Chabad Kids Commit to Massive Battle

Children from B’nos Menachem in Crown Heights excitedly looking at the school banner for the new Chayolei Tzivos Hashem program

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Last week, Lubavitcher schools worldwide began enrolling in the all-new Chayolei Tzivos Hashem, responding to a massive campaign roll-out. The elite brigade, exclusively for Lubavitcher children, marks a revolutionary new phase in the Rebbe’s vision for soldiers in Hashem’s army. In the first week since registration has opened, thousands of children have registered in over 20 schools worldwide. Schools register by emailing, and are reporting much excitement amongst the children who are eagerly awaiting their missions!

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It is with humbling Hashgocho Protis that although being planned for months, it was launched at this time. The Rebbe’s consistent response to tragedies and evil was to build and add in kedusho, and often with a special focus on children. They have a special power and their actions carry great weight.

The determination, planning and effort that these terrorists ym”sh showed in their “seeking” to harm Hashem’s people, we must show the same and more, in our determination and “seeking” to do good for other yidden. It is therefore extremely opportune and with great Hashgocho Elyoino that the theme of the month of Kislev was chosen to be “Gemilas Chassodim”, seeking to do good to others.

The children will be choosing personal missions to add in this area and the maasim tovim that thousands of children already registered will be doing this month, will be dedicated l’iluy Nishmas the Rebbe’s Shluchim – Kedoshim the Holzbergs HY”D.

The all-new Chayolei Tzivos Hashem is a joint project of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and Tzivos Hashem H.Q. and developed in partnership with It was made possible by a generous sponsorship from the Rohr Family Foundation in memory of Mrs. Sara Rohr ע”ה.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, in underlining the need for the program, explained that our own children need support and encouragement to become the committed Chassidim and shluchim of the future. The brigade admits to its ranks Lubavitcher boys and girls in Pre-1A through 7th grade.

In describing the goal of the new division, Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson of Tzivos Hashem Headquarters in New York quoted a neighborhood parent who fondly recalled his own experience as a soldier: “I was so proud to be a five-star general. The Rebbe saluted me!” the father of five remembers. “Today, twenty six years later, my own kids do not really identify as soldiers at all.”

The Rebbe explained his choice of an army in a 1982 letter to a hesitant supporter: “American children have been brought up on the spirit of independence and freedom and on the glorification of personal prowess and smartness” the Rebbe wrote.

“[T]he root of the problem is a lack of Kabolas Ol. I’ve thought long and hard about finding a way of inducing an American child to get used to the idea […]. I came to the conclusion that there is no better way than trying to effect a basic change in nature, through a system of discipline […]”

The Rebbe explained that each child would choose to enroll in Tzivos Hashem of his or her own volition. “For this method to be effective, it would be necessary that it should be freely and readily accepted without coercion.”

Chayolei Tzivos Hashem was developed over several years by an advisory board of school principals and program directors who worked together to revisit the Rebbe’s vision for Tzivos Hashem, develop it into an exciting army for our children and introduce it for the year of Hakhel.

While every Jewish child can become “a visible representative of Hashem’s Army to combat the Yetzer Hara and Goyishkeit,” soldiers in Chayolei Tzivos Hashem—the Rebbe’s elite brigade—have the added tasks of growing in Chassidishkeit and building Hiskashrus to their commanding general.

Chayolei Tzivos Hashem maximizes the role of a child’s teachers, principal and parents as the “base commanders” of the school’s local “base”. Operations are directed locally by each Chabad school and by MyShliach for children of shluchim who do not attend Lubavitch schools. Madrichim and Madrichos provide constant guidance and support on each base and schools hold monthly rallies for Chizuk, strategy and rewards.

A detailed system of ranks and recognition keeps soldiers passionate about their fight. “Tactical Support” including full base provisions and troop material is developed jointly by Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and Tzivos Hashem Headquarters.

According to the project launch presentation, troops will receive new campaigns and missions each month, focused on one of the four “battlefronts” referred to by the Rebbe, namely ימה, קדמה, צפונה and נגבה. Missions also follow the Rebbe’s relation of the “Four Legs of the Merkava.” – אברהם, יצחק, יעקב, דוד, and שרה, רבקה, רחל לאה.

To mark the campaign’s launch, 3 preview issues of the new Hachayol Magazine were distributed free to students. The magazine is published once a month and guides soldiers in discovering the meaning of a Rebbe and Chossid relationship and what is special about being a Lubavitcher Chossid.

Hachayol features mission information, biographies of Chassidim and the novel Chassidipedia that offers a thorough description of a concept in Chassidus. Hachayol can be personalized in each location with the logo and information of the local base.

A Lubavitch girls’ school principal underlined the significance of this vital undertaking by Merkos and Tzivos Hashem, and the impact it will have on our children’s chinuch.

“Chayolei Tzivos Hashem creates a powerful force of children, educators and families who can fight beside each other to bring Moshiach,” she said. “We remember the Sichos and rousing rallies. We saw the Rebbe’s obvious pride as his troops marched—banners held high; voices joining to recite the 12 pesukim. This, the Rebbe told us, would bring Moshiach.”

Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum of Tzivos Hashem and program coordinator for this campaign echoes her approach. “Now is when we need to take the fight to the street; to reinforce our own borders and battle the influences that have been building all around us for too long,” Rabbi Weinbaum says. “Our kids are ready to march forward and we are going to support them.”


  • 1. thankful parent wrote:

    Go Shimmy!
    Thank you to Merkos for taking care of OUR children!!

  • 2. upset wrote:

    Where is Bais Rivkah in all of this?
    How about Lubavitch Yeshiva?
    I haven’t heard anything about this from my children.
    Why is it always only one school involoved?

  • 5. an excited student! wrote:

    This is not for one school- this is for all the schools around the world! On our mission report it shows that 26 SCHOOLS have already joined!

  • 6. BR Children wrote:

    My kids is in Beis Rivkah — i would love her to be in this program… who do i call to make this happen?

  • 7. proud parent wrote:

    may this be the final assault to bring moshiach. mrs upset,please remember that only achdus counts in those difficult times.

  • 8. WOW! wrote:

    How beautiful!
    In Beth Rivkah Montreal we also have this wonderful program.
    We may not be living in Crown Heights but we get all the advantages.
    we also have a fantastic programs for our elementary maidalach, live it live, the rebbe’s kinder and a fabulous messibos shabbos program and much more!
    B.R.M certainly rox!

  • 9. proud sister wrote:

    its an amazing program, and my brother is the one who wrote the computer program for keeping track of the points, etc.!

  • 10. A parent in Bnos Menachem school wrote:

    Why aren’t the girls of grades 6&7 joining the program ? It would be a shame for them to be missing out on such a nice program!

  • 14. gertie wrote:

    beth rivkah should be a part of this i mean everyone school should be a part of this go what ever these kids did! yay!


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