Besht Hosts Women’s Evening Discussing Marriage

Recently, the Besht Center held its first ever event for women of the community. Over 60 women attended the event which was on the topic of communication within marriage.

Mrs. Bronya Shaffer gave an inspiring speech covering many different aspects of how couples relate and passed on some tips to enhance the communication we already have with our spouse.

Among the topics discussed were the five languages of love, ways to relate to your spouse, tips on how to find or make time for your spouse, even with the many demands asked of a wife and mother, and the importance of arguments.

Mrs. Shaffer acknowledged that all couples have disagreements. The way to make a marriage successful is to deal with them in a respectful manner which gives both sides the ability to be heard and understood.

A beautiful buffet of cakes, cookies, salads and drinks was enjoyed by all attendees, after which Mrs. Shaffer answered questions from the audience.

Everyone who attended gained useful tips to aid communication within their marriages, and an understanding of the differences in how men and women communicate.

Special thanks goes to Mrs. Chani Clapman who, together with Mrs. Sheina Greenberg, organized the beautiful evening.

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  • Leah s.

    Finally the Besht is opening their doors to women! I always wanted to come to their amazing events, as I have only heard good news about the Besht Center.

  • Bronya Shaffer

    Most amazing woman. Pretty sure that Today was her husbands yahrzeit. Hashem should bench her to keep inspiring.

  • Chani Clapman

    We advitised all over the Internet. It was posted on Facebook and on, Thursday before the event! Sorry those who didn’t attend but iyh another event will be coming up very soon!!