Chevra Ahavas Yisroel to Purchase New Building

The newly contracted building on Albany Ave. near Lincoln Pl.

Chevra Ahavas Yisroel has just signed a contract on a two story building to permanently house their congregation. They will complete the purchase as soon as they raise the necessary funds.

The Shul has been hitherto congregating in Moshe Rubashkin‘s basement on President Street.

Sources tell that the Shul was originally engaged in talks with the Eliyahu Nochum Shul on Crown Street, which has been deteriorating for quite a while and would have done well with a vibrant young congregation to revitalize it, but the deal fell through and CAY had to continue their search for a new home.

CAY agreed to purchse this building from a Lubavitcher for about $600,000. They hope to eventually convert the entire building into one large Shul.

The Shul will be the very first Jewish-inhabited building on that block. Flanked by a chuch on one side and an auto repair shop on the other, the building was plagued with squatters and neglect for many years.

The Shul is about 2 blocks away from a cluster of Jewish housing further up Albany Ave., near Reb Itchke’s Shteibel. The whole area is undergoing rapid transformation, and the Shul will be the latest step in the gentrification of the neighborhood that is happening at a rapid pace.


  • 2. Shmuli wrote:

    why would Chevra Ahavas yisroel move there, the location is horrible, especially in the summer, the place is really not appropiate for a shul

  • 3. Bundy wrote:

    Bundy is jumping for joy.. the rum from E.P. to president was difficult… now it will be much easier..

  • 5. Mosh wrote:

    Firstly, I’m very happy that they are gonna be a little out of the neighborhood cause thier more like a moder Chabad house ago it’s good not to be in the center.

    Second, these are people that are out of the box so I don’t see what anyone in Crwon heights should donate to their cause, people should I’ve to Shuls that are 100% Kosher.

  • 7. Sara of CAY wrote:

    I have always thought that Moshiach will come because of Chezzie & Sima Denenboim. Everyone that visits our shul loves it and pledges all their mayser money towards it.

    Our youth and the not-so-young of our neighborhood have a friendly & warm place to daven and learn. Talk about true Ahavas Yisroel !

  • 8. A real kanoi who thinks CH needs CAY wrote:

    This really is a great location. It will attract newcomers from among the Jewish yuppies who are moving into that area, and it is close enough for its present fans to walk to from any other part of the shechuna. It is also far enough away from the heart of the shechuna that self-appointed kanoim won’t be bothered by its presence.

    By the time the new shul is really in use, it won’t be such a terrible location. It will be surrounded by Anash as well as by yet-unaffiliated Jews and respectful bnei Noach.

    CH residents should support it as they do any other Chabad House.


  • 13. achdus wrote:

    why don’t they take down the wall between them and the neighboring church and they can be one happy family.

  • 14. marcus wrote:


    How would you know the amount of everybody’s pledges?

    Are you the Shul’s treasurer?

  • 19. buenosnoches wrote:

    Boruch Hashem!
    So happy at their good fortune.

    to everyone else…
    Just have ahavas yisroel.
    Either give, or say nothing.


    This Multi-Family located at 306 Albany Avenue, Brooklyn NY sold for $300,000 on Nov 17, 2011. 306 Albany Ave has approximately 2,520 square feet. The property was built in 1931. 306 Albany Ave previously sold for $286,500 on Sep 18, 2000. The average listing price for similar homes for sale is $621,000 and the average sales price for similar recently sold homes is $592,300. 306 Albany Ave is in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. The average price per square foot for homes for sale in Crown Heights is $324.

  • 21. zusikvilhamina in the know wrote:

    you write in this article that this building was bought from a Lubavitcher for about $600,000.

    according to city records the Lubavitcher bought it November 17 2011 for $300,000!!!

    now you know why real estate prices in crown heights is so high!!!

  • 23. To all Chasisdish People wrote:

    The dirtiest and nastiest comments are always from chassidish people. It makes me wonder about lubavitch in general; I’m starting to feel that this whole thing is a cult. Oh, and they have the audacity to say that they are lecturing you with love.

  • 25. yeine-kup- mentch wrote:

    this is what Rabbi Z.W. does – he flips houses in crown heights, makes a few hundred thousand on the deal, and real estate prices in crown heights is sky high…

  • 26. to #24 wrote:

    YOUR comment is nasty
    and pray tell
    how do you know the backgroud of posters
    are the chassidish passport control?

  • 28. to #24 wrote:

    it seems like you never read the newspaper article where folks from CAY put down folks in CH who didn’t agree with them. Talk about nasty.

  • 29. there goes the neighborhood wrote:

    They should move a bit further – lik to prk slope. Hey ber be areful non of the youth go into the wrong building – thy also sing all day during their “prayer service” behind the adjoining flaiming red fence

  • 30. yonatan wrote:

    In reference to some of the comments about the sky high real estate prices in crown heights – the Rebbe’s Shchuna (neighborhood),
    I could understand a real estate agent wanting to make a profit.
    But as a Lubavitcher real estate agent, a Lubavitcher meaning a Chosid of the Rebbe to whom crown heights is so dear,
    Yes, a Lubavitcher real estate agent deserves to make a profit, but let us not forget, we are talking about the Rebbe’s neighborhood!
    Most of us are not rich, and by you tripling the prices you are hurting the Rebbe’s neighborhood!

  • 31. chanine vais altz wrote:

    I am so happy for chevra Ahavas yisroel.

    Chazak, much hatzlacha!

    I sadly agree with #17 and #22.

  • 32. To comment #22 wrote:

    Why does it bother you that somebody makes some money? Would you be happier if the person that they purchased it from was a non-Jew? Nobody forced them to purchase the property. Whoever made the purchase, thought it was worth the investment. Live and let live…..

  • 33. New fan of CAY wrote:

    FYI the owners wanted to turn it into a rental, but was approached by CAY and was asked if they will be willing to sell it to them, since it would fit its desperate needs for a new home. And the owners agreed to assist CAY with purchasing their own place. Im in the RE business, and with these types of deals, their is a lot of other expenses/fees (Brokers/removing violations/ closing costs/eviction/legal etc.) besides what you see recorded at purchase. and thats besides having to come up with the cash or hard money to purchase such a deal…
    I give my hat off to the sellers for helping CAY with obtaining a new place they can call home, it will benefit our community in many ways…
    good luck to CAY and wish you only the best – PEACE!

  • 34. yeine-kup-mentch wrote:

    I take off my hat to the sellers for helping CAY with obtaining a new place,


    This does not excuse Lubavitcher real estate moguls for flipping houses in crown heights and making hundreds of thousand on each house, thus causing prices to sky rocket in the Rebbe’s neighborhood!

  • 36. torah ohr wrote:

    in haom yom the rebbes write on ches av…if ahavas yisroel is lacking what is the whats the toeles of chasidus…therefore im shocked to hear nasting comments from so called kanoim…obviously all you guys are a fake…all the emese yidden think this young shul is great. chanoch lenar al pi darkoy

  • 37. CM in CH wrote:

    Can’t ONE thing be positive without people tearing it to bits? How dare #2 imply that the shul or its congregation isn’t “100% kosher”? Ever been? I didn’t think so.

  • 38. a new memeber wrote:

    mazal tov I hope you get the money very fast may god and rebbe help you because your shul is the best place to daven. your havdalah is the best in the whole world. thank you

  • 39. Chayale W wrote:

    i wonder if all the people posting negative comments have actually gone to the shull. i happened to have gone when i was in ch last shabbas fail to see the problem with it. When i heard havdalah i really though moshiach was going to come, it was THAT beautiful.
    i think ppl will always find somthing to have a problem with.
    its just too bad that all the ppl with the answers in life are bussy at home, commenting on the internet.

  • 40. Mrs. Shwartz wrote:

    id just like to thank CAV for last shabbas. it was one of the most beautiful shabbasim of my life. haters are always going to hate… regardless of their ‘chassidishkeit’. i hope you all go there and at least experience it before you take such a strong negative stance against it. if you go, most likely you will change your mind.

  • 41. AJ wrote:

    I think some of these people that make nasty comments are just jealous that they didnt think of opening this shul before Chazie did, and I cant believe that Labavitchers are always the ones that make all these nasty remarks, is that what yiddiskiet is all about

  • 42. Joseph wrote:

    Why doesn’t Rabbi Z.W buy and resell houses in other neighborhoods instead of crown heights.

    So the prices of houses in crown heights will stop skyrocketing

  • 44. Chaim Yosef wrote:

    does this shul attract only a younger crowd.
    I am middle aged.


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