Builder Flees & 40 Hasidic Families Face Eviction in Brooklyn Swindle

William Sherman – NY Daily News

The article as it appears on the home page of the Daily News

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — More than 40 Brooklyn families face eviction and foreclosure on condos they bought from a developer who pulled off a massive swindle and then fled the country.

The families, all Hasidim from Crown Heights, paid developer Eliyahu Ezagui – one of their own – for the apartments before they were built at two sites: 770 Lefferts Ave. and 613 East New York Ave.

“We trusted him, we thought we knew him, he told us he had the blessing of the grand rabbi. We had contracts, so we gave him the money,” said Jeff Minsky, who lives at 613 with his wife and six children.

Ezagui, 47, did not give the buyers deeds when construction was completed in what is the single biggest local case of subprime mortgage fraud on record.

Instead, Ezagui deeded 64 apartments to himself, his father, his mother, his wife and two business associates.

The Ezagui group then used the deeds to take out more than $15 million in owner-occupied mortgages from 15 lenders, including Ameriquest Mortgage Co., Olympia Funding and Chase.

Mortgage payments have not been made and the real apartment owners have received foreclosure notices.

“I had every intention of transferring the deeds to the investors, but the project didn’t work out,” said Ezagui, now living in Jerusalem with his wife, Reina, and four children.

In a telephone interview, Ezagui said he obtained the mortgages, including 13 in his mother’s name, to pay off more than $3.3million in loans he took out to finance construction of the two buildings.

When he couldn’t sell all theapartments immediately, he said, he took out more loans and mortgages to continue financing the project.

“I hurt my parents, my family and I destroyed everything,” said Ezagui. “I was stuck and it hurts and I feel sorry for those people.”

Ezagui said he was a trusted man in the close-knit Crown Heights community. Apartment buyers interviewed agreed and said because of that trust, they had no lawyers when they signed their purchase agreements.

“We were stupid. We should have had lawyers. We know that now, but we believed him,” Minsky said.

Ezagui portrayed himself as a devout man and played on the religious sensitivities of the apartment purchasers, all members of the Lubavitcher Hasidim.

For example, the late Lubavitcher leader, Grand Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, is thought by many followers to be the Messiah. Ezagui named his building’s corporation Chaisom Inc. Chaisom, which means “live here,” is also Mosiach – Hebrew for Messiah – spelled backward.

And the addresses he chose, 770 and 613, have religious significance: 770 Eastern Parkway is Lubavitcher world headquarters; 613 is the number of laws God gave Moses.

Over the years, the apartment buyers learned Ezagui had a life outside Crown Heights. He owned a house in Miami, where his wife and children lived, and was chief executive of 12 corporations, records show.

“He was living the Hollywood life down there when he wasn’t here – big car, fancy clothes, the works,” Minsky said.

Apartment owners began moving into the buildings in 2000. The foreclosure notices started to show up in 2007.

Jakov Osdoba, a teacher and rabbi who lives at 770 Lefferts with his wife and seven children, said he paid Ezagui $100,000 about 10 years ago “because he said he would help me so I could have a home and raise a family.”

“Then we moved in and when I asked Ezagui for the deed, he was evasive. He said, ‘Give me time, I have to work things out,’” Osdoba said.

On Jan. 18, Osdoba received a foreclosure letter stating that Ezagui’s mother, Freha, had defaulted on a $277,824 mortgage taken on his apartment.

“I was shocked. I never met Freha Ezagui,” Osdoba said. “I haven’t told my children what’s going on. I don’t have the money to pay this mortgage. Where can we go?”

Schneur Hertzel, married with five children, paid $100,000 for his three-bedroom condo at 770 Lefferts. Somehow Freha Ezagui obtained a $370,000 mortgage on the premises.

“No appraiser ever came here, nobody rang the bell,” said Hertzel, a teacher.

As word of the pending foreclosures heated up in the community last summer, Ezagui abruptly left for Israel.

“I’m bankrupt,” said Ezagui. “I would come back [to the U.S] if I could straighten this out.”

David Frankel, Ezagui’s lawyer and a vice president of Chaisom, denied all liability for himself. He said he was at the mortgage closings, but claimed he did not draw up the original purchase contracts.

Ezagui said Frankel did draw up the contracts, knew of the multiple mortgages and handled the closings.

Last year, more than 20 apartment owners hired lawyer Robert Tolchin to fight foreclosure and press claims against the lenders and the Ezaguis.

“Ezagui was running a Ponzi scheme,” Tolchin said. “The real apartment owners are left holding the bag.”

As was true nationally, the swirl of easy mortgage cash found in the Ezagui case occurred with little government oversight.

Fourteen months ago, lawyer Marshall Schiff detailed the scheme in a three-page letter to Kenneth DeMario, head of the state attorney general’s Real Estate Financing Bureau. Schiff asked the state to intervene.

There was no investigation. According to Tolchin, DeMario said his bureau had no investigators to do the work.

Last week, a spokesman for the state attorney general told the Daily News that prosecutors are looking into the matter.

“Adding it all up, the banks, brokers, the lack of regulation, and trusting buyers – it was the perfect storm for a swindle,” Tolchin said.

‘Where can we go?’ asks Jakov Osdoba. He and wife, Miriam – along with their seven kids – are facing eviction from 770 Lefferts Ave. (below)



  • 1. CHer wrote:

    He should be run out of the community!!! (kids kicked out of school, stores shouldn’t sell to him, etc.)

    Glad the NYDN posted the story… It’s the only way ppl in this community wake up!!!

  • 2. Mazal wrote:

    Wow, so orthodox Jews aren’t suppose to do this to each other but I guess everyone is corrupt!

  • 3. don-t trust anyone wrote:

    What a chillul hashem. It’s a sad day when you can’t even trust your own kind. It would be even sadder if I considered MR Ezagui one of my own kind.

  • 4. worried wrote:

    Go to Israel, knock him out and bring him back to face justice, lets see the Shmira gangsters do something positive with their force.

    On a more serious note, the community has to unite to save the situation, just like 20 years ago the community used the power to do trouble to someone else, so too they should do now.

  • 5. CMT wrote:

    It’s sick how these chazzerim pull the Rebbe into all their garbage anyone in our community that helps or covers for him should get the same treatment as him.

  • 6. CHer wrote:

    Oh and i hope the District Attorney begins a Grand Jury investigation into his dealings!!

  • 8. fraida wrote:

    just a sick thing to do
    and you wouldnt believe its a jew
    shame on you and your family….
    god sees everything
    and what comes around goes around but something must be done so that noone else should try such a thing or even think about trying such a thing

  • 10. AD MOSAI???!!! wrote:


  • 11. HH Bochur wrote:

    Rabbi Osdoba, you’re a great rebbi and i hope that for your sake and for all the other Jews in 770 and 613 this will be sorted out without any problems and Ezagui will have to face the consequences of his actions.

  • 12. ch resident wrote:

    A chutzepeh and its disgusting.

    there is sinas chinam and hatred in this community bec of reasons like this and all these frum chevreh screaming rebbe rebbe rebbe i dont see him living life as a true chosid.

  • 13. rifhah wrote:

    Its a terrible tragedy for these families being evicted with possibly no where to go. Can anything be done? Yes according to the article Ezagui did not act honestly or ethically but can he be brought to justice? Can he be forced to pay the mortgages? Let this be a valuable lesson to anyone who buys a house in the future. Realize that you cannot close without all the legal documents in place, even if you must sacrifice a few extra dollars, – You can trust no one.

  • 16. maskil wrote:

    Let’s hope the Attorney helping the families and the community council come to a workout agreement with the lenders and pick up the building in preforeclosure before any hostile investors come by. Then the families will get their houses back at an even better price and gain posession of their titles. It would have a happy ending, be big kiddush h-shem and a smart, quick move.

  • 17. CH wrote:

    One of Ezagui’s business associates (and possibly relative too) is still operating in Brooklyn and has yet to face the music for this land swindle. Mayer Orgel, a real estate mogul, who bought (under the name Eva Orgel) at least 14 of 60 lots at 770 Lefferts Ave., Brooklyn. For more info. see Brooklyn’s Block # 1429, Lots 1201-1260 on NYC’s online CIty Registery (ACRIS) at… Also, see related case of widower who bought 2 condos at above address without recievin deeds. Docket Number: 0024415/2003 ‘Eilenberg v. Ezagui’ 2007 NY Slip Op 32188(U) in Supreme Court, Kings County

  • 18. Why are you shocked? wrote:

    Benoigaiah the East NY building, apparently Rabbi Schwei DOES have a deed. When he was called years ago his response was, “our Bais Din can’t do anything. Go take him to a Din Torah somewhere else”. At that time the Maple St Shul “honored” Ezagui.

  • 19. From California wrote:

    You people are all idiots. Since when do you give anyone money without official documents.even your own….everyone should know that anything could happen. He could have been in a car accident…
    When doing a major puchase you must have it documented as it’s done….just like any business transaction.
    My borther in law told us that they bought a bungalow without documentation….He’s lucky that the man didn’t run away with his money…

  • 20. CEO PS: wrote:

    AND IS THE COMMUNITY ABLE TO MAKE A CHEREM ON HIM?????????????? Will be be told when this is done?? How else will the community be healed from this painful wound?

  • 21. ceo wrote:

    to: From California wrote:
    what YOU said in your posting was truly disingenuous. You seem like you care about those people, yet for their *tragic* mistake you make them feel worse? You don’t think they know that? That was a not needed comment. If you talk to your own children like that, they must not be too eager to talk to you, because that kind of negativity is useless.
    As far as this slime Ezagui, you can check around about his associations with a woman who was once here who I heard did some selling of those condos. People have to dig up more contacts and more information on this to clean things up. HaShem Yerachem on our community. Ahavas Yisroel must be improved here. All of us who think that we know what Ahavas Yisroel really is, stand up and learn more….and then practice it. Skip the devisiveness, or rather, learn what we are all doing to be devisive in our community that this should happen.

  • 22. chster wrote:

    Its so scary how you never know a person…
    until they do something outright crazy….

  • 23. Aussie ex Yankee wrote:

    This is a horrible story!!!!
    Our community has to rally together and ensure that Ezaguy , Orgel and Co are going to face “real” justice. I know so many people who are living in those buildings. Oy Gevald!!! My shloger nearly bought one condo, BH he did not.

    BTW I remember Ezaguy as a devout Mashichist. Well, I guess saying Yechi was more important than reaping people off. Please don’t think I am some bitter Anti, I just hate hypocrites (and cheaters).

  • 24. LOL wrote:


  • 25. Board on Chaim Yankel Halevi empire wrote:

    Please explain: 40 people gave 100,000K, never “closed” and lived there for 6 years and never asked how come they didnt close and pay the balance for the apt.? so they lived for 6 years @ 100K so thats what rent would have been, so what did they loose?

  • 27. Get Help ! wrote:

    Mr. Ezaguie obviously suffers from some sort of power-money/mania obssesive addiction,or some form of mental illness to go about planning and schemeing this. First off,He needs some SERIOUS proffesional pycological help coupled with possible medication treatment through a phyciatrist. It will not fix what he shamefully has done…and that he will have to face & live with everyday!!! How he sleeps at night, I do not know. I do hope the Israeli goverment do not provide him a “safe haven” for this extremely troubled man, but FORCE him back to the States to face what he has done. Running away and fleeing is not the answer.COWARDS and LOOSERS run.
    To Mr. Ezagui I say this:
    Face up to what you have done. SINCERELY APOLOGIZE by coming back to N.Y.& trying to help out all these poor families who are on the verge of facing eviction. Get some proffesional help A.S.A.P!
    Shame on you!

  • 28. awacs wrote:

    as i wrote on VIN’s blog:

    Perhaps Mr. E. gave them a whole BOATLOAD of documents.

    Perhaps, one of the documents read something like, “Trust Deed of Beneficial Interest in Real Property,” or somesuch. “Because it’s a condominium, there are different ownership documents,” he glibly explained.

    Perhaps the documents were very-official looking. “We handle the filing for you. Normally, we charge $250 for this service, but because you’re Heimish, no charge.”

    That’s how I’d do it, if I were a crook. There’s many ways to scam people, particularly if they are a) trusting; or b) crooked themselves. i submit the victims here were of the first category.

    Lesson: as several people have already said, if you’re spending your life savings on something, for G-d’s sake get a lawyer, a friend – SOMEONE – knowledgeable to look it over.

  • 29. boruch ben Tzvi(A H)hakohaine hoffinger wrote:

    Eliyahu Ezagui is not so frum. I heard he wears a pony tail. How much is he ‘one of the Rebbe’s?’

  • 30. Why are you shocked? wrote: wrote:

    Benoigaiah the East NY building, apparently Rabbi Schwei DOES have a deed.

    he probely smart enough to bring a lawyer which forced him to get a deed

  • 31. out-of-towner wrote:

    to “why are you shocked?”

    *i* am shocked that YOU would schlep one of CH’s rabbonim into this. i’m sure you don’t know all the facts and details of the case.

  • 32. YOSSIE wrote:




  • 33. Manny wrote:

    Isn’t this a disaster Sperlin can ask the Mayor Bloomberg to do something about? Or maybe we should send the Shmira-Stern gang over there and knock in some teeth.

  • 34. yossie wrote:

    this is the guy who Spilman and Malmud said will take over fisher and do all new buliding.

    what a joke.

  • 35. Wise wrote:

    Let this be a lesson to everyone…hire a first-class real estate lawyer. We did, he saved us a lot of problems & $$$ 20 years ago when we bought a condo. And he stopped our daughter & son in law buying in 770 Lefferts a few years ago, he found the problem with the deeds.

    NEVER trust anyone, especially people who say you can trust me, the Rebbe gave me a Brocho!! Go legal every time.

  • 37. ch wrote:

    To last commenter: Good point. $100,000 / 6=$16,666, divided by 12 is $1,388, which is not unreasonable for a 4 bedroom in CH.

  • 39. Michael wrote:

    To LOL “LOL wrote:


    If they steal, they are not frum. Full Stop.

  • 40. chill out wrote:

    “ Eliyahu Ezagui is not so frum. I heard he wears a pony tail.”

    – thats the funniest line i have heard in a long time. since when is a pony tail a sign of a persons religious covictions!

  • 41. Real Estate 1 on 1 wrote:

    To the last commenter $1,388 monthly rent sounds like a good deal for a 4 bedroom condo in brooklyn, however you forgot to include EQUITY and interest they sould have!!!

  • 42. Befuddled in C.H. wrote:

    Can someone explain what people actually lost??
    They have lived there for about 7 years for 100k, right?So when they ‘paid’ the mortgage did they not see that it has someone elses name??
    Eloh mai, they did not pay any mortgage!!!!So they got a wonderful deal!Now they cry because the party has ended?

  • 43. The Guy With the Dog wrote:

    Let’s take a step back for a moment.

    A while back, many Americans made BAD decisions and bought houses they couldn’t afford. When this came back to bite them, we found ourselves in the “sub-prime housing crisis”. However, the government said, “Wait! That’s not right! It couldn’t really be the buyer’s fault. Let’s blame the banks and institutional lenders.” So, the government gave the banks incentives to bail the buyers out of this mess, when it was the buyers’ fault LiChatchila.

    Now, we see a situation where the buyers are not at fault in the slightest, and NOBODY, not even the government is willing to help out?

    This is utterly despicable, and I think that every one of those families should band together and contact the appropriate government representatives who will do something about this.

    I will daven for every one of them. Moshiach Now.

  • 44. awacs wrote:

    “And he stopped our daughter & son in law buying in 770 Lefferts a few years ago, he found the problem with the deeds. ”

    And – just curious – did you tell any about this?

  • 45. awacs wrote:

    Actually, as one commenter has pointed out, this has been through the courts, and the purchasers seem to be coming out on top. Also, according to http://decisions.courts.sta
    the Beis Din has also ruled in favor of the purchasers.

  • 46. Mendy wrote:

    I don’t know if I’m right, wrong, or totally wrong, but it seems that:

    1. If these tenants are paying rents; and
    2. Those rents are upwards of $1000 a month; and
    3. A mortgage is for about the same amount in terms of monthly payments; then
    4. Can’t these tenants simply take out new mortgage loans and pay Ezagui’s creditors with that lump sum, and then continue paying mortgage payments just like they were paying rent payments?

  • 47. Think practical wrote:

    To all those who are saying that they were just paying for rent: One of the main reasons people rent instead of buy, is because they don’t have the money upfront i.e. they are paying extra for the right to pay month by month and not have to try and get a mortgage and pay for everything in one shot (Besides, if you take out a mortgage, you end up paying a lot more than you pay the owner of the house- now you have to pay interest, too).

  • 48. smell the coffee wrote:

    wow so many worried people out there!
    btw he is not the only one! everyone unfortunally does it which might not hurt anyone but they do steal from the goverment left and right! And im not talking about ppl with ponys but with black hats and 10 kids! welcome to reality! alot of the families in ch have something fishy around them with their houses, jobs, and the SCHOOLS!
    So yea learn to stop stealing!

  • 49. David wrote:

    Rabbi Osdoba, you are an emes’r Yid who has truly helped us in our lives. May HaShem help you and bless you in all your endevours!!

    Moshiach Now!!

  • 50. FOOLED BY A FRIEND wrote:

    Is this Ezagui connected to another scammer, ND, who conned a whole bunch of trusting people into buying condos in Fla. with the line, ‘I really want to give back to the community’?

  • 51. awacs wrote:

    “Can’t these tenants simply take out new mortgage loans and pay Ezagui’s creditors with that lump sum, and then continue paying mortgage payments just like they were paying rent payments?”

    Amongst other reasons, nbo bank on the face of the planet will make them loans, not now with the subprime crisis: the horse having galloped away, the barn door will be FIRMLY locked.

  • 52. dovid wrote:

    TO Awacs,

    you dont know what you are talking about, you can get a load any day, however the mortages that need to be paid off the the bank are now in the 300k range making these familes pay monthly payments of 2k and up which obviously they cannt or do not want to afford.

    ppl just need to be more careful in the future.

    anyone of those families instead of crying should take a new mortage, you cannot buy anything in CH for 300 today. if they dont or cannot buy it out then the community council should let other families get the deal of their life to buy 3-4 bedroom condos in the 200k range.

    I’m in for one!

  • 53. Wise wrote:

    To awacs

    Yes, we did tell people, but you know what the response was….oh, it’s OK, he’s an ehriche guy, it’ll be OK, we know he’s saving us money etc. etc. So what are we supposed to do? Drag the people living there to our lawyer? Shlep them & their stuff out of “their” apartments? If people choose not to listen, is that our fault?

    Have some seichel here.

  • 54. 2 cents wrote:

    Befuddled in C.H.,
    He used the deeds to take out mortgages, he took out millions using the apartments as liens. In gemara its called a mashkanta.

    Since he did not pay back the loans, the loans defaulted giving the property over to the bank.

    It would appear that the buyers paid cash, they wouldent have been able to get a loan without the deed.

  • 56. jj wrote:

    to Michael,
    OK, They Look Frum.

    That is the issue here.. real FRUM People are being scammed by the NON Frum impersenation gangsters

  • 57. A GUY IN CROWN HEIGHTS wrote:





  • 58. it is going to be ok wrote:

    here ,obviously, we don’t have the hole story.
    these 100.000 $ that ppl payd for the appartments, did they pay cash? was the final price of the unit? did they pay somethinh these 7 years? rent? motgage? the story is not complete
    Nothing is clear here
    Now they have to make a special deal with the lender paying a mortgage and get their deeds

  • 59. awacs wrote:

    “To awacs

    ”Yes, we did tell people, but you know what the response was….oh, it’s OK, he’s an ehriche guy, it’ll be OK, we know he’s saving us money etc. etc. So what are we supposed to do? Drag the people living there to our lawyer? Shlep them & their stuff out of “their” apartments? If people choose not to listen, is that our fault?”

    Absolutely not. I wasn’t criticizing you at all, and am not now. I was just wondering if the victims had any idea that a sandbag was coming …

  • 60. HB wrote:

    to 2 cent

    they bought cash and got a real disscount.
    but they how it is in C.H You pay cash and don’t have to pay taxes.
    When I came to C.H people told me that how its work. U go to the store give the wic and get food that not in the list but the store will keep few $ from the coupan for him

  • 62. STOP THE CRAZINESS wrote:

    The “leadership” of Crown Heights now has a chance to put their childish misnagdish style fighting aside and band together to help 40 FAMILIES, THAT COULD BE HOMELESS.



  • 63. Frustrated in CH wrote:

    Is that the ND who claims he has invested his money too….. when he could no longer find buyers in Florida the unsuspecting Crown Heighters were treated to a Florida bargain……. that has proven to be only a bargain for ND and his cohorts

  • 64. cb d is non judgementel! wrote:

    Hineh ma tov uma na’im
    Shevet achim(!) gam yachad.

    he’vai don es kol ha’adam l’chof zichus!

  • 65. Saddened - what have we come to? wrote:

    i am shocked to see such an article on this website –
    embarrassing a yid plus his family & extended family is the opposite of what the Baal shem tov or a real chossid would ahve done
    where’s Ahavas Yisroel for EVERYONE
    you don’t have to love him but
    slandering and plotting to harm him won’t help and definitely won’t bring your money back!

    i am sorry for your loss perhaps there is a more productive and ‘Jewish’ way then this!

  • 66. crownheights wrote:

    I don’t understand i know of someone who brought appartment there and they seemed to have done it normal with a morgege only some apartment got scamed.
    i am only sure there is anther side the story.
    Please explain

  • 67. awacs wrote:

    “dovid wrote:

    ”TO Awacs,

    “you dont know what you are talking about,”

    I may not know what I am talking about, but I do have two clients who are having trouble obtaining bank loans at reasonable rates.

  • 69. Think think think! wrote:

    some thing sounds fishy here, this man has been well known for being a HUMONGOUS BAAL TZedaka, i can not imagine he would have done this purposely! It seems like a grave mistake on his part, in fact terrible, but it seems from the article he is full of guilt and remorse. His record seems clean from beofre hand there must be more to this story!

  • 70. Sara wrote:

    Its Not about being frum or not.
    On such matters, one cannot trust a religious status for a business relation.
    Whats done is done-however im sure this is a lesson learned.

  • 71. SOS wrote:

    To CH- would you kindly explain what you mean when you say that Mayer Orgel bought under the name Eva Orgel. Does the person Eva Orgel exist? If so, what is her relationship with Mayer Orgel? Also, what is her relationship with Ezagui? Thank you very much.

  • 72. SS wrote:

    CH – I am defending a client in a lawsuit brought by Eva Orgel concerning Lefferts Avenue. Would you be kind enough to clarify your statements regarding Eva and Mayer Orgel? I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thank you

  • 73. jj wrote:

    to sara

    of couse the issue is about being frum or not, why do ALL THESE MAMZERIM “after they get caught” TURN OUT TO BE FAR FROM THE TORAH and its practical law of “dont steal” to mean it litterally..

    obviusly if you are frum for REAL then you will aviod stealing at all costs, and indeed that is whay many frum people like living together and buying from their own frum shops for this very reason,and to suppost the shecuna even if you could buy it cheaper someplace else.. or its not always fresh food..

    the problem is that these horendus gangsters INFELTRATE the community and RIP OFF the innocent “law obyding” “Halacha obyding FRUM” people their HARD earned cash, that they didint steal or have many diplomas and years or university to help the get to were they are now in life.


  • 74. Out of Towner wrote:

    To: Think think think!

    That is part of the scam! They throw around money and build friendships and everyone thinks they are great. Then they take off with bigger money. I am an attorney and I have personally seen this done before.

  • 75. ripped off by Drizin wrote:

    check out drizins genievoh on crown, huring those who invested in his project with blood money ten years ago. remember, those buying now, dont turst him. one of the same.

  • 76. why why wrote:

    Isn’t this why a bank would take out title insurance when lending money to Mr Ezagui, his father, his mother, his wife, and his two business partners?

    If it is obvious that these families paid 100k to buy a condo from Mr. Exagui and have been living for many years under this arrangement then the banks should be crying to the title companies who did not discover this.

    It sounds like the title insurance company should be coughing up the money to pay the banks for not discovering this.

    Isn’t that what we pay title insurance for when we take out a mortgage?

    They usually just pocket a thousand bucks from honest people? This time they lose because some guy pulled the wool over their eyes. They should have identified that his mother, his father, his wife and his two business partners were not living in forty units so it should have caused them to question what is going on.

    I assume that the banks who are complaining that they were deceived took out title insurance. Otherwise it is the banks that need to take this one in the chin.

  • 77. Nogea wrote:

    For many ppl that don’t know and try to paint others as ‘mosrim’, let me tell you that this problem was brought to a Din Torah a few years ago you can ask Rabbis Osdoba (senior) and Y. Reitport that were dayonim on the case.

  • 78. wrote:

    to: Think think think!

    “some thing sounds fishy here, this man has been well known for being a HUMONGOUS BAAL TZedaka, i can not imagine he would have done this purposely! It seems like a grave mistake on his part, in fact terrible, but it seems from the article he is full of guilt and remorse. His record seems clean from beofre hand there must be more to this story!”
    This meshugene rosho covered himself up as a big baal tzedaka and is continuing to play the part by saying he is sorry, let him come back to united states and show he is sorry.

    This is a yidish phrase: “tzuzugen un lib huben kost nisht kain gelt” to talk and love dont cost money, if he is truly sorry let him come and get these people out of this mess

  • 79. 100.000 was a fair price for a apartment wrote:

    For those of you who forgot a apartment only cost’ed back then 100-200 Thousand since it was not considerd to be in the jewish area it was cheaper
    100.000 was a fair price for a apartment

  • 80. SOS wrote:

    To Aussie ex Yankee: Can you explain what you mean when say the community should unite with respect to justice for Ezagui, Orgel and company. I am under the impression that Orgel may have colluded with Ezaqui . Would you be able to provide more details? Thnak you SOS.

  • 81. Lashon harah! wrote:

    Why is it so much fun to talk lashon harah?1?!?!?!?!?!?!
    when you say some thing about some one it becomes worse!


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