Crown Heights Thinks – “Its Not Just a Good Idea…”

CROWN HEIGHTS , Brooklyn [CHI] — Posters saying Tznius “Not Just a Good Idea – it’s the law,” were plastered all over Crown Heights today, asking women and girls to dress modestly. The $1,700 campaign, was put together by the Tznius Poster Committee, which is under the umbrella of Nshei Chabad.

Full poster in the Extended Article!

The innovative, attractive poster about tznius was posted for this Shabbos Parshas Chaya Sarah, coinciding with the tremendously inspiring days of the shluchim’s convention.

“It’s not just a good idea – IT’S THE LAW!”    This refers to the halachas of tznius from the Torah.  

In the sefer “Kvuda bas Melech” (referred to in the poster) by Rabbi Moshe Weiner – “are assembled together all the rulings of the chachamim from the Talmud and latter codifiiers … each law clarified, with its source documentation.”

Rav  S.Z. Dworkin A“H (Mora D’asra of Lubavitch) in an approbabtion letter for this sefer  wrote – concerning a  ”breech in tznius“… and fencing it in…

”The breech:   There exists a serious breakdown in observance of standards of modesty in wormen’s dress as specified by the Torah…  due largely to ignorance.   But even those aware of the Halachic perspective …   are often confused as to which aspects are the absolute requirements of the law, which are based on minhag and which are hiddur… this frequently results in confusion as to the correct practice…

… And Rav Dworkin continues with a “demand that all Jewish women and girls obey all these [clarified] laws in their entirety, and that all men take care to ensure that all these Halachic requirements are observed within their households, speaking with ”soft words“ and yet with determination.”

And a couple of thoughts from the poster of the desirable effects of keeping tznius, are these promises :  from Chumash – “Hashem walks amidst you to SAVE you and to push away your enemies, so BE HOLY… ”   and the Rebbe’s assurances on the words of Gemorra and Zohar – that  “A WOMAN’S STRENGHTHENING THE  CONDUCT of TZNIUS
brings blessing in a definite way, for GOOD HEALTH, LIVELIHOOD AND NACHAS…” 

Very relative to  these special times – about which the Rebbe told us “The time of the geula has arrived” and “Our generation is the last of golus and the first of geulah” and “Heenay hu bah!” – is the REAL AND EMPOWERING promise – “In the zchus of the Nashim Tzidkanios we will be redeemed”!

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  • 1. ayl wrote:

    great idea.
    lets hope it will have great results.
    I think also that our girls have to be educated with more chasidus so they will love the “spirit” of these laws as opposed to feeling they are a burden.

    Please let the schools teach them chasidus in a way that will leave them thinking how their condact effects the whole seder hishtalshilus.

  • 5. Not just any law wrote:

    And it’s not just any law – it’s the essence of a Bas Yisroel. Many girls and women view Tznius the same way they view Chitas , Rambam and Mivtzoim – they are encouraged to learn Chitas and Rambam with more enthusiasm then they are taught to be Tzniusdig. Tznius has to be our number one priority.

  • 6. Oh Please wrote:

    OH! I was about to go around not Tznius, but now that I saw the sign I will dress more modestly. Thanks poster people!

  • 7. G-d-s Right Hand Man wrote:

    It is torah, mitzvos,and clothes that garb the daughters of israel to accomplish the will of g-d and make the world a dwelling place for his aderes and tiferes !

  • 8. Tired of THe Tznus Fight wrote:

    Its disgusting. Its disgusting that lubavitcher women want to look like goyim. There is a difference btw looking like a goya and looking like a neb. and btw, did the women who put up the poster, what do their clothes look like?? are they in good condition??? And how do the women who dress not so tznius or think they are dressing tznius but really look nebach, how do their husbands deal with it and why dont they say something and buy their wife new clothes???! HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY! If you cant walk in front of the Rebbe in it, DONT WEAR IT!

  • 13. action is the main thing wrote:

    attention me: obviously all you do all is think about what you ‘could’ do with $1700, but you don’t do anything.
    Oh sorry, you do let out hot air.


  • 14. tznius maidel wrote:

    look the poster probably wont change the way the girls who dress not tznius feel, but it will surely make a statement that lubavitch doesnt thinkits okay to be untznius. other chassidish jews think that lubavitch is modern, thats why they get very upset when one of theirs becomes lubavitch, but these signs make the statement that lubavitch is frum, not modern..
    there may be people who call themselves lubavitch that dont actually act like lubavitchers…. so thats their problem. maybe they should find someone they look up to and get their priorities straight.
    gut voch!!

  • 15. chana wrote:

    who put these signs up? who approved them the rabonim?since when is this a chasidishe approach? you are quoting the Rebbe, Reb ZS Dworkin, and the torah. how about checking with them if this is the proper approach. the Rebbe gave very specific directive of how to deal with this issue, y dont we just follow that. people dont need to live in ch for this type of life. there r other sects of Judaism and neighborhoods for ppl to go and abide by these type of signs. and y not tell the men not to touch their beards, and not to where tight fitting clothing etc. this is so gehtto like, and klein keppeldik. it does not deal with the core issue. we need mashpiem, we need role models! there needs to be ppl we can look up to and speak to, and that have knowledge and inspiration to speak to us. speak to the woman and girls, inspire them. encourage the men to ensure this as u say “ with soft words, and yet with determination”. this is humiliating, telling ppl in the street for all practical purposes to put on stockings!? how do u think that will work? what about the outsiders that see these signs? how do u think they will feel? well the same way they feel about coming to any closed off frum neighborhood like, new square. so it wont do much for nishei ubnos chabad and it wont help bring others closer to chabad. what is the goal? this is so ugly!v

  • 16. OH PLEASE! wrote:

    oh please again:





  • 17. not chrown hightser wrote:

    it is a good idea but we are becomeing like Mah sharem stoning people whith short slevs.

  • 18. Is this the Chassidic way? wrote:

    This campaign is full of good intenions, yet it like talking AT people instead of to them and with them. This does not feel like the spirit of Chassidus. We need to teach people from within, we need to inspire, we need to show people the beauty and rewards of Tznius instead of shouting at them that its the law. Someone who doesnt care enough to cover their elbows will not dress more modestly because it says so on a poster on a street pole. While it’s encouraging to see that people care about Tznius and are willing to invest in it, I wonder if such campaigns are creating extremes. This doesn’t speak to someone who does not dress appropriately, while it makes the frum frummer. I think that if somehow people heard the special advantages of Tznius and felt the beauty of it, they would dress more modestly.

    In any case, kol hakavod to those who care and work to help all grow in Tznius.

  • 19. disgusted by what I see wrote:

    where can we contribute to this campaign?
    at the kotel I saw young seminary looking girls going over to women not dressed appropriately and blocking them, with their physical being, to not let them get past the promenade dressed this way. maybe we get some women in kan tziva to do the same on the streets.,,,or go over tot he husbands and fathers of these street-walker looking types.

  • 20. Cool! wrote:

    Wow this is great!!!!

    Beautiful posters with an important message!

    Money well spent.

  • 21. BP yid wrote:

    I can’t wait to one day walk on Kingston Ave without feeling utterly sad by the tznius situation.

  • 22. from the shchuna wrote:

    I dont think these signs were intended to instantly turn switches in the minds of girls to dress more modestly BUT this is one step in the right direction one step toward awareness of what is right and what simply can not be tolerated!

    To “CHANA” it might not be the most pleasant or effective way of encouraging people, its a bit bold and in your face, but you know what so are those women and girls who walk down the streets of kingston ave. forcing themselves to look confident and unperturbed by what other people think of them while in fact they are quite uncomfortable (aside from the unfortunate cases where the individual is so totally desensitized)
    It is unnatural for a jewish girl (let alone a frum jewish girl) to walk around the was some girls are allowing themselves to look.


    But you are right its not enough to discourage bad behavior we must find equally creative ways in which to encourage and promote good behavior.

  • 23. Former CHer wrote:

    Actually the posters are a great idea. Unfortunately there are women and girls that don’t dress properly. I’m sure that if they had to pass by the Rebbe for a dollar they would first change their clothing. Maybe with all these posters they will feel uncomfortable and self-consious and think twice about what they put on before they go out of their house. This is not about turning CH into a klein shtetl or about dictating to the people what to do. This is simply the truth. There are always those that don’t like to be told what to do. That is why they dress improperly to begin with.
    A girl that “went through the system” really does know better, however they are not always careful with what they choose to wear, or they think it’s not so bad and they can get away with it. The women and girls of CH are role models. Not that they chose to be, but they were chosen. People come to CH from all over the world. Some are frum and some are not. What they see in CH, to them, is what a Lubavitcher looks like. That is why the women and girls of CH are role models. We also must not forget that B“H many women and girls do dress properly and it’s only a minority that doesn’t.Unfortunately many times it’s the minority that stands out. Iy”H let us hope that the minority will become like the majority and may the Rebbe take us out of golus speedily. Amen!

  • 24. yates ha-cohen wrote:

    why is this behavior any different than the taliban’s religous policing of afganistan?

    oh wait its not..

  • 25. DallasJew wrote:

    many of you have it all wrong. bottom line is nothing will change and for good reason. CH is mixed up with no derech klali. no rabonim to look up too. no rebbe (yes flag bearers – no rebbe shees), no leadership, well there is leadership but until they all get their act together you can forget about sznius issues being resolved.

    Yes, the poster is a nice effort indeed, abit late, but I guess money well spent if for anything maybe a reminder that its just not proper.

  • 26. Good Stuff. wrote:

    WHOO HOO!!!! Check out the Benefits of keeping this stuff!

    GOOD HEALTH!- Important, LIVELIHOOD! -Husbands thats great!


    ENEMIES? Also good.

    Not a Bad Idea! Not a Bad idea at all..

    It’s cool yeah!

  • 27. The REAL problem. wrote:

    Does anyone understand the core issue here at hand?

    Let me put it in “abc” (like “Joe the Plumber” style):

    many women and girls who choose to dress this way are not doing it because “they don’t know better”, they KNOW the Halacha. Rather, they are doing it because they lack self confidence, because they are insecure about themselves.

    Maybe it is because their parents and teachers don’t make them feel important, maybe it is because their husbands don’t compliment them enough and even make them feel unimportant. Whatever the reason, it causes them to search for identity in other ways, in other words: they need to feel “noticed”.

    In order to feel “noticed”, they feel that they have to attract attention to themselves, and they accomplish just that by dressing immodestly. (Or should I say “promiscuously”?)

    One who is self-confident does not need SOMEBODY ELSE to establish their importance, it is ALREADY established.

    Ladies and gentlemen: (especially those working in the N’shei campaign) this problem has to be tackled from WITHIN!

    If you are parents, make your children feel important; If you are a husband, make your wife feel important. If you are a teacher, (especially in a girls school in Crown Heights) make your students feel precious and worthy. Make them feel important so that they don’t have to seek other ways to feel secure. Oh, and most of all, don’t put others down to establish your own importance!

    As far as the “signs” are concerned…

    I don’t know who’s idea it was, but putting these signs up is exactly like putting up signs stating: “Attention everyone, stop being depressed”. Yeah, it is ridiculous! It makes those people who have been trying to get their Tznius message across feel good, but it does NOT solve the problem.

  • 29. Tznius & over 25 wrote:

    I hope it works but I am notsure it’ll make a difference…yet. It’s a very good start, something is actually being done. Now the next thing is to make sure that there are women & girls with enough bravado & WHO ALWAYS LOOK NICE!! to direct the non-tznius females to these posters. They should have card with names & #’s so if anyone wants to discuss the inyan or find out anything there are NORMAL people to speak to.

    Crazy ladies shrieking at people in the street won’t work but maybe this will.

  • 30. curious wrote:

    well i went to CH and i did not see anything that warrants such posters. the girls who wore pants are obviously ‘modern“or not Lub. so what’s the problem?Lots of non-rel groups also live or visit that area. Now I also went to Boro Park(I am not from NY)and there surely is a difference between the girls there and CH.You can tell they are really religious or very ”modest“looking.This is just an outsiders observation.Their outward appearance is very Chassidic looking.But in CH they look more hip and ”with it”.So I am one of the ignorant ones.Is there something wrong with looking with it?Or more in style?The girls or young women in B.P look way older then their actual age.Is this the goal?

  • 32. Mendy Hecht wrote:

    These posters are ineffective.

    The people who dress tznius don’t need them.

    The people who dress untznius don’t read them.

  • 33. it concerns Everyone!!! wrote:

    are they making posters for the men too??? what about the way they look with the bottom of their pants torn…or their beards….i mean no beards or shirts that are so tight you can see the no tzitzes!!!! it’s not just the women and girls.

  • 34. Immature wrote:

    I think this campain is headed in the right direction. I agree that we should look for other ways to inspire people. One good thing that will come out of this, is the people who aren’t dressed tzniusly will be more self-consious and think twice before putting on a certain garment of clothing. And responding to those teenagers and women who will just roll their eyes and say oh please-there is one word to why they do so-IMMATURITY! if you are mature you own up to the choices you make. and in this case you have halacha against you. So you are in the WRONG.

  • 35. 2nd year married husband - RE broker nyc wrote:

    Lubavitch girls/women that dress not tzniuslly are an abomination – we need to banish them from Kingston Ave and public view so they understand that they are a very bad affect on our community especially the men and the children.

    Even in Lubavitch we have RED LINES. Everything, does not go for the sake of not turning away someone from yidishkeit! If a woman would be crazy enough to come on Shabbos to a chabad House (even in FL or California) in a Bikini or in shorts – wouldn’t a Shlucha come up to her and try to cover her up or ask her to leave ? I would assume so, because that would be a RED line that was crossed. Now Crown Heights Brooklyn “The Shchuna” also should have RED lines. Obvious displays of immodesty from local girls/ woman should not be tolerated. This is an assault on our community. In the same way how we ask missionaries to leave Kingston Ave we need to be just as vigilant with woman dressed not modestly. It’s really not important that their feelings will be hert etc.. b/c its serves a greater good for the community.

    IF we realize the extent of the damage that girls and woman cause by walking around dressed immodestly then we can take the proper action.

  • 36. Use your seichel wrote:

    To 2nd yr married RE in NYC

    You sound off the wall. Banish people from Kingston…how??? Should we stone them, install video cameras to spy on offenders, grab them & bundle them into speeding cars?

    In the Chabad Houses I’ve been (inc my own kids’) the Shluchim may quietly offer a woman a skirt instead of the short shorts she’s wearing just so the guest doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but they would not ask her to leave. Think about the effect that would have!!!

    Contrary to your views, Lubavitch is not a Taliban-type organization..yet. Stay in NYC, a truly modest & respectful place.

  • 37. Very good? wrote:

    Yeah its not just a good idea its the law very good and more people will notice it , Girl’s and women should DRESS more modestl’y because there Frum and jewish either they get nagative attotion: at home or its just there way of thinking

    Tell your parents NO collage NO Collage Tell your parents to DRESS good DRESS Good , Well , They’s parents all watch tv and they expect there kids not to watch it and dress like them people in tv so Get THE TV out the HOUSE Get the tv out the HOUSE!

  • 38. 2nd year married husband - RE broker nyc wrote:

    To Use your seichel:

    We need to do have a tznius patrol that will firmly ask them to leave. You say :“Think about the effect that would have!”
    Thats exactly what I say, Think about the effect it will have on our men and children if we continue to allow Kingston to be a mardi gras parade.

  • 39. EVERYONE! wrote:

    if everyone thinks it is not gonna work… MAKE IT WORK, ITS UP TO EVERYONE!

  • 40. reader wrote:

    “A man often tries to conquer, i.e., to confront and overpower other individuals.In contrast, a woman typically presents a concept tranquilly and peaceably, with modest understatement, thus more effectively allowing her listeners to join her in appreciating its worth.” (A Partner In The Dynamic Of Creation)
    Before Gimel Tamuz, there were posters in 770 about women covering their hair-these posters were in the women’s section of 770-not on the street. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for this poster to be in 770 and other shuls, the mikva, etc-not the street?

  • 41. chana grossman wrote:

    hi i have a suggestion find out why they are dressing untznius first maybe they are lacking in another area for example not enough freedom to do kosher things always told no when there could be a compromise,also for the married women they want to look nice and want more praise as there is much outside influence e,g internet video i pod may be there not having enough attention at home every night when kids quiet or busy take phone of the hook switch of every thing else and talk, talk for half hour catch up how the day was then the women won,t have to look else ware if they have the attention at home give the young girls more activities swimming art cooking,ice skating obviously rented out specially for jewish kids put jewish music on then the kids will be happy the kids want non jewish music compromise give them shlock rock or other jewish tapes with a beat its just a faze they grow out of it we did well good luck with your kids life not perfect but we can try without out a fight to be proud of are girls and wives

  • 42. post sem girl wrote:

    wowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee this place is surely on a roll. deff. s/t interesting to read…. can’t wait to come to ch, and take pics next to the signs like we do in meah shearim and geulah!!!!! great for the rourists!


    I JUST SAW SOMEONE TEARING DOWN A FEW POSTERS! Who know how many he tore down. HOW I M M A T U R E !

    So you want to curb freedom of speech, do ya!? This is like an action you would expect from Meah Sh’arim. WOW! What a pity.

  • 44. Chanie G. wrote:

    OK so here is the answer, since it is true the woman and girls want attention then lets give it to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will go stand on kingston avenue with a rack of tziniusdik skirts and blouses, and anyone who is dressed not to par, who walks bye, I will be there with a BIG LOUD speaker and offer them a tzniusdik blouse or skirt or stockings!!!

    and yes there will be ppl not liking it but the situation will improve, as the rebbe says “Hamysa who Haikur”

  • 45. don-t judge wrote:

    Unfortunately, I know of several cases of girls and women who do not dress tznius because they were molested (such behavior is a side effect of abuse). These posters unfortunately will not help them. Put yourself in other people’s shoes before you judge them. These loud posters do not address people’s feelings and do not encourage people to dress tanius. Being warm and friendly to your fellow Jew encourages women or girls to be tznius instead of looking down on how people are dressed.

  • 47. concerned CH mother wrote:

    Rabbi Dworkin, a“h, wrote: ”But even those aware of the Halachic perspective … are often confused as to which aspects are the absolute requirements of the law, which are based on minhag and which are hiddur… this frequently results in confusion as to the correct practice…“ In the girls’ schools today there are requirements that the girls must dress in certain ways that are actually the minhag of the school, and go beyond the actual halachos of tznius, yet the girls are told that they must dress this way to be tznius. Then, when the girls realize that the laws of tznius differ from what has been forced upon them, unfortunately, many of them r”l reject tznius in its entirety.
    If we want the girls to dress in accordance with the laws of tznius then we must be honest with them, and tell them that what the schools require, “a, b, and c”, is the school’s own dress code (of course it incorporates the laws of tznius), although halacha only requires “x, y, and z”. Unfortunately, the schools don’t seem to be following what Rav Dworkin said.
    Another problem is when the girls have teachers who dress tznius in school, but then see those same teachers in the bungalow colonies without socks and with a tichel halfway off the head, or exercise-walking in and around Crown Heights with only short socks on.

  • 48. A Forner Crown Heighter wrote:

    To all you out there who think this is not the way, do you have better ideas it has gone toooo far. Their is no respect for clear halachos so at this point we must do everything we can to raise awareness on the blatant lack of tznius. I was in CH this Shabbos and was shocked by how bad this problem really is


  • 49. A Shliach wrote:

    Most of you totally don’t get it. An important aspect of marketing is to know the dynamic of whom you are approaching – and tailor your marketing as such. This type of advertising DOES NOT and WILL NOT work, and will, in fact, make things worse. A total waste of money – albeit with good intentions.

    Think of the women and girls who are not dressing tznius – do you think that they’re not dressing tznius because they think it’s ok? Do you think they missed all the previous bulletins and classes? They’re doing it because they think it makes them feel good.

    If, instead, you tailor your approach to the problems – the low self-esteem, the influence of society-at-large (i.e. media, TV, fashion magazines, Youtube, etc.)you may actually make inroads – one by one.

  • 50. ad mosia! wrote:

    ok the only people who can talk are the women themself,me as a chassidish girl “in the system” and not one oneof those girls walking around withoout socks can say in our day and a ge its almost ipossible to find a cloths that are toatlly tzniuse, e/o has there nisoyon,i know many of these girls persanally and yes i can admis,alot of it has to do with A LOW SELF ESTEEM AND MESSED UP HUSBENDS AND BOYFRIENDS WHO ENCOURAGE THIS!YES THEY LIKE WHEN ALL THERE FRIENDS CHECK OUT THERE WIVES AND SAY HOW HOT SHE IS!so what do u expect?these girls are encourged by there husbands!yes it is totally embarresing for me as a lubavitcher but we must remember afew things: u have no right to judge the nissiyonos of others buuuuuuuut there has to be a way to stop s/t that is affecting other innocent ppl.maby explain to these girls and women that they should stick up for themselfs against there shallow husbends and boyfriends!im telling u my husbend wont like if other guys would look @ me!and anothe rthing,the reson the guys tzniuse is going down ex: open shirts,skinny pants and tight tees is a} in style and b} they are getting affectd by the women!

  • 51. post sem girl wrote:

    to just curious:
    no the aim here is not to make girls dress like they do in boro park. but the aim is to get us to be dressing tznius, you can be hip and with it, and tznius at the same time. as long as it follows the requirements of halacha which are: covering collar bone, knees, elbows, and covering legs beneath the knees with socks or tight… also not wearing provacative clothing that brings attention to our private parts, because those are holy and to be reserved for certain relationships…
    the schools should be teaching the beauty in tznius not just screaming at the girls from time to time, whenever the principal is frustrated.

    and yes i agree, the situation with bochurim is very sad too.
    the running after fashion that they do is not befitting for a bochur. you can look good and put together without a tight fitting jacket and pants…. it actually looks pretty sickening to wear it tight if you ask me.
    and the lack of tzitzis!!! so sad for me to hear this… wear has the emunah and bitachon gone??

    i really do agree with chana grossman about the reason, you know how parents and shcools get so caught up that they want their child to be chassidish… they dont defrentiate to the child what is halacha and what is the extra to be mikushar to the rebbe. this should be told to them, obviously in a way that they will want to be chassidish too. but once thehy are in their teens and they are asking to go skating with friends, or go bowling, or listen to music that is not nigunim, there is no use in holding it back from them, youa re only creating a terrible problem – that they will hate yiddishkeit….

    but the truth is we just need moshiach now!!
    good luck all parents out their!!

  • 52. to the point wrote:

    The lack of tznius in Crown Heights has absolutely NOTHING to do with girls and women not knowing the law. EVERYONE knows the law – the problem is that they don’t care. It is essentially a lack of yiras shamayim. It is one area where no one will openly shun them for not following halacha – tznius is, unfortunately, and area of halacha that a girl can easily get away with breaking.

  • 53. Out of Towner wrote:

    I live in an out of town neighborhood on the outskirts of a larger frum community. The Shliach/Rabbi of our shul has many daughters, his youngest 2 close in age to my own. My daughters can’t believe how unTznius these Rabbi’s daughters dress. Tight skirts, that are too short, tight to low tops. Definetly not Bas Melech material. My daughters are always amazed at their lack of Tznious when they are in shul! I don’t understand how this Rabbi and Rebbetzin allow their daughters to dress this way – it is disgusting!

  • 54. Dress well and your all fine! wrote:

    To people who think dressing unmodest’ly

    Well i’ll tell you something Well covering the neckbone nee’s
    arm’s and all the dressing well!

  • 55. TO ALL WHO THINK ITS BAD! wrote:

    Excuse me: to all who think this poster is bad

    you know nothing its better to
    make kids tziuns and dress well
    than by a car and houses




    By the way is saw this werid guy taking down the posters
    hes really werid


  • 56. Tznius forever! wrote:

    I really impressed when I saw the Tznius poster this shabbos. It shows that someone cares enough about our girls to do something to direct them back to kedusha.

    If the sign said something like “eat kosher- it’s the law” or “don’t murder – it’s the law” I doubt anyone who considers him/herself to be frum would have taken offence, becuase we all know that we just don’t transgress those laws.

    Somehow, some of our neighbors C“VS think that Tznius has become OPTIONAL. Ladies (and men) Tznius is NOT optional. It is a Torah commandment, and you have to ADMIT to yourself that dressinig immodestly is in violation of the Torah. Just like C”VS eating treif, or any other violation of the Torah.

    Are you old enough to remember the lines for Dollars? Don’t you remember the shawls and housecoats that were handed to immodestly dressed women who came to the Rebbe? Women did not stand before the Rebbe in short skirts or sleevless tops. So WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN STAND IN FRONT OF HASHEM like that?!?!?

    Or maybe you don’t realise that “there is an Eye that sees”?

    Tznius is crucial for the wellbeing of every Jewish woman and girl, (and BTW men and boys ALSO have tznius requirements such as beards, yarmulkeh and Tzitzis) and the Rebbe told us repeatedly how all the brachos come to a family in the ZECHUS of the wife and mother.

    So let me ask you, is your precious little Mushky or Mendele important enough that you would sacrifice everything you have, including your life, to save theirs? What mother wouldn’t? And if you would give your life for your child, how about just covering your ERVAH so all the your teffilos for the health and wellbeing of your precious children should be answered without the barricade of ERVAH coming in the way?

    No we don’t want to throw you out of the schunah. That would defeat the purpose. We want to help you get back to being the girl/woman that the Rebbe was so proud of.

    Everyone knows you are obviously are rebelling, although we don’t know the exact source – maybe it’s against a hypocritical teacher, a mother you didn’t get along with, some creep who hurt you, or even what you perceive to be a lack of freedom of choice due to the dictates of the Torah to “Choose Life” – but whatever the source of your internal conflict, it doesn’t help to perpetuate the pain. Instead, you have to learn to fight darkness with light. It’s time to grow up, and either keep ALL the Torah, or admit to yourself that you are not frum, let alone a Chosid (because you are blatantly violating the Torah, and going against what the Rebbe wants).

    So please stop venting. Frum is frum, and a modern orthodox Lubavitcher Chossid is an oxymoron. A Chosid has to live Above and Beyond the letter of the law.

    Don’t condemn those of us who actually love you and care enough to want to guide you back to the path of Torah. We want to help you back to your rightful pedestal – the lofty role of a Propper Jewish Woman.

    Tznius forever!

  • 57. MJ wrote:

    I was at a l’chaim tonight that involved a prominent CH family. While we love and revere the kallah’s mother and are not blaming her, the l’chaim was really awful– goyishe disco and Latin music was continuously played, and many of the women had low-plunging necklines, etc. To give you an idea HOW bad it was, a beardless young man asked me whether I was a collector! (I guess since I was dressed like a Chabadnik, I stood out like a sore thumb and thus must have appeared like a collector to him.) Oh the yeridas hadoros!

  • 58. RIGHTS wrote:

    Did anyone ever think of the words “free will” and “choices”???Did it ever occurto you that just because you want to impose your will on women, they will hop to it or perhaps not?Are you joking?You think these individuals are simply ignorant?I think the person with the loud speaker needs some medication as well.Regardless of why they want to dress in a particular manner, it still remains WITHIN THE CONTROL of the woman and her CHOICE.You may find it an abomination and prevent girls from walking on Kingston, but guess what???This is still the USA and not Afghanistan and you cannot forbid anything. They have rights.I agree that the clothes may not be in accordance to Jewish law, but it is their choice to sin or not….NOT YOURS.To all the control freaks, I hate to burst your bubble but you can suggest and put posters up-it is still a choice!

  • 59. wrote:

    u’r taking the wrong approach
    all these CH stores on kingston or wherever, should stop selling not tznius clothing – dont give the excuse that u need to accomodate e/o becuz anyone hu wants ripped jeans or tight,open necked t-shirts is gonna go to any mannhatten store or wtvr – so give up on it!!! u’r wasting u’r money

  • 60. Crown Heights Modesty Police wrote:

    I think that all of you have forgotten that you are in a free society that has in place ONE set of laws to protect us from persecution.
    How do you think this is different from what Muslims do?
    How does this look to civil rights authorities?, to other Jews?, to non Jews?
    If you want to live in a closed society where you hide women from public view, please go start your own country.
    In this country we arrest people who oppress others, and look at those who oppress women as especially sick.
    If you think that any woman who doesn’t dress in a burkah is immodest, please get out of my country!
    You make me ashamed to be a Jew honestly.

    I only wish the Rebbe was here to see the madness that goes on in his name.


    dumbo this is something good to spend it on go home your


  • 62. SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    OMG i Think these posters are Crazy.
    I dont think its helping the sit.
    Why can’t people live free life????????
    When i was just in Crown Heights i saw the posters and putting them up is not going to help and i know that from my self. You can’t make people do anything your not in there shoes.
    I think these posters should b taken down.

  • 63. former bais rivka student wrote:

    It really upsets me that throughout all the many years I went to bais rivkah, i never knew (according to what it says on the poster) what the chumash says about tzniyus!!
    Bais Rivka really has to teach tzniyus in a positive way (like by explaining all the sources for it), and not just in a negative way!

  • 64. Thank for creating that BUZZ! wrote:

    Just seeing all the comments shows how magnificent and brilliant a project this has been. Well of course all those hurt by the sight of such posters are against it! Yes, you are the ones that these posters are targeting! It’s good you had seen them! Nobody expects change overnight but it did light a chord in your brain.

    Why is it that we feel tznius is only bringing embarresment to the Rebbe? It is against Torah and Yiddishkeit! Your unjust choice of clothing tells more about you then anything else. It shows that your are lacking Kedusha in your home and all over!!! Don’t start justifying all the people who don’t dress appropriately. There is no justification. Suddenly they all have some sort of history…. halevai you should be dan lkaf zchus when needed.

    The Torah is not a pick your choice game! Why are you so afraid of all the gedurim initiated by our chachamim or Rabbaim that encourage us and help us keep to this princely gift bestowed upon us? Would you refuse someone a life of tranquility where he would take over all your burdens and worries if you worked for him from 9 to 5? H’ is offering us everything in exchange for tznius (Igros K’ 26) and you are denying it to your self and children! You don’t let the Rebbe rest in peace (and then you still have the chutzpa to go and ask the rebbe to intervene on your behalf???)! You are a selfish thief!

    Kol Hakovod! Everyone that does anything for the sake of tznius will see only nachas(Igros K’ 26)! And, az es tut vy shrait men!!! Hatzlocha rabba and may we be zocha that the Shina hakdosha be taken out of this bitter galus where we will follow and may it be brachamim!

  • 65. timtum hamoach wrote:

    To contain our pnimius we need to have a proper chitzoinius otherwise we are like a broken vessel and nothing is contained… So why are YOU getting so carried away by a poster with some halachic guidelines? Were you in dire straits would you be balking at a financial advisor offering YOU some good money making tips???
    It’s high time we start recognizing that if cholov akim can bring timtem halev then not abiding to tznius in dress and action brings not only timtum halev but also timtum hamoach!

  • 66. Chazak V-Ametz!!! wrote:

    I agree creating the Buzz is sometimes what wakes us up from our deep slumber. We are definitely in need of anything that will awaken us. Let it be posters, letters, speeches but not ch“v tzar that will bring home the message! Tznius is our shield! Tzaddikim have said that what Torah is for men Tznius is for women! Torah helps the world go on and so does modesty.
    Why do we opt to say that tznius clothing is hard to find when Chassidshe women all over are dressed appropriately and there is an overload of seamstresses? It’s a matter of opening your eyes to the truth. You may be wearing the wrong glasses….
    Thank you for all those posters or whatever else is still on your agenda. Chazak V’Ametz!!!
    Do it for your self and your family! For Lubavitch as a whole! For the Rebbe and of course for H’! That is what ”Tzivos Hashem” is all about!!!
    The Rebbe had said we were shluchim on a mission. Change yourself and you have changed the world.

  • 67. kol Hakavod. History made in CH! wrote:

    These posters are great! They are making History in Crown Heights. Tznius Revolution! SOURCES- for all us Bais Rivkah Students who never got that in school and were begging for it. Kol Hakavod to the Poster peaple. The Rebbe is smiling and you will be blessed for it!

  • 68. To SHOCKED:dress modest-ly u better wrote:

    To SHOCKED: you low life your right in one way and wrong in another way well surrtent reasons you can judge
    anyone can put up posters however much they want where how can
    its a free country just becuase you tell people off
    you think your great Its a jewish frum place to be
    and people here HAVE TO DRESS MODEST“LY OK
    you have no right to say those posters should be takin down
    yeah wait till you put up posters and someon else will put it down than YOU”LL get all angry so not you have NOTHING to say!

  • 69. posters please wrote:

    How about hanging these posters in all schools for students and teachers to see and learn? How about mailing it to every shlucha across the globe? How about giving them out to every chosson kallah?
    Did you know that a brocha made in front of a man when dressed inappropriately is a brocha l’vatula? Husbands, how are you making kiddush in front of your wives, daughters, daughters-in-law etc????
    Do you know that when you walk the streets exposing an area that needs to be covered you are michshel a father, husbsnd, bucher etc???? (it might be your own son or family member)

  • 70. Tzvi Freeman wrote:

    Heipech hatznius to put such a poster on streets frequented by bochurim. Furthermore, all it does is makes those who keep “the law” feel good about themselves, and those who aren’t so careful feel like dropping it altogether.

  • 71. Chana Gittel - Philly wrote:

    Crown Heights is supposed to be a pinnacle of frumkeit. Especially for newly frum people. An inspiration and education. I applaud any effort made to improve the level of kadusha and enable people to be uplifted and inspired when they visit. At least if a person sees someone not tzinus they can also see the posters and know that there are people who care and don’t agree with such behavior. Do the naysayers have a better idea? Let’s hear it. May Hashem help us all to do his mitzvos and live by his Torah to the best of our ability.


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