Blood Boiling Assault in Crown Heights As Two Jewish Boys Assaulted and Beaten In Attempted Robbery


A vicious and blood-boiling assault took place Monday night in Crown Heights as a gang of teenage thugs beat and attempted to rob two Jewish boys.

The incident went down near the corner of Albany Ave and Carroll Street around 9:15pm, where multiple witnesses called Crown Heights Shomrim, reporting the assault in real-time.

In less than a minute, multiple Shomrim volunteers arrived, some remaining with the victims while others searched for the roving gang, reported to be five or six male teens.

“This group of teenagers attacked and assaulted two Jewish teenagers, leaving one of them with a bloody nose,” Shomrim reported on Twitter alongside a video of the teen gang. “Shomrim got an eye on these perps as they entered a building on the north side of Eastern Parkway. We are working with @NYPD71Pct @NYPD77Pct providing them with footage.”

Shomrim’s quick response, along with a witness who followed the gang as they fled North on Albany Ave past Eastern Parkway, allowed the volunteers to keep an eye on the gang as they waited for the police to arrive. Before they showed up, the gang entered a building of S. John’s Place, and thanks to the close surveillance, the Shomrim volunteers were able to identify the apartment that the gang went into.

The first officers to arrive were officers of the 77th Precinct, who were flagged down by the volunteers. Yet as the assault had taken place in the 71st Precinct, precious time was wasted waiting for them also to arrive, quashing the chance for a quick arrest.

“We are working with the victims and police to ensure that these perpetrators are caught,” Shomrim noted on Social media, assisting the police with camera footage and remaining with the victims as they received medical care.


  • Chaya

    עד מתי??? How many boys must get beaten till the leaders of crown heights do something?????

  • ELK

    In the 1960s, before it was fashionable to support black civil rights, who was fighting shoulder to shoulder along with the underprivileged communities? JEWS, that’s who. Someone from their community needs to tell them in 2023 that we were their advocates in the face of adversity long before others jumped on the bandwagon.