight.



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