Dozens Gather to Remember Mrs. Sarah Behrman

About 200 people squeezed into Getzel’s Shul last night for an evening of tribute to Mrs. Sarah Behrman, OBM, who passed away one month ago.

The evening began with a video presentation titled ‘To Catch a Star’ (shown below), a glimpse into Mrs. Behrman’s life at the HASC facility to which she dedicated so much of her time.

Several of her close friends and acquaintances got up to speak, including: Dr. Eli Rosen, Mrs. Joelle Cohn, Mrs. Esther Seribransky and Mrs. Sara Chana Schreiber.

Her son, Rabbi Yaacov Behrman, gave a moving speech recounting a Shabbos with his mother at the hospital. He described how she was able to comfort the wife of an ill holocaust survivor despite her own severe condition.

Photos by Shmuli Evers

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  • 3. To #2 wrote:

    The pic of Rabbi Chezzi needs some clarification. Yaakov Behrman mentioned how his mother wanted him to sing Yedid Nefesh at that Shabbos Davening in the hospital. So at the end of his speech Yakkov asked Rabbi Chezzi to start the song and everyone joined in singing…

  • 4. CAY fan! wrote:

    Beautiful! Thank you for the clarification! CH needs more ppl like Rabbi Hezzi!

  • 5. So moved... wrote:

    …By the 2 different R’Chezzie pictures. And kal v’chomer after reading the explanation of #3. Thank you for sharing those words :-)

    A guten erev shabbos to all


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