Hate Crime Cover Up Exposed in the 71st Precinct After Jewish Man Assaulted by Hate Spewing Teens

by CrownHeights.info

A female police officer in Crown Heights’s 71st NYPD Precinct – who decided to cover up a possible hate crime – is now in the hot seat after the enraged victim went public with his shocking story.

The incident unfolded Motzei Shabbos on Eastern Parkway alongside Rochester Park between Utica Ave and Rochester Ave around 2:15am when the Jewish victim and two friends were approached by a group of five black male teenagers. One of the group suddenly veered towards the victim, saying “You [Expletive] Jewish murderers” as he slapped him in the back of the head and knocking his yarmulka off.

According to the shocked victim, the attacker continued to spew hate as he walked away saying “Gotchu you monkeys” as they entered Rochester Park.

The incident was witnessed by another Jewish man who quickly took action to intervene. Shomrim and 911 were called, with the volunteers and responders from the 77th Precinct arriving quickly. Unfortunately, as the incident took place in the 71st Precinct, nothing could be done by the NYPD until an officer from the correct Precinct arrived.

And when they did finally arrive, things went from bad to worse.

“We called the police and got a call back,” the victim told CrownHeights.info. “She says ‘Why would someone slap you?’ She gave me the feeling that she did not believe me so much.”

The arriving officer, identified as 16 year veteran of the NYPD Officer Jennifer Livingston, stepped out of her patrol car, and without even doing any investigation, is quoted by the victim and witness as having said “I already spoke with my supervisor, it’s not going to be a hate crime.”

In front of the shocked victim and witnesses, the officer went on to downplay the incident and refused to call for a supervising officer even when asked to directly.

The incident went downhill from there.

“I felt that the attitude of the policewoman was not too positive,” one of the witnesses of the assault told CrownHeights.info. “She was questioning our story, questioning our validity that such a thing could happen.”

The officers took the victim on the obligatory “canvass search”, where the victim is driven around in an effort to find the perpetrators. As soon as they entered the park, they were flagged down by a group of people who had also been targeted by the group.

According to one of the victim’s friends who joined the canvas of the park, the officer immediately began to again downplay the incident. “So she started saying how it could have been free speech, and that they can express themselves the way they want.”

When the officers and victim completed their canvas and arrived back at the scene of the crime, the female officer and her partner’s NYPD-issued body cameras had been turned off, after which they proceeded to thoroughly throw the entire incident under the rug.

“While taking the report, the officer literally victim-shamed the Jewish man,” another witness who requested to remain anonymous told CrownHeights.info. “She told him in essence that he should have stayed off the sidewalk and it was his fault he was there.”

After initially not wanting to take any report at all, the officer eventually relented, taking the victim’s story and reporting it as an harassment.

Understandably, the victim and witnesses were furious. When pressed on why the incident was not being handled as a possible hate crime, the officer stated that the NYPD takes reports based on what the Brooklyn District Attorney will prosecute, leaving the incident to be reported as a simple harassment.

“She took down the information and said it was not a hate crime,” the victim said.

Stuck without recourse, the victim and witnesses spoke with CrownHeights.info, hoping to pull the mask off of this corrupt cop in the 71st Precinct.

Contacted by CrownHeights.info about the crime, a source from the 71st precinct stated that the officers involved have been retrained on investigating bias incidents and will be subjected to disciplinary action as a result of improperly reporting the incident.

It’s bad enough to be the target of a hate crime to begin with, but it’s doubly bad when the officers of your local police department refuse to do their duty and enforce the law.


  • Bachur

    Simaller story
    Labor day I was heading to yeshiva a couple yrs ago got bopped on my head by a group of …. teenagers

    And the 71st precient put it under harassment

    • Dovid

      That’s called blaming the victim. Anyone is allowed to walk anywhere they want without being subject to antisemitism.

  • Anonymous

    The victim can sue the precinct for that! They hired someone who doesn’t care about Jews. SMH

  • Daniel

    You need to say they showed up screaming with violence and then punched you really hard in the back of the head. Resulting in you falling and your yarmulke falling down. And then you can sue them for something along the lines of them causing you to forcefully go against your religion.

  • Anonymous

    You need to get the facts before you post this hate.
    The cop did her job. There is a chain of command who decides. This cop has helped this community and you can ask the community. Shomrim police has the problem not the victim.
    What about African Americans who are called names by this community where is Shomrim police?
    Where is the report?
    You are blaming a cop who has a supervisor!!!

    • Observations

      It’s seems that anonymous seems to be the cop in question or someone very close.

      1) You claim the cop did her job… the victims and his friends apparently felt otherwise.

      2) Regarding African Americans being called names etc.. The crime in this community goes one way. It’s not the Jews stealing, robbing and assaulting people of color, rather the jews are always the ones getting robbed.

    • Trevon

      The DA decides this. The police need to gather the evidence and do their jobs

    • Red

      It’s not the black people in these communities running illegal usage apartments, funneling public funds into their private schools, and buying politicians that will look the other way. That tends to lead to resentment from the community victimized by the greed and complete disregard for human life shown by certain other communities

    • Sholom

      @red. You are an antisemite. Yes, also blacks have illegal use apartment. In fact, every denomination has.

      And in fact black private schools get public money also, as is mandated by law.

      The blacks in this community are not victimized by anything. They get all the money they need.

      “Disregard for human life”?! You’ve definitely got problems.

      Blacks are not abused by Jews.

    • Anonymous

      That teacher still has a license
      Report was taken and policy was followed and you posting this
      You are truly misinformed

  • Camera

    All police officers have a body camera recording all of their interactions. Let’s see the tape.