Chevra Ahavas Yisroel Closes on New Home

After tremendous efforts by the Shul’s leaders, and much generosity from the Shul’s congregants and friends, Chevrah Ahavas Yisroel came up with the necessary funds just in time to close the deal on their new building.

After renovations are complete, the Shul will move out of the Rubashkins’ basement and into the two-story structure, which they can already call home.

One of the Shul’s leaders told that this is the first time a Crown Heights shul has purchased its own property in at least three decades!


  • 2. ch old timer wrote:

    mazal tov mazal tov!!! wonderful news for a beautiful, warm, inviting and holy institution. i have not enjoyed going to shul in years, until recently when i discovered the amazing davening at CAY. i have experienced a spiritual awakening and i am once again inspired to get involved in chasidisher inyanim, learning, and personal growth.

    michoyil el choyil! l’chaim.

  • 5. HATZLACHA wrote:

    AWESOME-MAZEL TOV! This is the most inspiring shul around. Other more traditional shuls shouldn’t feel threatened at all. There is a niche for everyone, and this brings to daven those who would otherwise stay home. Don’t be a hater—be happy for them.

  • 6. mazel tov wrote:

    May this be the beginning of so many more simchas and mazel!!

    Rivka Teich

  • 7. dfdf wrote:

    mazal tov. may you go from strength to strength in beautiful things

  • 8. CAY FAN wrote:

    Go Chezzy and co.
    you rock keep on making the Rebbe proud!!!!!!

  • 11. ct wrote:

    from another old timer who loves the davenning and the shul..mazel tov Chezzi..continued success in good health!!!

  • 14. CAY rights for all! wrote:

    This is a monumental day in the struggle for CAY rights.

  • 15. NEXT DOOR TO CAY wrote:


  • 16. noting wrote:

    #10 wrote
    “i have not enjoyed going to shul in years, until recently when i discovered the amazing davening at CAY”

    Me 2. Thank you Chezzi

  • 17. Mazal Tov! wrote:

    Being as they are all out of cash…maybe someone can spare the Rabbi ten bucks to get a haircut? ;)

  • 18. Dallas Dude wrote:

    super good news great vibes I’m a feelin might happy about this .. keep it up guys…and for the ones that financially support this shul – this bud’s for you :)

  • 19. admirer wrote:

    is it so that PEARL PRODUCTIONS was involved in the purchase ? if so yasher koach YARON LEVY

  • 20. to #4 wrote:

    keep making the rebbe proud?
    are you delusional? maybe we should learn some real torah together…….you know the torah that states that being gay is an abomination–something this shul is known to embrace and accept…

  • 22. 40 yr in the hood wrote:


  • 23. to # 20 wrote:

    Who am I, or YOU, or ANYONE to judge?
    About 9 years ago I was in Postville for summer and a group of teens from Wilkes-Barre summer camp came to spend a Shabbos there. To give you an idea what it looked like, just imagine a Shul full of Frumme Chassidishe Yidden i.e. Lubavitchers, Satmar, Vizhnitz, Belz, Modzitz, Ger, and yes, even Litvishe, all dreesed in Bigdei Shabbos as usual, and in walk in a group of teens in T-shirts, shorts, without socks, black colored toenails (believe it or not!), necklaces, and a couple even with pierced ears!!! and with true Lubavitcher warmth i.e. not standing in judgement, they were all embraced and welcomed with open arms. After Seudas shabbos Friday night we farbreinged with them all night (and yes, some even walked in the middle of the farbreingen nebach to get a smoke!!) yes, NO ONE STOOD IN JUDGEMENT. The farbreingen went on till 5:00 am and they were ALL in Shul after mikvah in time for Tehillim as it was Shabbos Mevorchim.They got so into it that they Poshut took over the shul with their davenning and singing etc. with true gishmak and lebedikiet. Self understood, after Davenning they farbreinged again till Mincha (on a summer day!). The short of all this is, I know at least 3 of these ‘teens’ were so inspired and today they are married leading true yiddishe and chassidishe homes!!! Yes, even the guy with the black toenail!!!
    Who are we to judge what truly brings the Rebbe Nachas?
    Incidently, what of the Gerrer Chassidim that was present at the time (and who nebach has a son that strayed far away from the derech) commented “…This is the true Hatzlocho of Chabad, that EVERYONE without exception is showered with love and acceptance, whereas in Ger if you do not walk the walk then you are ostracized and ultimately lost forever, R”L)…”
    So Mr. # 20, do you think that by standing in judgement these teens would be having Chassidishe homes today? I personally highly doubt it, and yes lets give credit where credit is due, and kudos to the perlmans!!!!!!!! KOL HAMEKAYEIM NEFESH ACHAS MEYISROEIL KEILU KIYEIM OILOM MOLEY!

  • 24. proud suporter wrote:

    moshe pinson, thank you for your endless commitment to the rebbe’s shcuna

  • 25. To # 24 wrote:

    and to the fellow members of Bais Shmuel who support this and other wortht institutions.

  • 26. Fan from abroad wrote:

    CAY will keep people from becoming the types who are truly “bad for the CH community.”

  • 28. Your New Neighbors wrote:

    We welcome you to our neck of the woods, i’m sure you will show a living example to our children how true chasidic jews behave and pray.

  • 29. Mendy wrote:

    CAY is not Chabad.
    Its a free country anyone is welcome to pray or serve G-D as they like but…
    It is a travesty to misrepresent what you are and stand for.
    Shlomo Carlbach was sent packing when he didn’t conform with the Rebbe’s vision. It didn’t make him stop but, there wasn’t any confusion of what he stood for. Nobody ever associated his actions or shittos with the Rebbe anymore.
    Just be honest and straightforward that you’ve chosen your own path.
    Don’t blame it on our Rebbe!!

  • 30. Re: #23 wrote:

    Of course we should all embrace the concept of Ahavas Yisroel but what irritates people about CAY is how they’ve hijacked the concept for selfish gain. While portending to be “non-judgmental”, they have effectively (and quite hypocritically) judged the greater Lubavitch community to be, in thier eyes, “judgmental” of folks like themselves (i.e. disenfranchised, confused, lost, etc.). Their response is telltale: build a shul founded on “Ahavas Yisroel” and only admit like-minded folks who indulge in commiserating over feelings of alienation as a misinformed substitute for true spiritual growth – a support group in disguise, if you will… and the proof is in the pudding – just try walking in their on Shabbos evening or by day with a traditional length kapota and white shirt and then come back and tell us who’s judgmental. It’s not much different than the same type of reverse discrimination experienced by white people in a predominately black city.

  • 32. ew wrote:

    CAY is planning to build an eruv as well. Go figure. This is NOT the Rebbe’s shul.

  • 33. chaim wrote:

    We need some chassidisher baalei batim with money so we don’t have to rely on those who have given up their Chabad heritage to support our mosdos and they can control who says what. It’s a travesty.

  • 34. The problem wrote:

    The problem is that denenbeym’s father in law supports this non sense.

  • 35. Go levi wrote:

    Go Levi Bialestock the best mortgage broker in the crown Heights

  • 37. Yossi wrote:

    MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 38. taka wrote:

    #32 – An eruv? Who is going to join me in taking it down every week.

    Yes, I’ve got nothing better to do with my time.

  • 40. kol hakavod wrote:

    I am certain they are not embracing being “gay”, maybe they are simply embracing every jew! Stop hating!

  • 41. yitzchok c Jerusalem wrote:

    Mazal tov cant wait to visit when im in crown heights

  • 42. ahaavas nafshi wrote:

    Number 28. Regarding Shlomo Carlebach. If this shul follows his footsteps then woe is to us. There is a show that was just playing in Florida depicting the life of this “wonderful” Crlebach who very proudly (in the name of non judgemental) had an affair with a black woman. No, not his wife. Is this what we should be ejulating?! Heaven help us.

  • 43. Mixed Brochos =Ahavas Yisroel Type Rabbi wrote:

    Any Lubavitcher that brings his children to other Rebbe’s for brocho’s your children will have a neshomo of a spiritual Cholent. I love that Palm springs is open to every Yid even other Chassidishe Rebbeim; but if the shluchims kids eve shook hands to get a brocho … then you know why the Rabbi of this shul is the way he is!

    You can’t mix Chabad and Chagas and think you will be Parave!

    Rabbi Deeninbaum kook oif dayn kinder .. hub Ahavas Yisroel.. and gib zai a Chassidishe Kush.

  • 44. Fan from abroad wrote:

    An eruv on that side of the shechuna would be perfect for the modern orthodox yuppies who will be moving in soon now that Park Slope is way overpriced. CAY provides a great service, and while I would not daven there myself because I am not part of its audience, I hope that it succeeds.

  • 46. Aynov BiRosho wrote:

    I heard an established meat store in CH will be opening another branch on the “other side” of Eastern Parkway to cater to the “more modern” lubi-crowd that still prefer to eat kosher.

    I also heard that there will be soon an eatery bagel/veggie/pizza on “that side” as well.

    Smart business will set anchor there. There will be young business couples moving there. Stores will sell product and service without deciding whether their customer has a close enough connection to Atzmus.

    New schools with English studies will open whose rules will be restricted to children’s education and not running people’s lives. Yup, there will be a verboten eruv, clean-faced guys, preppy clothing smiles, polite street greetings, clean windows…

    (Not) Soon enuf “that side” will be rockin’ an rollin’ sans ghetto mentality.

    If you’re salivating right now, itching to yell about chassidish, shulchan aruch, rebbe’s schuna and worry about how bad CAY is for CH, don’t get your gatkes twisted around your gonads. Just like there are 70 faces of torah, and (by now) 70 faces of lubavitch, there will be 70 faces of CH.

    Time will tell which one is ponim shel mato.

    The world turns, regardless of what people want to believe. As the corny saying goes – You’re either part of the steamroller or part of the road.

  • 47. crown heights resident wrote:

    Everyone should come to CAY at least once to see how they do Havdalah

  • 48. Moish wrote:

    all i can say is ive been there for shabbos and i can count many of my friends. including me, who would (forget about coming to shul on shabbos), never have been in any sort of jewish environment ever if not for this place. is it different? sure. but crown heights clearly has a need for such a place. maybe its not right for you, so you dont go, but there are many young people who are benefiting spiritually from this institution. i personally never cared about shul on shabbos in crown heights whenever i would visit, and used to show up at 770 friday night incredibly late, sleep in for shacharis, and rush out by maariv motzei shabbos. but now whenever i go, theres a real incentive for me to go to CAY and on time! keep up the good work!

  • 50. abe montreal wrote:

    to # 34
    why do you care if a YD wants to use an eruv You don’t like don’t use it if you have time go do mivtzoim
    it shows how “chasidische” you are
    in your spare time going destroying other people property (ask a rov)
    chabad is to build not destroy
    SHAME on you

  • 51. Moshe from Safed wrote:


    Chezzie and Sima, I hope you didn’t read through all the comments to get to this one. I skimmed through them. The basic idea is that CAY is a living organism.

    Life is good.

    I’m super happy for the world right now.

  • 52. opinion wrote:

    to# 28.
    CAY is Chabad, but maybe with a little twist. You want to paint yourself into a corner?
    Also, R’Shlomo didn’t conform to the Rebbe’s words, but I don’t think he was “sent packing”, as we don’t do that to other yidden.
    This is singing, it is not anything more than that. Some of the members may be modern, but its not what Reb Shlomo did with the mixing of men and women.


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