Crown Heights Home Invading Burglar Pleads Guilty, Gets One Year


A burglar caught red handed in a Crown Heights home at the end of last month has pleaded guilty in court, and received a one year prison sentence.

As previously reported on, a Jewish woman had heard noises around 2:40pm on November 24th in her home on Sterling Place in Crown Heights. As she came out of a room she found the man holding a bag as he stole items from her home.

The fearless lady began yelling at the man as he attempted to leave the house, cornering him by the front door and demanding the man return the stolen items. The thief eventually handed over a laptop and iPhone before he was allowed to leave the house.

A police report was filed and the detectives ultimately caught the burglar, who was on probation for drug use and larceny at the time, according to a person familiar with the incident. After the Jewish woman was able to pick the man out of a police lineup, the man was formally arrested.

Both the burglar and the victim appeared in court today, where the burglar plead guilty and received a 12 month prison sentence.

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