Window Busting Car Thief Is Back In Crown Heights


The “shopping cart thief” is back in Crown Heights, busting back windows of cars to pick through their trunks.

The thief made his return debut around 3:3am last night on Eastern Parkway near Albany Ave by targeting a Jewish minivan. Video of the thief shows him rolling up with his shopping cart and staking out the vehicle before breaking the back window.

The thief made off with some items that had been left in the trunk of the vehicle.

A police report was filed in regard to this incident.

The thief has an ever-growing rap sheet in the Crown Heights area, having hit multiple cars in the North Eastern section of Crown Heights on multiple occasions. Other instances included the breaking into of a Hatzalah vehicle and the theft of thousands of dollars in life-saving equipment.

If you notice this man in Crown Heights, please notify Crown Heights Shomrim at 718-774-3333.

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