TLP Launches Innovative Chavrusa Study Curriculum

Monday night, some 20 people gathered for an innovative Torah study session. Between bites of Sushi, their excited voices filled the room as they took turns learning. Known as Chavrusa Sushi, the program brings in young professionals living in Crown Heights for a series of one-on-one, chavrusa, learning sessions.

Each weekly set of sessions focuses on a different theme, elucidated by a comprehensive yet user-friendly booklet. Recent sessions have covered such fundamentals as the mitzvos of Davening and Tefilin.

According to Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, founder of the Torah Learning Project (TLP), the vision behind the booklets was to “empower” the chavrusos to tap into rich insight and add meaning in daily observance without having to struggle making sense of the text .

“We all learn,” Werde muses, “but how often do we get so deeply involved to the point that the knowledge moves us and makes an impact on our lives?”

For the novice and expert alike, these courses of study offer something for everyone.

“This project is something that has never truly been done before,” says Rabbi Zalman Abraham, a noted scholar and author of the booklets. “We’re providing real knowledge by analyzing these fundamental topics from all possible angles. Each mitzvah can thus be understood through source material – from classic commentaries to chasidic discourses.”

These courses fit with founding vision of the TLP, established some five years ago to serve Crown Height’s growing number of singles and young professionals, through engaging shiurim and innovative learning programs.

Back at the Center, the chavrusas have finished learning and the last of the sushi has been finished.

Before leaving, one of the program’s regulars, Yehudah, 21, reflects on his experience:

“I really enjoy the program,” he says. “The learning is great, and being with a bunch of great guys adds to the intensity.”

The funds for initial month of its launch have been generously funded by local crown heights businesses: BunchoBagels, Benchmark Funding, and Mpower- all business known for their commitment and passion to see innovative programming for the growing young community.


  • TLP & BESHT Center

    Rabbi Werde is also the founder of the BESHT CENTER.

    Is the BESHT Center under TLP or is TLP under the auspicies of the BESHT ???

    Whatever, they are both great & inspiring!

  • Supporter of TLP and BESHT Center

    All the power to you Rabbi Werde! Keep inspiring and continue motivating the community!